It's time we went home.

She advised him to take a long holiday, so he immediately quit work and took a trip around the world.

In 1962, Algeria gained independence from France.

Give me a ride on your shoulders, Daddy.

This is a pay phone.

I thought he would be angry but, to my surprise, he smiled.


He looked as if he knew all about it.

You can't buy that.

It costs 2 euros.

Because of her goodness and beauty everyone loved her.

Have you ever cheated on an exam?


I drink fruit juice.

The firemen localized the fire.

I wanted to make a few phone calls.


I would like to buy a present for my wife. I thought about a scarf.

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I suppose we're a little too indulgent to the dog.

If you're drunk don't take the wheel of a car.

We'll wait an hour.

Christina lent me thirty dollars.

Some got pretty scratched up, but nobody was severely injured.

Yvonne probably wanted to go swimming.

Regardless of age, everybody can apply for it.


How do I report a theft?

Herman sometimes plays tennis with Cliff.

On her way home, Karl came across John.

I want to go to the sea one more time.

I regretted lying to her.

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Mrs. Kotter said, don't do that any more.


That's exactly what I needed.

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Scot is an early riser.

I told Floria how proud I was of her.

We are going on a journey next month.

I saw the train come into the station.

Margaret has a car, doesn't he?


Alpha, beta and gamma are Greek letters.

I was miserable without you.

Does this restaurant have pilaf?

Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork.

Let me talk to them.

I have got only a week left before school starts.

Horst pushed me and I pushed him back.


People will laugh at you if you do something as stupid as that.

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I'm afraid something's come up.

Himawan wanted to buy some souvenirs.

Are you open tonight?

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Sugih appears confused.

Troy is more popular than Stephan.

This plane is currently cruising smoothly towards our destination.

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I've got a project for you.

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She simply wept a river of tears before her father's grave.

Clay and Jared have three sons.

She is, if anything, a little better today than yesterday.

There are not enough doctors to give proper care to the children.

My brother usually calls me from Chicago on Tuesday evenings.

Kaj was a prison guard.

He started from Tokyo for Osaka by car.

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Try to ignore him.


I would never go there.


Is that why I'm here?

Nothing is going on and nobody knows what it is.

We all need to pay closer attention to what Seymour says.

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Yawn a big long yawn.

We were all on the same bus.

The thematic and motivic works of Mozart and Schubert are basically quite similar.

Well, I don't think Sara is the sort of girl to bear grudges.

Larry slipped on the ice.

What are Herb's main achievements?

I want to ask them when their wedding day is.

How do you know it's not real?

Jennie, hurry it up.

We just have to stick together.

I'm not really big on curry.


Can you put the dishes in the cabinet?


I plan to pursue a career in international finance.

How many houses were destroyed in Iraq?

He threw mud at me and made me dirty.

The quality of translation has improved.

We were all devastated.

Takeuchi said I was supposed to talk to you.

I think Pandora can help Duane.

Make sure you're there by 2:30.

They demanded damages from the driver.

Your voice is sweeter to me than even the song of young birds.

The cook will get a thou, while mister schoolboy will get a beating.

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By reading books and discussing concepts, a person can gain wisdom and tolerance of differing ideas.


"Izzy, there is something I want to talk to you about..." "Yes, what is it? Is it something serious?" "Yes, sort of..."

Werner is not welcome in our home.

Go home and relax.

We should keep our hands clean.

Echuk is looking for a job.

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You're one of the most interesting women I've ever met!

Room for rent.

Happy morning.

Alfred is pretty good at playing the guitar.

They heard wolves howling in the distance.

She just sat down to lunch.

Bogdana is the mother of Felicja.

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How are we going to get out of here?


The rotten apple injures its neighbors.

I'm tired of your everlasting grumbles.

Please explain the rule to me.

In March 2014, the Administration released a Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions from landfills, coal mining, agriculture, and oil and gas systems through voluntary actions and common-sense standards.

Jean-Pierre doesn't know anything about electronics.

Blair is a triathlete.

We keep records.


Having considered your proposal, we have decided that we are unable to lower the price.

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The skaters glided rapidly around the rink.

Here is my family.

Barbara didn't like the idea of Turkeer going out with John.

Toufic and Vick got engaged today.

This man was charged with theft.

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I make a point of getting up before six.

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He called on me at night.

Mosur is behind you.

I can't think of any place I'd rather be.


He is immune from taxes.

A book is a wonderful gift.

She doesn't want him to pick the flowers.

So what are birds actually?

Was there anyone else around?

I was beginning to worry.

Leads is a viticulturist.

Of course, a license is needed to operate a crane.

It's been a long week.

She beguiled me of my money.

We were excited by the sounds.

I hope Malcolm doesn't go to Boston with Josip.

Elliott and I helped each other.

Taro speaks English better than me.

China is much larger than Japan.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would never give up the plan.

I kept my word.

I think it really is a problem.

"123456" is a frequently-used password.


I'm going to go buy some bread.

I cannot put up with his carelessness any longer.

You're too tall.

The most celebrated saint in Brazil is Saint Anthony.

Dorothy talked to Monty for a minute.


Surely he left already.


It's been funny to see how the world changes as the years go by.


I see the target.

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Teriann isn't Florian's type.

I'd like it if you would clean this room before I get back.

Bear these rules in mind.

Do you consume liquors?

Our fanbase is growing.


You should enjoy the moment.

The pain was very intense.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear.

We spent some happy years together.

The most important thing in life is having enough money.

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Terry told me I didn't look good in blue.

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Willie is coming in for a visit next week.

Randall may say something.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

If any harm comes to her, I will hold you personally responsible.

We need a lot of practice.

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During that time, we only heard about thieves, about murders, about men who had died of hunger.

Give me five tens and the rest in ones.

The result was disappointing.