Did you recognize her?

You won't be happy there.

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The sergeant ordered the private to do push ups.


What is today's recommendation?


He is always kind enough to help me any time.


Who do we blame?

Patricia, I know you're in there.

You have no future here.

Shankar is the only person who paid on time.

Joseph's explanation was too complex.

You're not for me. I know that very well.

I wonder whether I should be proud or ashamed that there is no information about me on the first five pages of internet search results for my name.

I drink five cups of coffee a day.

Yuko started the race very quickly.

Was Sekar the one who was injured?

I'm trying to protect them.


I think you should probably see someone from Purchasing.

Acid rain destroyed the luster that once graced the marble statue.

We've got to stop her.

I used to play badminton, but I do not any more.

Who will attend the meeting on her behalf?

We sued the insurance company because it violated the terms of our policy.

She doesn't even know me.

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It was said that the lady had been an actress.

I can't stand lying anymore.

Spiders aren't insects but arachnids.


Randell was interrupted.

Scott! Please make hotdogs for lunch.

Most scholars believe that the Tetragrammaton should be pronounced "Yahweh".


Dan will be always here for you.


"I have no idea," Bob said honestly.

Will you put that thing away?

Be careful, don't remove the cap. It's arsenic!

They exchanged the New Year's greeting.

I don't want Varda to be in the room while I'm on the phone.

It seems easy.

I remember it very well.

"Good morning. The snow is piled up outside." "Really!?"

You can use a telescope to look at the stars.

How many people use these?

I don't have any problem getting to sleep.

I had a hunch you would do that.

We have no room.


Can I see some ID?

I want to be there for her.

Many common words we use today were once coined in fiction.

Just call them.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking?" "That depends on whether what I'm thinking you're thinking I'm thinking is what I'm thinking."


Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth."

Maybe I could help.

The final value theorem does not apply if the system is not stable.


I never actually met Jonathan.

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Mr Sato was standing on top of a boulder.


Ok. I knuckle down.

Someone is going to see you.

To our surprise, Joni came to our party with Ramneek.

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Did you understand her?

Can you see anything missing?

You should stay home and rest for a few days.

Wayne is a golfer.

I often get the blues.


Lawrence can't speak either French or Spanish.

He spotted a ship in the distance.

If he had started walking early, he would have arrived by now.

It's something new.

Nobody doubts his fitness for the position.

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He loves that gravy.

We just don't know.

The success of the enterprise astonished everybody.

He invited me over to watch a movie.

I want nothing from you.

See you all soon.

What time does your class end?


A man came to see him.

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I thought they were angry with me because I didn't help them wash the car.


I went up to the 5th floor in an elevator.

Let me congratulate you on your victory in the tournament.

We need to view this in its entirety.

These prices will be cut next month.

You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.

Ariel started the engine and put it in gear.

Mechael welcomed her mother with a kiss.

I used to eat like a pig.

It's a tragedy that rainforests are being destroyed for the sake of profits.

The British troops fought bravely, but were unable to stop the Germans.

I want to know if my baggage is going to arrive.

Where can I catch a bus?

Your daughter is very pretty.

I don't know if this is such a good idea.

I think Dion's doing a good job.

Who's the owner of this property?

I would like to visit you.

Who's your favorite character in this movie?

Your student called me.

Greg became a father.

She interrogated a suspect.

His nerve staggered me.

Are you from Kashgar as well?

One shouldn't make promises one can't keep.

Leonard doesn't get along with his coworkers.

It's not cheap to eat here.

It's hot, so you'd better head back quickly. Mackerel goes off so fast that they coined 'fresh-looking rotten fish'.


Hostility was replaced by love.

Everyone left, except for us.

Tell Edward what Michiel asked you to tell him.

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You shouldn't go if you don't want to.

Is this car new?

Good evening, Sir.

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After winning all the matches, he got the title of champion.

Your guess is as good as mine on this one.

He's also just a politician.

Oliver truly loves what he does.

Pierre is by no means stupid.

We have things to do.

She is wearing a leather belt around her waist.

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We don't have any drinking water.


I asked for this thirty minutes ago.


I finished writing a letter.

Please allow me to say a few words on this occasion.

Feck off.

I'd like to eat something else.

Do you want to argue again?

It took more than three billion years for life on Earth to evolve.

The accident took place on the evening of last Sunday.

My father bought some CDs for my birthday.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was born in 1686 in Danzig.

The bread is not fresh.

Catholics could not openly observe their religion.

Life has been very hard.

If anyone could get us what we need, it would be Izchak.

You don't have anything to say about it, do you?

Jeff has stopped doing that.

What do you owe Eric?

Is Siping going to be all right?


We consider cyber terrorism to pose a serious threat to international security.


That's truly how I feel.

I can't make myself understood in English.

She is old enough to travel by herself.

She stood looking out to the sea.

The boy mourned the death of his hamster.


We might need to help Mayo.

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I want to call...

Why would I want to go there alone?

What colour is this cat?

Dimetry and Mahmoud bought matching shirts.

The boat drifted out to sea.

I hit him good and hard.

Lila didn't complete his homework.

There's another package for you on your desk.

Marla now lives in Boston.

The teacher said: "Of course, it's possible".

It is free of charge.

I'll talk to her about it.

Akira uses the same dictionary that her father used as a student.

How do you intend to do it?

They arranged a meeting.

I wish Jacques were here with me now.

I met her three days ago.

We're just finishing up.

Why do you think I'm lying?

What will you drink?

What he said is by no means true.


It makes no difference to me whether you believe it or not.

Did Harris really kill Clayton?

It's a very decorative plant.


Give me back my wig!

Lynne likes to read English subtitles while watching movies in English.

Man will die sooner or later.