There is no dog which is bigger than this one.

I am forever in your debt.

Would Wilmer be interested in going with us?

They've still got him.

I hate ironing.

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I simply don't love Tiefenthal.


Let me have a look at it, will you?

Maybe you should study harder next time.

I was a terrible father. I know that.

Dogs pee when they want.

There are two police officers at door.

Murat grew up in foster care.

She beat the enemy.


John is going to tell Lucy about the origin of rugby.

Kate fought well.

I didn't like being kept waiting so long.

It seems like the cat smelled a mouse.

How can you be so sure of that?

I kept my word.

What are my grandparents doing?

"Lou, you have to trust me." "I don't trust you!"

A sensible person is one who uses good sense.


I've been told that you were looking for a babysitter.


We'll find out what's happening.

Why does everyone hate Cary?

I've really got to buckle down and study for our final exams.

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He died when he was scarcely thirty.

I read a most interesting book in my library.

Elias hates his name.


He's a big coward.

He found the door locked.

I wonder who can help us.

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We'll note it in the following way.


I've just come back.

I would have long ago lost track of how many sentences I contributed to Tatoeba, were it not for the count.

Directing students into rewarding business careers is the goal of vocational schools across the state.


Thankfully, this doesn't happen often.

Leave them alone, please.

Can we talk about it?


Give me a ride.

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Do you have any idea where Price might be hiding?

Gail is having second thoughts about that.

Kathy hitchhiked across the country.

Have you ever forgotten your phone number?

Pierre is unconvinced.

Dorian is not happy.

He is homeward bound.

When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

This is the book you are looking for.

She has been dyeing her hair black for years.

Millions of people in the United States are unemployed.

Scoundrel! I cried, what are you doing?

I'm tired of him!

I want to hear your story. Go on, please.

Oh, the train is being delayed.


When I'm feeling low, I talk with friends or go out for a walk.

Why are you doing that?

I'm really sorry to trouble you!

Are you saying that Ritchey is a bad teacher?

The waiter was insolent.

We can make it work this time.

I'll be back after lunch.

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I'm starting a new job today.

He is fond of chocolate cake.

I also teach English to them.

We'll talk at dinner.

Israel is single.

I'm still undecided.

All things being equal, I should be able to make the reunion next month.

Takao was the only one who was injured.

Sometimes love isn't enough.


Today would be good.

I supplied the children with necessary books.

It must be said that there are very few films made there.

The squirrel is hibernating.

The union is pressing for a ten-percent pay hike.


I welcome any corrections or additions to these minutes.

Australians are supposed to have a relaxed and laid-back attitude to life.

That sum of money won't make or mar us.

The first will be the last.

Tell us what you think!


He's not good at remembering names.


How many hours are left?

I thought you guys were my friends.

The belt is brown.

There's a better explanation.

You can easily get sick in a climate like this.

Does it sound like I'm in love?

He is Brazilian.

"When did he die?" "Last night, I believe."

He survived a flight accident.

I like elephants.

Tao is wearing an expensive-looking watch.

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I don't think it's a difficult decision.

It's a whole new ball game for me.

I know everything about it.

I want to go to Korea.

Mikey put air in his tires.


All of us like you very much.

You don't really know me, Jordan.

Can you move so I can get by?

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If you know how to operate in any environment, you just might have savoir faire.

Will you come to the party tomorrow?

I've asked them to help you.

The building was still there in my time.

He is as kind as honest.


Can you swim like him?

Let's start the party when he comes.

I have nothing to do with their troubles.

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Ami is almost never willing to do anything we ask him to do.

He is listening to the news on the radio.

Galen chose to live with his father instead of his mother.

Could you try to be a little less selfish for a change?

I call the computer Tim.

Commit this poem to memory.

Property prices are going up.

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Change trains at Tokyo Station.

In some rural areas, the Internet is important for agricultural information, as well as being particularly useful for the purposes of agricultural production technologies and pricing.

Looks delicious. Think I'll try some.

Try to live within your income.

It's bogus.

They think he's not right for the assignment.

Vicki often wears her hair in pigtails.

In her misery, Malloy looked to her husband for help.

He doctored his report.

Be careful or Will'll beat the living daylights out of you.

It's not funny anymore.

We have had such a successful promotion effort that even that much would suffice us.

He accidentally shot him in the foot.

Some test questions are unfair to gorillas.

Sheila will harvest his wheat in July.

The paint on the door is not dry yet.

I'll be more than happy to help.

Isn't that astounding?

The wooden plates are lighter than the metal plates, but the paper plates are the lightest.

I'm going to the beach this afternoon.

Do you speak Klingon?

Do you know where the key to this is?

We're lost, aren't we?


I plan to make a trip to China during or soon after the winter.

Spass goes for a walk every afternoon.

He fell down on the ice and hurt his leg.

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He can speak.


I would like to thank my parents, Jitendra and Syun.

He drowned in the ocean.

I am going to take you to the market once more and sell you as dry firewood.


Liz died in prison ten years ago.


We discussed different topics.

The woman is atop the table

We can build a wall with bricks and mortar.

I heard a man's voice and thought it sounded like Franklin's.

It is not only the quantity of atoms, but the quantity of worlds that is infinite in the universe.

Never wish anyone harm!

Pradeep is the cutest boy in the class.

In today's world, the hardest thing for a man to be... is himself.

Reid is really gorgeous.

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Why don't you just admit that you were wrong?

I want to see your real face.

I know Jane was your best friend.

I know who she is.

The parents couldn't make out what their daughter wanted.

They're in the shower.

Could I see the menu and wine list?

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Darci was smart enough to escape.

Micah wished he were able to visit Boston more often.

I've done something unforgivable.

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What is his name?