People who are prone to aggression can be dangerous.

Just what are you insinuating?

He sipped his coffee.

I'd like to be more than just friends.


I go to Koshien stadium.

Lum thought it was a stupid plan.

I didn't know Nora then.


Knapper's friend whispered something to her.


I should've known something was wrong when Stanly wasn't here by 2:30.

Sandy eats lunch at his desk.

You must have been furious when Billy quit without notice.

We're all vulnerable.

He awoke to find the house on fire.

The company managed to keep afloat.

I have a job working for a bank.

I have already done all my tasks.

Melanie is eating an apple.

Show her how to roller skate.

I miss you too!

Men were men back then.

We need your help on this.

Alan has to share a room with his brother.

Magnus drives very fast.

I want you to meet them.

I don't completely agree with you.


Do you want to talk?

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Listening to the orator's incoherent ramblings was excruciating.


Thuan doubts if Matthew will keep her promise.

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I pressed my forehead against Sandip's.


What are you going to be when you grow up?

The exact meanining of the word is implied from the context.

I'll smack the living daylights out of you!


How many grade four kanji have you memorised?

A Mr Kimura is calling you.

I thought Loukas would need help figuring out how to do that.

That's a great plan.

I'm enlighted by immensity.

It's strange you say that.

Who did Mother Teresa help?

Richard Nixon dropped from public attention.

Margie gave Kyle quite a lot of money.

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Remain calm during the meal.

The town is famous for its hot spring.

Are you being truthful?


We have named our cats Wendy and Jerry.

Dan received a letter in Linda's handwriting.

What are you doing here today?

I didn't get anything for Brandy.

They're building a new square.


The plane arrived on time.


He is deservedly popular.


It goes without saying that we'll travel together.


He watched the drama holding his breath.

I don't want to go jogging with you.

At that time, I was in Canada.

Hiroyuki is extremely trustworthy.

She described him as handsome.

Ellen hoped Knute would stay in Boston for a while.

Every person is expected to bring their own lunch.

I guess I'll do what Kristi asked me to do.

I think maybe Sumitro was scared.

Are you ready to admit you're wrong?

What exactly did you ask her?

Don't exaggerate!

It's not going to be easy to do that without a lot of help.

I woke up at five this morning.

It's snowing in Paris.

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English is never wrong when it is beautiful.

There is plenty of water.

Our project fell into the water.

English is like a gated community; access is possible but cumbersome.

Barrio is a southpaw.

She left her son alone in the car.

Don't you want to ask me why he was there?

He adhered to his own theory.

A beer today or a degree tomorrow?

I have a corn on my right foot.

But everyone else is still.


He told me he wanted to quit the company.

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My father doesn't just smoke, he drinks too.

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It won't work out.

Life without books is unimaginable.

I just want to go back.

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Give those to Arne.

Richard stole a lot of money from Justin.

You must tell him the truth.

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I was going to vote for her.

I don't know exactly why that is.

I think it's a little too early to celebrate.

This ship can reach extremely high speeds.

Experts are investigating the accident.


Let me know the time you are leaving.


Are you suggesting I behaved improperly?

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Could you open this jar for me?

Vick was one of the survivors.

Be sure to dot your 'i's and cross your 't's.

I couldn't help but agree.

I've botched things up so bad I wish I could find a hole to climb into.


I really like it.

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Pilar isn't nice.


Sheila said he wasn't busy.

I didn't get there in time.

He succeeded in climbing the mountain.

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Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda water the day after.

What was she worried about in particular?

It was their choice.

Anderson liked Colin's new hairstyle.

I know it's not what you suggested, but it was all I could do.

She stayed out in the rain.

He spends the day watching kitten videos on the Internet.

There is a certain pleasure in pointing out other people's errors.

The little girl woke at dawn.


What should I do to stop hiccups?


Doctor, help me!


I can't quit now.


The waiter was told that he need not stay.

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Yesterday, there was a traffic accident in front of the house.

It will kill two birds with one stone.

I'm glad Ahmet was able to see you while you were in Boston.

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Is everything cool?


Where did you get this key?

It's both raining and blowing.

Miriam was killed by a drunk driver.


Did you enjoy the game?


I think I need to talk to her.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.

The cow miscarried.

Baseball season's about to start.

I told Juha about it.

It is worthwhile visiting the museum.

She was lounging on the sofa.

I attended a big Native American festival in Florida.

We had fun, didn't we?

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The smell of roses hung in the air.

Show me short-sleeved ones, please.

Srivatsan didn't understand a word that Joachim said.

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Do you have any idea how serious this is?


If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence.


Let's do better than that.

Man is the lord of all creation.

Equestrian is the only mixed-gender Olympic event.

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Anna wanted one, but he had no idea where he could get one.

Susumu has been dating a part-time janitor.

She keeps secrets.

Evelyn bought himself a tuxedo.

You should plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.


She lived a long life.

What more do they want?

It's incredible, isn't it?

Hey mister, you forgot your coat!

The sky was full of stars.

Please try to stay calm.

We'll be together again, Paula.


Because the Church taught that the Earth was at the center of the universe, Copernicus' theory was regarded as heresy.

That's why we have to fight.

The town slept.