The Egyptians built this temple to honour the Pharaoh Ramses II.

When he was young, he had an arrogant air.

Where did you forget them?

Seventy percent of people in the UK cannot speak a second language.


You have an infectious disease.


We have to roll.

They won't believe you.

Why does Ginny want to be a teacher?

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I can't get a hold of her.

Irvin believes it's absolutely necessary to drink at least a liter of water every day.

Does Lievaart like Boston?


Nothing came from southwest.

How long are you going to be away?

We'll arrive there within an hour.


She must be a swindler.

I don't know what to do with my leisure.

How do you like our city?

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'Your offspring shall possess their enemies' gates, and in your seed shall be all nations blessed because you obeyed my command thus.'

This is not our problem.

That was Gregor's idea, not mine. Don't blame me.

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Sandy was not able to quit smoking.

I am as happy as a clam.

Revised called you.

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When we deal with people, it would be wise to try to separate the sheep from the goats without letting them know it.


The refugees' stories are heartbreaking.

She had azure hair and a face white as wax. Her eyes were closed and her hands crossed on her breast.

This isn't about Linda. This is about us.

I told Earle that he couldn't speak French.

Can't we wait until tomorrow to do this?


I think I married the wrong Slartibartfast.

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Patty came to Boston three years ago.


It is you who are to blame.

I want to speak with my attorney, now.

I try to put as few Latin words in my speech as I can.


What do you like to do?


My friends prefer to travel by car than by plane.

Michelangelo protested that he was not a painter.

It delays me an hour getting home.


Sumitro doesn't have any friends who speak French.

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Commoners had no stake or interest in the constant fighting between nobles.


I feel very confident.

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She may have missed the 7:00 train.

I overslept this morning, therefore I haven't had my breakfast.

Not only he but I am wrong.

To lead a prince astray is to poison the wells of his lands.

His wife screened him from reporters.

They're in the garden.

It's not evening yet.

Meningitis is a terrible disease.

She filled her bag with apples.


Tommy wanted to find a creative way to tell Carsten that he loved her.

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Daniel is making chocolate cake.


What fun is that?

He may have lowbrow tastes but at least he's not snooty and conceited.

Who that has common sense can believe it?

I ought to have consulted my parents on the matter.

I love you all so much.

Many weeds were growing among the flowers.

Air is a mixture of various gases.

Everyone believed me.

Jess and Malcolm are Canadians.

The sun set a while ago.

It's been more than five years since I last saw him.


Shatter tricked us again.

We want to make sure.

I don't seem to be going anywhere.


Are they together again?

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Would you like to volunteer to help clean up after the party?


I like to give gifts.

Dieter has very little money.

How do you know so much about this?


Why is everybody hugging her?

Soja is a animal food proteins.

Such painters as Picasso are rare.


Russell noticed Suzanne's bandaged wrists.

We don't believe that Lou will be able to master French.

I'm going to try to quit smoking.

Her face is in focus.

I assumed it was free.

We have about 300 employees.

It's awfully hot in here.


I afterward sold them to enable me to buy R. Burton's Historical Collections.

This is a very rare specimen.

I have to teach Fritz that.

I wanted to make sure you were here.

Butler doesn't need to attend the meeting.

He came on board this company with a lot of fanfare and he turns out to have the skill and talent to live up to it.

I live at 337 Augusta Street.

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I'll get over it.

These are Connie's.

I often listened to him speak in English.


Why is my friend an idiot?


Keep on trying.

"I will grow many trees here", he said to himself.

I don't like standing around.

We'll find somewhere else to go.

I'm not ignoring them.


They gained a victory.

Even if it takes you three years, you must accomplish your goal.

If Keith finds out I told you this, he'll be very angry.


I straighten my hair every morning.

His life is no bed of roses.

I wonder if Jean-Christophe is a vegetarian.

Why doesn't he eat lunch with me anymore?

After a streak of bad luck, a persistent gambler will be forced to play for high stakes.

With that as a start many European poems and much literature came to be introduced.

The recent shortage of coffee has given rise to a lot of problems.

When any pretty maiden came near the castle, she was changed into a bird, and the fairy put her into a cage, and hung her up in a chamber in the castle.

A bat is no more a bird than a rat is.

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Sue is in enormous pain.

I'll miss the English class today.

I believe this was unnecessary.

You're going to need better shoes.

What a long bridge it is!

Both teams are well matched. The game will be an interesting one.

This is Matt's school.


The flowers are magenta.

He is rather behind the rest of his class in English.

Do you think Barton is going bald?

He never referred to the incident again.

If I were you, I should not do such a thing.


Why is it that we're still here?

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Get out, or you will be sorry.

I wasn't too sure about it.

Kay and Sonny are asleep in bed.

He left here a few days ago.

I don't know which one.

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He plays the guitar very well.

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They are in the kitchen.

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The truth is that I still love Vance.

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Miss Tanaka! You are living with gentlemen house mates! Please refrain from being pantless!

Is it difficult to act according to Buddhist principles?

Did you go to the party together?

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The owner of this apartment building lives on the third floor.

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Bananas are delicious.

I breathed the smell of the flowers in the garden.

Sri wouldn't sit down.

The man terrified the little children.

In the end, he wasn't able to succeed.


She gained 500 dollars from the deal.

I think Ernst is too young to have her ears pierced.

Judith and Carol are trying to calm John down.


I've heard that joke before.


Do you have an empty room in this hotel?

People must learn to be satisfied.

You can have the last word with a woman, on the condition that it is yes.


Knut left a message.


Special services include a personal driver for each guest.


I don't want to leave a mess.


I think that the train will be here soon.