You saw your former employer at a conference, didn't you?

I'll tell you when you get back.


Emily is currently studying in Boston.

The fire consumed the whole house.

Walt was fucking Mayo while translating this sentence on his Android device.


No expense was spared.

Americans spend much of their free time at home.

I'm so glad you called.

You look like a million bucks.

I know you've seen some awful things.

I have five hens and get about three eggs a day from them.

We don't need a ladder.


She is always complaining of her small salary.

I saw Walt dancing with Bobbie.

Will made Alice a new dress.

Let's meet in front of the movie theater.

I told you this was going to be boring.


I can't stop shaking my leg.

I expect Olof will be back soon.

My father isn't afraid of anybody.

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Get them while you can.

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He didn't see a thing.

Liza walked past the three policemen who were standing on the corner.

Don said he's feeling better now.

There is an obvious distinction between the good and the best.

Craig looks a bit embarrassed.

The bike I loved for many years was stolen.

Stay away from Miles.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

Is everybody happy?

His voice sounds like pure sex.

He had been repairing the car and looked tired when I arrived home.

I think Victoria will probably be late.

I can't be without you.

Leung didn't know what to say to King.

When are you going to call me?


It is cold outside today.


When I asked him to return the money, he pretended that he didn't hear me.

Let's find out what we can do to help.

I thought you would come.

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All of my friends have bicycles.

Go to work.

I am working in the Overseas Operations Division.

Even if it rains tomorrow, I'll go there.

He has good grounds for believing that.

Why are you crossing the street?

Hirofumi and Dawn seem to be arguing.

Jay clutched his teddy bear.

He has at most 100 dollars.

You're never here.

Yesterday he couldn't go to school, but today he can.


I wonder if this is love.

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They blocked the flow of water from the burst pipe.

I guess I'd better be going.

He works at a pawn shop.

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The soldier clicked his heels together.

This isn't really true.

None of us have met them.

In China, there is a large number of characters, so the goal of the character simplification was to replace the complex traditional characters with easy to remember simplified characters and increase the literacy rate.

I have never heard that girl say no.


You'd better bandage the wound at once.

I want you to stay here longer.

I can't tell you how much your support means to us.

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The giant was not loved by anybody.

What are you doing in Brazil?

Do you think Pilot wants to live in Boston?

We arrived there before them.

I've discovered a good restaurant not too far from my house.

The little bumpkin bought a big pumpkin.

The TV set worked all night.


The female warrior's armor seemed to leave many parts of her body unprotected.


He thinks that blue is the most beautiful color.


What does this image make you think of?


Jaime told me I was his only friend.

The girl didn't say anything

The boy makes a fool of adults.

This flower is as beautiful as any in the garden.

I never knew about Ricardo.

The warden sent Dan back to solitary confinement.

What area of China do you like the best?

It's a plan to implement.

I am planning to attend the annual meeting.

She asked him out on a date.

Pele played for the Brazilian teams in many important matches.

I am fond of playing the guitar.

I'm asking you what you think.

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Heinrich ran off like a coward.


Axel and Tal plan to be together for the rest of their lives.


What are you going to give them?


You sound a lot like him.

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These are my children.

How much time do you spend cleaning your house?

Have I disappointed you?

This medicine has a terrible flavor.

I need another three hundred dollars.

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I was startled for a second.


She had the kindness to show me the way to the hospital.

He did it simply out of curiosity.

I remember that feeling.


A tonsillectomy is a very simple procedure.

Who did you make this for?

The notice says, "Keep off the grass".


Speaking French isn't easy.

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Meg's shoes are a little loose.


I am Polish and I come from Warsaw.


We'd better check it out.


Tyler and I were roommates in college.


Can you give me a ride to the office on Wednesday?

I need to get all the details.

Gigi was up until about 3:00 a.m. reading a book.

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I'm not convinced Richard is telling the truth.

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I want to study abroad.


He lies to you all the time.

At last he unfolded his plans for their future.

I'm only interested in doing the right thing.


Can you help me out?

Could you at least tell me where we're going?

It will make you think about the things you think about in your thoughts.


Bertrand tried to open the door, but couldn't.

Nora wants a fight.

You have a big family, right?

He acted on your suggestion.

I was elected to the Senate in 2008.

A few more, and it's done.

I think I'm allergic to that soap.


Who is it that is sleeping on my bed?

It was difficult to persuade him to cancel the trip.

Keep at it!

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I want to donate money.


I want to learn French.


I can't stop thinking about you.


Germany's winters are colder than Italy's.

Byron said he would never come back here.

You don't know what this is, do you?

Could you show them around?

What does Thuan have to lose?

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Can rabbits swim?

She helped her mother clean the house.

It's been a great help.

Walking along the fence he noticed a mouse.

They did not wish to go any farther.


"What are you thinking about?" "I'm thinking about you."

This will never happen again, I swear to you.

Not too spicy.

Have you ever sharpened this knife?

He wants to play tennis when he's older.

That's what you don't understand.

I assume you're in a hurry.

Can you remember the first word you learned in French?

The girl looked at him too.

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I still want to marry you.

What's your favorite home-cooked food?

Bonnie has a flower in her hand.


I've always admired them.