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PicPlast LTD
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PIC Plast develops, manufactures, sells and markets coated woven plastic sheeting.The company focuses on special added value products and applications, manufactured using an exclusive technology and state of the art equipment.PIC Plast works mainly for the field of agriculture, producing high-tech sheeting for greenhouses and ground cover under the trade name Solarig, developed by Palrig over the past 15 years and purchased and improved on by the company. PIC Plast belongs to the Puyoung group, whose manufacturing bases are in Korea and China. The combination of know-how developed in Israel and Puyoung's production capability and cutting edge technology have resulted in products that are the best of their kind in the world.The company's main objective is to meet its customers' needs while maintaining the highest quality and most reliable service.The plant has ISO 9001-2000 standard certification.The company's Solarig line is unique, thanks to its production technology and the additives developed by the company over the years.As a result, PIC Plast products have a long-term guarantee even in severe weather conditions.The company markets its products throughout the world, striving for creativity and innovation and constantly developing new products and applications to better meet the requirements of its customers.