Dan flew into a rage.

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There was a black jacket on the book.

Nothing's been changed.

I feel good after one hour workout.

When can I use my telephone?

The doctor broke the Hippocratic Oath.

Thankfully, there was an Armani store just outside the alley where Dima had slept.

You're ill with flu.


I could hear you from miles away!

No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it.

You're not afraid of ghosts, are you?


I don't think I know the answer.

If circumstances were different, he might have asked her out on a date.

I cannot look at this photo without being reminded of my school days.

I should call a doctor.

Cory doesn't have to decide today.

I wasn't innovative enough.

I'm just trying to do the right thing.

The engineer is working in France.

I was going to tell Izumi what we expect him to do.

Can you tell me how you found out that Sidney wasn't at school today?

I'll be traveling in Australia for three months.

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Spartacus was a Roman slave.


The doctor had me lying in bed.

I really enjoyed betting in Las Vegas.

I won't be intimidated.


Turkeer asked me why I was late.

She trusts him.

That's more than enough.

I think it's a good compromise.

I was amazed at the speed of the car.

Barrett lugged his suitcase up the stairs.

Expect more of the same.

We can't say any more.

I could walk from here.

Janice had nothing to do, so he went home.

Some people say that you shouldn't check your email first thing in the morning.


It's a riveting story.

"So, you'll go out with me if I don't have to repeat a year?" "I don't care for 'what if' stories."

Prakash is a carpenter.

So you were never in love with me.

We tried to keep it a secret.

I need you to back me up.

Take off your clothes.

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I'm the tallest one in the class.


Hotta doesn't seem too busy.


It runs out tomorrow.

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My father doesn't really talk much.


I got on the train for London.

I saw the hill.

If you have something to say, say it.

He doesn't want you to lose a whole week.

Who did she think about?

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The King now understood how the Queen he had had for some time past had been so ill-tempered. He at once had a sack drawn over her head and made her be stoned to death, and after that torn in pieces by untamed horses.


I'll keep your secret.

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I won't answer any more of your questions.

We waited.

It's legal for citizens to carry guns in many states.


Stuff today and starve tomorrow.

There was once a king who had three daughters.

The pianist played two encores.

Gordon squashed the bug.

It's hard to tell people what to do.

Stand by for my orders.

It was very nice meeting you.

I think we're fine.

There's a widespread delirium.

Don't you know how beautiful you are?

My favorite color is brown.

Do you spend a lot of time with your friends? Who are they? Funny people I think.

He sent me a letter asking if the book had reached me.

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Do you also know how to count in Italian?


Be cheerful! Add an exclamation mark to all of your sentences!

Hume was an Olympic swimmer.

How did your son get on in his first game of cricket for the school?


The students were ill at ease before the exam.

You made him do it, didn't you?

One of the aircraft's engines cut out.

Soldiers were regularly relieved and found relative safety in the dug-outs.

Dion knows that.


They poked fun at some of his films.


I wish you luck. You'll need it.

If Vassos can't tell me, then no one can.

Piete won't be afraid of you.

All that he knows is that he knows.

I've found a way to overcome my habit of always picking fault with others.


How much milk is there in the bottle?

You need to lower your standards.

You look warm.

I'll handle her.

I asked him where he lived.


Things are fine.

You shouldn't let the children watch so much television.

I'm not nervous.

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Jun lied when he told Jill that he had won the race.


When the chips are down, the only one you can count on is yourself.

I couldn't even see one meter in front of me!

All of you betrayed Ned.

He died five years ago.

You're just lying.


I can't spend the whole day just answering your questions.

Clarissa got very annoyed about his landlord turning up unannounced several times in a couple of months.

Chitin is a polysaccharide.


Starbuck has a right to know the truth.

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Watch out for pickpockets.


Doug motioned for me to stand up.

I'm going to set the table.

At eleven thirty from platform number one.

Sorry for the intrusion.

There's nothing for us to do here.

The patient is in danger.

Lindsey just wants attention.

I'm glad to hear it!

I hate work.

This is the best way.

Alain regrets telling Maarten his telephone number.

Many couples in America both work to make ends meet.

Thierry didn't demand anything.

Jef says you let it happen.

Carlos started banging on the door.

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It was nice of you to go to so much trouble.

What am I expected to do when I get there?

It's been ten years since I came to live here.

You'd better go home.

That's why I'm telling you that you don't have to go there alone.

He steeled himself against possible failure.

You were dying, but the doctor saved your life.

The mother doesn't love any one of her children more than any of the others.

While most ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube, it is also possible for them to occur in the ovaries, abdomen, or cervix.

I promise that won't happen again.

Could I ask you a big favor?


On the other hand, when public officials act wrongly, Americans feel a responsibility to protest.


Lucius bought the cheapest one in the store.

Israel isn't cut out to be a teacher.

Get out! You can't play here.

Did Kristen swim yesterday?

Gypsy has quit smoking.


He's rough around the edges.


My uncle lived in Washington, D. C. for two years.

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If only I get a chance to see him.

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He knew Uyghur before he came to Kashgar.

Rooms are black.

"Can I see your ticket?" "Yes. Here it is."

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I am choosy with the wine.


We pigged out on pizza and chicken at lunchtime.

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If you have something to tell me, say it.


Jennie and Cory were here yesterday.


Rolfe knows that's no good.

I'd love to know that.

I know many things.

Psychology findings suggest that conservatives are usually less intelligent than progressives are.

Sridharan took out his handkerchief and blew his nose.

Pierette seems to be unwilling to go to the supermarket for his mother.

Forget it, those are just trivial details.

It took me a long time to realize I was doing it wrong.

What do you think he has in mind?

The church is surrounded by woods and lakes.

Russell made many changes.