If I remember rightly, we should turn left at the next corner.

I consider this to be a good initiative.

Seeing that, he stood up.

I don't understand how it could've happened.

I got my son to post the letters.

I have not felt well recently.


Randell's going to be quite happy.

Is there a chance this will happen again?

Does Marcos like me?


This changes things.

Krzysztof helped Dimitry move the sofa.

He was walking ahead of the car.

Click: Quickly pushing the mouse's left hand side button once.

I don't go out much anymore.

Thank you for the necklace.

I will accomplish my purpose at any cost.

Don't point your gun at me.

Juliet looked at Skeeter and grinned.


I haven't seen you in weeks.

Real did his schoolwork at the kitchen table.

We heard shots.


My father put a ladder against the tree.

Michael was caught in a stolen car.

Judith narrowly escaped death.

Tareq doesn't live in my neighborhood.

Does he know what you're here for?


How can people be so blind?


She died of shock.

The current president has many enemies.

Everett says he intends to play golf with us this afternoon.


How are you going to spend your weekend?

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I want to love you forever!

The price is high.

Porto Alegre is a beautiful city.

Lynn might help if you asked him to.

How can I leave?


I was sure we could trust Vistlik.

The doctor ordered that he take a rest.

It is not what you read but how you read it that counts.


I just need you there for support.


This is none of my business!

My daughter is cutting her permanent teeth.

He's mowing his lawn.

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They were swimming.

I'm in my pajamas.

I'm telling you what I saw.

Are you blind?

Why don't you just say you don't like Chinese food?

I think it was intentional.

He was caught in an ambush.

Sorrel made a list of places he wants to visit.

The quick brown fox may as well go fuck the lazy dog.


We enjoyed ourselves to our hearts' content.

Ed wondered if Jill knew who his father was.

Franco has blue jeans.


She's a model.


Roland is getting suspicious.

When are you coming back home?

Do you know what has become of him?


I thought Randolph was still at home.


How dare he open my letters!

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She tries to read as many books as she can.

How much more do we need?

Half of them don't work.


That's why I lied to you.

I think if you're artistic in any way, you're probably born with it. I guess it's a talent that can be learned here and there, but I think the instinct to tell a story or to create something happens maybe in the womb.

Let me be honest with you.

Glynn was killed with an icepick.

See what you can find out.

Thank God, the worst is behind us.

The train runs every thirty minutes.

Two weeks after being admitted to the hospital my acne suddenly started to disappear.

This is all a terrible mistake.


I told Pradeep that he should call Kikki.

He's a tough-minded owner.

The police captured the escaped criminal.


Listen to this.


People of this country do not respect their old traditions any longer.

I don't like the idea of Donovan going out with Rob.

Charley plays the piano very well.

I have only a small garden.

I just didn't want Sal to get hurt.

Finally, I didn't understand whether tea is good or bad for our health.

Jean-Pierre bought Rick a Christmas present.


He's watching the Olympics.

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It'll just take some time.

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You've got paint on you.


She smokes excessively.

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We're happy to see you.

You should rethink this program.

They are very kind to me.


Lightning struck Benson's house.

Let me go and buy some bread.

Marcos is double-jointed.


Rainer will probably be here all afternoon.

Thank you for commenting on my article.

Dion was arrested later that morning.


The unwaged often receive a discount at theatres and museums.


William doesn't trust us.

She asked him out, but he said no.

Do you have your driver's license?


Jaime is very healthy.

Would you cash these travelers checks, please?

I reckon that's a good idea.

That's why I came to you.

Isabelle held open the limo door for Valentin.

Figures increasingly show that the more we crack down on drug use, the more drug addicts there are.

What channel are you watching?

I'm glad I didn't disappoint you.

That's what I want from you.

This watch is not mine but yours.

Members of the public and other visitors may use the central library in order to gain access to material not easily available elsewhere.

The conversation was secretly recorded and used as evidence.

I'm glad Maurice invited you.

I work only to go on vacation.

I didn't ask for this.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

There isn't anything that anybody can do to avoid the inevitable.

This poem was written last night.

The wall is white on the outside and green on the inside.

Quickly buy all required items.

Look out for cars in crossing the street.

If I were you, I'd stay away from that.

Does Sandeep like Maria?

You don't seem to be very hungry.

These salted bonito guts are too salty for me.

That's exactly what you're doing.

Zurich is considered to be a major financial hub.


There is a long way from oil dependence to the renewable energy society.

Give me half a kilo of tomatoes.

Her presence is important to me.


The bill passed unanimously.

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I know it means a lot to him.

He was smiling as if nothing had happened to him.

Lyndon didn't know Sofoklis had a brother.


You said that you loved Lea.

Matthew wrote two books.

I'm allowed to change my mind, aren't I?


He never fails to write to his mother every day.

How do you know that you can't do it unless you try?

Do you love him too?

Do you enjoy studying?

You mustn't answer your mother back when she scolds you.

The water ran down the rain pipe.

Billie didn't bring a camera.


The coach made him a good pitcher.

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The harvest of pearls was small.

Part placed the ladder against the fence.

There are not enough doctors to give proper care to the children.

You may not behave so childishly.

"What're you making?" "It's pumpkin soup."

Please let me see your passport and boarding pass.

It's raining, but I would like to go out.

Am I singing that song well?

Pratt seems to be unwilling to lower the price.

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She will be in New York for two weeks.

I need to get away from Winnie.

Dean met Irwin three years ago.

You didn't need to buy this book.

I would like to be your pen pal.