I'm not mad at Paul.

I'm feeling sad for Melanie.

Three people were killed in the accident.

Isaac and Mario are hiding in those woods.

The employees would soon be given the ax by the company.

Terrance almost always has on sunglasses.

Olivier's mother chased Raymond as he ran naked around the lobby.


He kept finding many pretexts.


Yes, I went yesterday.

I think it's beautiful.

You don't really understand, do you?

My thoughts are with all of you.

Someone stole my tennis racket.

Alfred asked me to help him out.

I know the area around here quite well.

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First, I'd like to examine the catalyst used in this experiment.


I know Mohammad likes basketball.

May you be happy, Ricardo.

You can express the sentence this way.

A known mistake is better than an unknown truth.

He was too old to walk.


You don't know what you want, do you?

We're not totally ready yet.

Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers.

I'm tired of your endless complaints.

Carlo knew who The was going to go to Boston with.


You could tell Beckie was unconscious as he fell because he made no effort to break his fall.

I know that you hate your job.

Her song is well known to the young people.


I have no answer for that.

Why don't you open the coconut?

I'd rather take the bus.


Tell Amir I'm sorry I hurt him.


They are demanding shorter working hours.

What a waste!

When did you go home?


Age is not a barrier to stupidity.

Apparently, Shane is not interested in answering that question.

Shankar was the only one in the room.


It's so warm in this room that I'm sweating.


I've heard all this before.


She likes subdued colors.

He has the key to her heart.

You told me to give it to him.

Are you expecting her?

I'll come outside.


You haven't lifted a finger.

This is a major concern.

Do you know what's wrong with it?

Arthur said that he didn't have time to answer all my questions.

Can you stay and watch the children?

Can you send that by email?

Grinding coffee beans makes me think of all the things I haven't accomplished in life.

I'm toying with the idea.

I'm helping people to buy things online.

Fall is the best season for sports.

How have you been sleeping?

Will you be so kind as to convey my compliments to her?

He brought in over half of his company's sales, so he expected to be given a piece of the pie.

I'm calling her, but she's not coming.

This book is my good luck charm. I read it every five months.


A tear rolled down her cheek.

The server is down again.

Fay is asleep.


There will be a big earthquake in the future.

The envious die, but envy never does.

I've given up on you!

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Copernicus believed the Earth and other planets moved around the Sun.

Srinivasan took three weeks off.

Will was pleasantly surprised.

Don't run here.

He put all his money in the box.

Joanne celebrated his fortieth the other day, without fanfare or trumpets.

It stinks in here.

I've located her.

What led you to this conclusion?

That shouldn't be all that difficult.

That animal is a carnivore.

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That's not the way I wanted it.

We received their wedding announcement.

Dave developed an infatuation with Gunter.

You look like a monkey.

You speak German, don't you?

My brother speaks very fast.

Be careful not to be deceived.

Nils wants to see us.

Ginny could've told me earlier.


Can you find your way home?

I'll look into it right away.

Strangely, he passed up her very generous offer.


His ideas never made him any money.

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I'm afraid of reptiles.

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I'll take that risk.

Should we use genetic engineering on people?

There's a drought in California.

Turn off the light on leaving the room.

Give me a lollipop!

Did I understand you correctly?

Shall we begin now?

This man is very humble.

I know it was an accident.

I need to know I can depend on you.

I thought I'd better go.

That would be awkward.

Rand and Larry are playing Clue with their friends.

I had a checkup the week before last.

That's an awful idea.

These poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.

Let's sit this dance out.

Cris is suicidal.

Say that again if you are a man!

We were tied to our decision because we signed the contract.

The cake I made was not eaten by you, it was eaten by your sister.

Frances's lack of compassion surprised James.

The play was adapted from a novel.

Florian doesn't know how to milk a cow.

She studied the Bible.


Work is in progress.

The twins looked after the baby.

Milo said he cried every day.

It's happened three times so far.

Fishing was very important.

Symptoms vary.

Hienz decided against it.

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John looked mad when Jerrie said that.

That's not his real name.

Pieter isn't working today.


Who watches the watchers?

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They'll do whatever they can.

This magazine is widely read.

Carlos walked around the store.

People often complain about high prices.

They sang in tune.

How did you become a police officer?

I have spoken with the Polish ambassador.

I asked my friend for advice.

I'm surprised that Eddy didn't agree with you.

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I need help with these boxes.

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He went to America to study medicine.

Chris was a devout Christian who believed in miracles.

Do you have a gym, a playground or, say, a library in your area?


Brenda was in the right place at the right time.

Spencer was tied with a yellow nylon rope.

I'm going to burn you in hell, and this will not be good for you.

We have one last chance.

Kay sometimes visits me.


And the tree was often alone.

Darrell will never amount to much.

We must do something for Turkeer.


She examined a report.

I wish I had an apathy-inducing superpower, although I probably wouldn't care enough to use it.

I know my keys are here somewhere.

It took me several hours to repair it.

I think I know what you mean.

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Bitterness and revenge are not part of my character. Life's too short. One shouldn't spend time on bitterness and revenge.

I will have no more of this.

Almost all the leaves have fallen.


In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is stressed.

We helped them as well.

I agree with that philosophy.

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He seemed to know everything about me.

He complained of having been treated unfairly.

I aimed my gun at the target.

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One day, all this will become yours.