our story, the difference? what influenced us,

In LIFE whether intentional or not, we ALL have worked, practiced, studied, dreamt, fought, prayed, sacrificed, suffered or been victimized.  Afterward, we BECAME.  It may have taken a few weeks, years or even an entire lifetime; still, we became.  What we have become or come to believe is the outcome.  And, we never stop growing and evolving. become2remain is about always moving forward, not slipping backward.  Here, we view it as always being a progressive action. Each one of us has our own story behind how we became what we are, and for most of us how we strive to REMAIN.

CARPE DEUM Product Line designed by the Chamorro Warrior.
We are mostly familiar with the term Carpe Diem Latin term for Seize the day well there is also the Latin term Carpe Deum meaning Seize God. Capture His love and cherish His gift of life for He gave us His Son Jesus Christ to us all which died for all OUR sins. Believe and keep Jesus Christ in you.

3i   intentions – initiate – influence

You may also find a REMAIN shirt for someone recognizing them for their progress in whatever challenge they be up against.  Every human so desires to be acknowledged and you never know, you could turn their life around simply by lifting their spirit at a time when they need it most.



Motivational Video

Myself with Ravi Zacharias a Christian Apologist.