He lost himself in thought.

Is it valid to say that all men are created equal?

You can use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.

The wifi isn't working for me.


I'm interested in improving my German.


You do a nice job.

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It didn't matter to him.

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The students snickered.

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Loukas and Heather drifted down the river in their canoe.

Rand had his picture taken with Mt. Fuji in the background.

The young women of this district are well known for their beauty.

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I can be trusted.


I vomited.


Sumo is great fun; otherwise she wouldn't be interested in it.

It's rather cold for April.

I'll meet you there as soon as I can.

These kinds of jewelry are of little value.

Not until yesterday did I know of the event.

I like to translate quotations.

Stop acting like a child.

Why are you here today?

He talks big but he's never done half the things that he said he has.


Barrett is still single, isn't he?

I was waiting for the bus at that time.

I don't mean that at all.


I'm in way over my head.

What have you got so far?

"How are you doing?" "I'm doing okay."

You're diligent.

Computers as we know them today first appeared before the Second World War.

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There were no Japanese in this country.

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John is the boy who is reading the book.


I understand you're looking for a record album of nursery rhymes.

They all turned to face him.

Nicolette asked for help.

You should reckon with his obstinate character.

Are you saying that's not true?

She continued studying all her life.

We have fixed our fees for the next three years.


You sound like my grandmother.

Gee whiz!

How deep is the hole?

He was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

He had learned English before he left for England.

You could hurt yourself.

I must be getting close.


Why was Laura sent home?


All the passengers were killed in the airplane crash.


She came an hour beyond the appointed time.

I put up a small hut in the backyard.

John will be staying with you in your room.


Samir lived in Boston for a long time.


Two boys are absent from school today.


The moment they saw me, they waved.

Rajiv was very supportive.

You should watch your language when you talk to her.

Did you know anyone at the party?

I can't find my key.


Some indigenous tribes in Brazil are threatened by loggers.

They won't be successful.

"That's dangerous, I'll clear it up." "It's OK ... Ouch!" "Look, didn't I tell you so?"

To me, it is important.

I'm glad to do it.

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The policy of the government was criticized by the opposition party.

They misled me.

Can you jump rope?


Don't try to blame this on me.

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Tim applied for a job with our company.


Is Konstantinos serious about this?

Tuan was at the game.

Tell her why you can't go.

I don't want to miss the plane.

The patrol car pursued a speeding sports car, but it all ended in a wild-goose chase.

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I'd suggest that you don't do that.


Don't have me on!

We had to break open the door.

Tell me who you haunt, I'll tell you who you are.

I call Marika almost every day.

I really don't know where to start.


Monica put the magazine back on the coffee table.

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"It is when you overcome that, that a boy becomes something-something" "If you're trying to say something important sounding keep talking right to the end!"

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.

We still don't know the truth.

I've been thinking about what we should do.

Nobody has seen the bird fly.


No formal training is required.


I'm not related to them.

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There's a waiting list to get on the waiting list.


I do what everybody else does.

What is it now?

There are five ways to emancipate themselves from the bond of worldly passions.

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Vulcan philosophy scares the ordinary, because it encourages freeing from emotions.

Don't regard me as your father anymore.

It looks like it'll clear up.

Peggy's design saved the company millions of dollars.

He said to me: "Children are like small animals."

I'm trying very hard to do that right thing.

Brodie did it again.

You only have one life. Live it happily and successfully.

It's hard for her to solve this problem.

If those biscuits are going begging, I'll have them.

I was on a bike.

What classes did you have today?

Kirk lied about what he'd been doing.

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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Let me handle Hillary, OK?

He was absolved of his sin.

The apple was cut in two by her with a knife.

The deer darted off in alarm.

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Do you speak English and Scottish Gaelic?

I had to find my own path.

When I was a child, I used to go to the seashore every summer.


It's happening all over again.

We're spinning our wheels.

Let's always be friends.


I don't have to say anything.

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He caught the nine o'clock shuttle to New York.

How long did you know them?

Building the steel factory was a great enterprise.

The hotel stands on a hill.

I still bear his name in mind.

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There is a cat under the desk.

If a conversation is not going all that well, try another approach.

We will travel if the car is ready.

Have you ever seen an elephant fly?

"Ronpari" is a word that designates those whose eyes don't look straight, but in different directions to the left and right, as if they were looking at Paris and London.

I'm constantly telling her to behave herself.

I guess you must be very hungry.

Linda didn't even let Dan kiss her.

Tracey thinks it'll be a lot of fun.

I study French for three hours every day.

I gotta learn how to write in cursive.


I don't want Tovah to think he has to help me.

The severity of such marks can reveal whether or not any of these people were habitually engaged in hard labor.

I couldn't save Marion.

Do you own a handgun?

I just need a little air.

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Vincent and Laurent will play tennis tomorrow afternoon.

Naoki is as old as Kaori.

"Do you like it?" "The food was better in prison."


I'm going to go sit down.

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"Over and done with" means "finished."


Tell Krzysztof he has to do everything Tor asks him to do.


They visit us from time to time.

How long has it been since you've had a girlfriend?

It's practical to have a laptop.

How are we ever going to find Clayton?

There may be two cases here.

Who elected you?

Let's get this job done.

We met in Boston.

The crew abandoned the ship.

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Sergeant is doing a fine job.