I think Pete is in his office.

Marco is really very smart.

This medicine must be taken three times a day.

Claire wanted to be left alone.

I'm not accustomed to getting up early.

Why were you in prison?

We recognized you.


You shouldn't lie.

Everybody's looking for you.

I don't see blood.

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So I just learned from a post on Facebook that the account that I thought wasn't working got hacked, some bad stuff happened, and it got banned. I was on vacation, so I had no idea this had transpired, and I hope that by posting this here, I can clear up that I didn't have anything to do with that, but I'd like to know who did.


The medicine had an immediate effect.


Women have beauty, but do books not also have beauty?

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That can't possibly be true.

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We are, in large measure, responsible for students' success in the entrance exam.


We miss you.

Mike smelled a rat.

A committee was constituted to investigate prices.

Do you all learn Esperanto?

The harassed mule got his back up and began kicking up dust.


I'm not sneezing as much as I'd expected.


I'm messy.


Wes was standing near the trophy case.

If not for the Russian intervention, the Crimean crisis would have ended long ago.

If I were a rich man, I would buy you a diamond ring.


Nobody saw me leave the room.


Also Piotr and Lech are good friends.

You should do away with such evil customs.

An autopsy was performed on Dan's body.

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The meeting had 12 attendees.

It is silly of me to have made the same mistake twice.

I'll try and reason with Kurt.

Cris broke up with Harv.

I sent him out of the room.

Brian watched the news.

It didn't work.

I said take it.

You're out of danger.

This is about as large as that.

Dick takes after his mother in appearance.


Urs caught malaria while he was travelling in Africa.

Henry disregarded the slippery conditions and crashed off the road.

This is a beautiful vacation spot.

I expect Elaine will be a finalist.

Varda is peeling the potatoes.

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I didn't see you until now.

How much does a room cost?

Did you fit all the clothes in the bag?

My parents told me to honor my elders.

Can you survive on your salary?


I'll introduce you to them.


Rajarshi coughed into his handkerchief.

I never expected I would end up crying today.

You are doubtless aware of his absence.

The referee must be fair to both teams.

Making changes will be difficult.

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A handful of soldiers is always better than a mouthful of arguments.

We're in the red this month. If we don't start spending less next month, we won't have any savings left.

Terri can't answer.


I'd like to get another opinion.


He applied for the job but was turned down on the spot.

I finished the race.

You traitor!

We're looking out for them.

They add pictures to their album.

I couldn't forget Marika's voice for days.

He lives in a suburb, in a quiet suburb.

The train was going 500 miles per hour.

I'd like to stay here a little longer.

I didn't see him again.

The Joneses go to the store.

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We see the same side of the moon at all times.

The evil of religion does not lie in the religion itself, but in its purveyors, who try to inculcate moral certainty; it is this moral certainty that leads to abuses.

I've got to get them presents.

If I should make a lot of money, I would give you half of it.

Loren was promoted.

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I haven't seen her here before.

You will be paid a stable base salary plus commissions on sale.

What's your take?


Len looks real worried.

She's thinking about getting married.

She was carried away by the police.


Show me where it hurts.

It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

I appreciate your telling me this face-to-face.

Bill was watching TV last night.

Romain gave me a harmonica for Christmas.

Ramanan checked all the trash cans.

In his spare time, Laurel keeps busy as a troll in internet forums.


I want three pairs of socks.

He wanted a bigger discount.

We should stay together.


The "Grey Wolves" are a Turkish ultra nationalist movement, neofascist, anti-Kurd, that denies the genocide of the Armenian people.

The storm is dangerous.

This room has fine view of the mountain.


This book is mine.

My rota is showing a lot of additional working times.

I'd like you to come back next week.

I won't play games with you.

Japanese high school students go to school 35 weeks a year.

This is not going well.

In short, he was wrong.


They don't need a reason.

Read the article again.

All these events go against my plans.

Because it inflames upper-airway tissues, smoking often leads to obstructive sleep apnoea. Alcohol and sedatives can worsen apnoea as well; acting as muscle relaxants, they make the airway smaller.

I don't think he'll be able to do it by himself.


I don't want to eat.

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I'm jealous of him.


The stairs collapsed and he fell.

It's an indisputable matter.

Hatred breeds hatred.

Nobody could tell us anything.

She threw her hands up in horror when she saw what he had done.

The book paints a fine description of the customs of the country.

Is Cris learning French?

I wish I could speak English like a native speaker.

Every student of biology, anatomy, anthropology, ethnology or psychology is familiar with these facts.


Bill did nothing else but joke.

I'm happy these days.

This does not apply to students.

I can't tell if any of the cars are Kay's.

Elisabeth says that Lee is afraid of commitment.

I wish you did not have so many problems.

Researchers Identify New Receptor Complex in Brain

Stay with her.

Such toys have a bad influence on children.

I have to try it.

It was frustrating and confusing.

For one reason or another their holiday in France didn't come up to expectations.

I've been sent to escort you.

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Manjeri was mad at Pierette.

That's how I was brought up.

We did it!

Johnnie wanted to learn to swim.

Claudio's blood type is O+.

I am used to going to bed very late.

Calamity Jane lived in California.


There are big differences in broadband speed and quality from country to country.

His mother had three sons, of whom he was the youngest.

I get out of breath.

I hope this won't affect our friendship.

It's wasteful to leave the land lying idle.


The boy was engrossed in constructing a model plane.

I'm not ready to go.

You may depend upon it that the story is exaggerated.

Lenny cut off a piece of meat and put it on his plate.

What leads you to the conclusion that I wouldn't agree?

I like that kind of thing.

Please tell Celeste I was doing nothing wrong.


She was moody.

My garden is filled with sweet-smelling blooms.

The law is on our side.

He rarely gets angry.

Neither statement is true.

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Hsi acted as if he knew nothing about it.

Tal showed Adam how to sharpen a knife.

We hurried down the stairs.

Isaac Newton was an English alchemist.

Her surprise was so great that she could not speak.

Get a hold of yourself.

Suwandi went haywire.