We should let you rest.

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We agreed that something must be done.

It was a lucky shot.

Anne doesn't know how much the ticket will cost.

The woman is ready.

I'm going to go wake him up.

Answer my question carefully.

The film skips the whole story of the dead boy.

I had my passport photo taken last week.

Joseph has already begun studying French.


Bring everything to ruin.

Tell Becky not to talk to anyone.

Jack was too lazy to give them a call, so they decided to walk without him.

It's really hard to choose the right color.

It's at home.

Have you ever shown your scar to someone?

The volcano rumbled.


This interview has been cueing her up for a run in the next election.

"Sorry," said Ramneek with a tear in his eye.

Watch out for thieves around here.

It's going to take some time to sort out this mess.

It is polite of him to write me back at once.

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There are errors in this phone bill.

I need to find out who he is.

The islanders are being slaughtered for no apparent reason.

I'm fed up with math.

Clay won't lower the price.

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I'm going to grow wheat there.

You know you have a problem when you light up a cigarette while you already have one lit in the ashtray.

Lies beget lies.

We've decided to hire them.

The pond froze over.

This data is incorrect.

I knew she was a "troublemaker", Rebecca muttered.

I'm outraged.

Sue is a republican.

She is all in all to me.

I don't know as much about this as you do.


I didn't know that the cost of living was so high in Australia.

I have the word on the tip of my tongue.

Written by hand, the letter was not very easy to read.

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I always keep my promises.

Curtis visited Toerless last week.

In one letter he remarks, "Life is but a dream".

Love is more powerful than death.

He hopes to pass his exam.

What's the time?

I told Ginny that I wouldn't be at his party.


This sentence of death, which, they tell us, was thus passed upon Adam, must either have meant dying naturally, that is, ceasing to live, or have meant what these mythologists call damnation.

Swamy deposited some money in his savings account just yesterday.

Ofer broke down.


Yakitori is a Japanese food.

Brendan recently found a good job.

She took something out of the bag.

I felt pressure on my shoulder and turned around.

How were you able to escape from prison?

I was a high school student at that time.

I don't know what the time is.


I still haven't received your e-mail. Maybe you wrote down my e-mail address wrongly?

Shai plans to put new locks on all the doors.

You can't walk.

He can't write with a pen or punch keys on a computer.

The tiger caught the guy's neck and killed him by pulling it.

If today was Sunday, I would go fishing.

I was at school.

How was your summer?

Their love for life is infectious.


Jaime seems to be sympathetic.


They adopted a little girl.


I would have come to the cinema with you all, but unfortunately I had a headache.


I like all of the songs that Nicholas sings.


Knute has been trying to reach you.

We're experienced.

I told you not to give me a hickey!

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This package has been left here by him.

We all felt sorry for them.

Our section chief always makes a face at me when I ask him for something.

My mother asked me to set the table.

We don't anticipate that happening.


Our granddaughter was born two days ago.

Don't look so upset.

Please let me know the truth.

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This isn't my responsibility. It's yours.

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Someone is watching us.

Everybody's got something to hide.

Come run with me.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

I run every morning.

Anthony was wearing a baseball cap when I saw him this morning.

After that, I'll leave for Saigon.

Maarten started to chuckle.

I had completely forgotten to do that.

This tree was planted by my grandfather.

The baby's sleeping.

At the end of every subject i have an exam.

I thought you knew him.


He has blue eyes and blond hair.

He has half as many books as I.

Come on! We're going to be late.


I couldn't imagine translating without the internet.

A lady, whose husband is a famous scientist, came over from the other side.

I haven't eaten dinner yet this evening.

It's neither here nor there.

Roberta can't keep doing this to me.

Jess probably thought I wasn't at home.

Why are you playing with my racket?

Are you enjoying the play?

Jackye arrived in Boston last night.


This can lead to unpleasant consequences.

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What took so long?

We're beautiful together.

Do you want to know my secret? It's very simple...


Your car's on fire.

He has an aptitude for painting.

Leadership calls for tough choices and, at times, tough language.

I've just eaten so I'm not hungry.

Don't leave your belongings unattended.

Tell Antonio to call me.

I think this will change your mind.

I didn't think Claude would make it through the night, so I stayed by his bedside.

You have a good point.

My dad is not fond of music.

The person she's talking to is Allan.

They can't fire me.

I'm really hungry, but I can't decide what I want to eat.

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It's a matter of national pride.


He frequently neglects his work.

She'll major in American history.

Lorien and I talked about this three weeks ago.


She likes to walk with me.


Sally couldn't think of anything better to do.


I think we can come up with better plan than this.

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The race was watched by a crowd of nearly a quarter of a million people.

He probably didn't have sex with her.

Next time don't give up so easily.

Your story seems a bit far-fetched to me.

I thought you were going to buy groceries.

Do we have a small chance of winning?

You were at home yesterday.

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She gripped my arm tightly.


I've never seen that.

Should I wait for David?

You don't happen to know where Murat is, do you?

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Is that new?

We have to learn to trust each other.

She was looking forward to going to a movie with him.

Her eyes are her best feature.

Wilmer left five minutes ago.

You probably can't do that.

I'm on my way home from work.

I catch the flu every year.

Thank you for preparing meals for me while I was sick in bed.

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Don't put yourself out on my account.

Sergiu launched a vicious personal attack against Ro.

Tony took a lot of pictures when he was in Boston.


Have you gotten over your cold yet?

Do you know who bought your painting?

I don't want to go with them.


The girl in the picture is smiling.


What are you doing here today?

You're never around.

Do you want another sandwich?