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Serve.IO Seeks To Disrupt The Massive Logistics Market With Their Blockchain Solution

Cryptocurrencies represent an existential threat to the old way of doing business because they dramatically target solutions to long-standing problems. Anyone who has run a small enterprise lately understands how fees can quickly eviscerate profits. Even worse, they...


Farmers are unsung heroes. They dedicate their life work to growing crops and tending livestock that provides consumable goods for their family, friends, and community members. Unfortunately, people who farm, especially those in developing countries, are at the whim...

The Armageddon Platform Could Spell Doom for Outdated Masternode Concepts

Masternodes are popular, but many people lack the technical skills necessary to have success with them. A new project, the Armageddon Platform, seeks to level the playing field once and for all, potentially ushering in a new era of Masternode investors. The Armageddon...

PayBlok Utility Token To Offer Faster SMB Payment Solutions For Businesses Everywhere

In the world of small and medium-sized business, a big part of successful management is making sure the company has enough cash flow and available credit lines. For many small business owners balancing the needs of today and tomorrow is challenging. Unforeseen...

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In 2018, there is little doubt that the way companies do business has significantly changed over the past few decades. Advancements in technology have empowered company owners and managers to standardize processes to help control everything from inventory to revenue...

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