Jwahar had prepared his answer.

I saw him in there.


Don't let Warren know about this.


I spent most of the day in bed.


I guess I could ask Pradeep to help.


He succeeded to his uncle's fortune.

Why didn't you go back for her?

You'll understand once you come of age.

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I would also like to know.

We spent a night at the mountain hut.

Suzanne must have seen something.

Take either of the apples.

Do you feel safe here?


Roberto is still on the job.

I am waving at her, but she's not looking.

Marlena was talking on the phone when Space walked into the room.

No one went near him.

This isn't the first time that this has happened.

Weasels have a reputation for being elusive and cunning.

The expected high temperature for today is 32 degrees. It's going to be hot, isn't it?

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I need to know that we can depend on Dennis.

He is neglecting his research these days.

I'm going to stay in bed all day.

I have fewer students than Pedro does.

Oh, that's me!

I'm taking these sheep to the market.

I'll have it sent to you.

What they're doing is none of your business, and you've got enough to worry about as it is. Don't borrow trouble.

I've never actually read War and Peace.

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I want you to leave us alone.

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Varda hasn't slept in days.


Have you written all the New Year's cards already?

I was watching TV when she called.

Theodore did everything within his power to keep Johnathan from being elected president of the student council.


They have him sedated.

That store is exceptionally expensive.

I'm certain of your success.

Lori kept his promise.

We've got to do something to stop Fred.


Have you got any other fun facts for us?

It's just a cut.

Arthur didn't exactly say so.

Social securities are not something that should be trifled with.

What you said is complete nonsense.

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Hurf's kids have got lots more toys than he had when he was young.


His prompt action prevented an epidemic.

Toufic has solved one of the great problems of science.

He set as his goal, the deposit of three million yen.

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He as well as I is a member of the club.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create the world's largest dictionary?

It was dark in the American house.

There is now no God and no Buddha.

I find it very easy to see through a person's true nature.


It was raining on and off all through the night.


When will you be coming back?

That bullet was meant for me.

He who has bees also has honey.

He never stopped writing.

I don't know about you, but I'm starved.

He was young.

Where's the cat?

Ask Frances if you don't believe me.

The teacher told us to be quiet.

I cannot possibly help you.

He needs dialysis twice a week.

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Maybe what you said about Frederick is right.


This room is too hot for us to work in.

I see our future together.

You're ruined.

I hear he's just begun looking for another job.

I leave life to enter history.


I need to apologize to Ann.

It was a great interview.

Suu said he isn't sure.

The Duke rose and kissed his wife lovingly.

Nici took a few things out of his suitcase.


I thought Martyn might know where Sedovic put the key.


I'm a stranger here.

I feel stuffy.

Did you go to the market yesterday?

That would be cool.

He didn't believe that honesty is the best policy.

She grinned at me when she came into the room.

I have lots of friends I can talk things over with.

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I'm shattered.

I hope you won't make the same mistakes as Nichael did.

Maria handled it pretty well.


After 6 p.m. the employees began to disappear.

You don't practice what you preach.

What else did he say?


He's a rice farmer.


What a strange woman!


He drank milk.


When he's hungry, Marco is capable of wolfing down a kilogram of baked goods.

Every time we go anywhere, something awful happens.

He reads detective stories on occasion.

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He has curly hair.

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I must get a bad tooth pulled out.


He is listening to the news on the radio.


Why should I be angry?

I wanted to buy a huge stuffed bear at Ken's but it was not for sale.

Emma and I both want you to be happy.

It's our job to help you.

The crew had to abandon the sinking ship.

The president did not come, but sent the vice-president in his stead.

Was Julian wrong?

This is not like her at all.

Do you want to go to the party?

My opinion is very distinct from yours.

Give me one second, would you?

Is everybody on board?

The prisoner dug a hole under the prison wall.

Car production in that year reached a record 10 million vehicles.

I never said you couldn't go.

It belonged to my mother.

I'm not the one hurting him.

Jitendra passed out on the floor.

I'd rather have gone to the concert last night.

Sjaak eats lunch here at least once a week.

I don't betray my friends.

Are you tired, sweetie?

Enter the room.

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Say something!

Denis doesn't seem to want to go with us.

Children are more at risk for lead poisoning.

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Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be studied.

Was it a good time overall?

I am watching this video.

I have the minutes of the meeting.

Is this your money?

My goal is to be a polyglot.

I promised to go to the party with Jane, and I can't let her down.

The party's candidate began to sag in the polls.

When did you fire Ning?

You're as tough as nails.

I'm going to the doctor.

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Her baby lived for one day.

Sal sounded upset.

Is that really all there is?

Don't make fun of me!

Today is June 18 and it is Muriel's birthday!

It's going to happen again and again.

Come, come home, boy!

Do you want to be a bartender all your life?

If only I could go skiing.

We will stop that.

It should be fun.

Is that a riddle?

When will uncle come from Vijayawada?

They also need help.

Are you going to record today's episode?

I dropped my earring.

In a sense, such a political movement may be called a revolution.

If you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask.

I have two exposures left on this film.

I suggest you cooperate.

When I asked him to lend me some money, he turned down my request.

I'm sorry, I don't really remember.

How often did you play basketball when you were in high school?

We'll try again later.

He isn't very good at math.

Do you prefer buying clothes with or without a hood?

I hope they can reach a peaceful compromise.

I want to know where she went.

I sent the parcel by airmail.