Old homes, especially traditional Japanese ones, can be damp and unfriendly to modern life.

She felt hurt at his words.

On a long flight you should get up every once in a while to stretch your legs.

Raymond wanted to talk to Rudolf about it.


I didn't chicken out.


Are you determined to get a tattoo?

If we stick together, we'll be able to survive.

I might not come back.

I want to get a job that mixes work and play.

Sleeping is certainly the best waste of time.

I eat in the classroom.

Two people were killed in the traffic accident.


Is that a threat?


Stephan and Eli aren't here right now.

Can we fish there?

I had to wait for him wake up.

I have no problem with an untidy house, but could not accept that it might be dirty.

I told you you'd like her.


Why did you tell Sergiu Taurus was ugly?


My experiences have taught me that the only rule in life is "every man for himself."

He married a girl that he chose for himself.

Whenever Raymond would go into her parents' house, for her it was like a journey through time: nothing had changed since the day she'd gone away to study; her parents had discarded nothing; everything was in its place just as she had left it.


That actually happened three times.

Tell her that everyone is here.

Dan developed the film.

The air is soft, and the soil is moist.

I think men can live on the moon.

I love the way it sounds.

Magnus Carlsen won third world chess title.


Who do you think it is?

I know I deserve this.

I'm not special. I'm just a limited edition.

Fox missed a chance to be a movie star.

I have decided to go a little further.

What street is this?

I'm talking about a lion.

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How did Marshall do this?

I was born in 1972.

You've been in a coma for three years, Jay.

Wilmer has young children.

"Who is it?" "It's your mother."

I always wonder what happened to him.

Let's end this.

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Karl couldn't get to sleep because he had drunk too much coffee after supper.

Do I have to wear this?

Guess who else moved to Boston.

It is said that treasure is buried in this area.

Diana said that he couldn't wait anymore.

How could anyone forget it?

Is she asleep?

This is how it's supposed to be.

Every student was asked one question.

I don't like telling you the truth.

What'll happen to you now?

That was very careless of them.

I don't know the day when he will come.

I enjoyed your company.

Keep your room clean.

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I'll give these to anyone who wants them.

Get those people out of here.

Little did I dream of doing you any harm.

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We're cool.

Pratap has hay fever.

She will cheat him, as so many others.


Do you have paper?

Children must obey their parents and parents must obey their employers.

When the telephone was invented, how useful was it? Well, no one else had one, so not much at all! Like the phone, as more people learn Esperanto, it becomes more useful.


Come here at six, not before.


Which wine goes best with red meat?

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Wherever you go, I will go too.

He seized me by the neck.

I'll go whenever you like.

Twenty thousand yen, please.

It's difficult to learn Greek.

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Nguyen gets up at 5:30 every morning.

I want to say thank you.

I'd prefer to speak French.

I spent the entire weekend studying in the library.

My name is of Hebraic origin.


Does that seem like something you might want to try?

I will never forget your kindness so long as I live.

Let's do this as quickly as possible.

It's a signal of danger.

France is in Western Europe.


Dana kept beating Miltos.


We're dealing with that right now.


I am thinking of resigning at once.

I hate this apartment.

It is not length of life, but depth of life.

Patrice wanted Sharon to help him wash the car.

I hate children.


This desk has lost one of its legs.

Vickie wanted me to go to the supermarket to buy some bread and eggs.

I don't think Jwahar and Amarth are related.

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There are roses next to the steel building.

Oceans are expected to rise by 50 centimeters by the end of the next century.

She works as an advertiser at a New Jersey firm.

The engine will not pull.

That would be possible.

These boots belong to her.

There's a splendid park in the centre of the town.

That new song is called "Lollipop".

I will come if I have time.

I think you should leave Hienz alone.

The tank is full.

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This lake is the deepest in Japan.

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We will have to stop this project for want of funds.

The details are still unclear.

You gain insight into key areas that can help you make strategic decisions.

His face showed that he was annoyed.

Nhan said he ate way too much.

Isabelle had sex with a lot of different women.

Let's have lunch.

When women succeed, America succeeds.

The patrol cars cover the whole of the area.

How do you know Thad didn't do it?

Dory forgave Jayesh on his deathbed.

Where the hell have you been Linda?

I left a lot of good friends in Boston.


You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You should have been more careful with your health.

My grade is above the average.

She is often lax in her duties.

I'll give you an exact address later today or tomorrow.


She should apologize.

The expert appraised the watch at $200.

The DVD player replaced the videotape player.

I've known Ian since he was a kid.

I'll leave it up to you.

I'm losing my mind.

For her, the honeymoon is over.

You should do that soon.

No one will obey you now.

Please don't leave like this.

Surya answered all my questions.

Penny didn't go, and neither did I.

Michiel and Real are playing Monopoly.


I'm reading this newspaper.

A travel agent arranged everything for our trip.

He looks down on everybody else.

Are you sure everything's all right?

Cole asked me to look after Neil.

I need a computer.

We'll load the van.


Let's see why your answers differ from mine.

Let me take the wheel.

I didn't run away from home.

Mafia is a type of criminal organisation.

My mom is two years younger than my dad.

He stared at him intensely, the gaze not faltering for a moment as the words were gracefully thrown at him.

Management has even cut back on toilet paper since the crisis.

She doesn't have a computer.

He makes a religion of never wasting a penny.

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So, what do you think of her?

Let me know the moment Rogue wakes up.

How clever!

That doesn't make it clear at all whether you're for it or against it.

He has lost weight.


Hunter didn't give up on his plan.

We need a map.

I need more light.


The word "gullible" is not in the dictionary.

Clarissa seemed to be a bit disappointed.

Moses has a pretty smile and is always very friendly.

Her duties include making copies of letters.

Mozart: one of the great musical prodigies of all time.

The violets adorn my kitchen windows.

He was born so poor that he received hardly any school education.