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Silk lipstick

Bright saturation, uniform coloring, gently wipe, have gorgeous lip color. It contains soft silk, perfect moisturizing and desalination of lip lines; plant essence gives unique color, makes double lips bright, lasting and gives you a full day's perfect lip makeup.


Lip Balm

Gently, blooming water and lips! Natural moisturizing lip balm, moisturizing lips, is suitable for men, women, old and young. Nourish your lips; replenish water and leave dry and cracked; refreshing and burdening; match the lip makeup and keep the color locked.


Create charm and no make-up

  • Lipstick
    Lip Gloss
    Lip Liner


    The promotion of air and color is full

    You must wash your lips first before applying lipstick, then apply a layer of lip gloss or anti crack cream to protect your lips from cracking. Cover the contour of the lips with a foundation or a cover cream. Next, draw the ideal contour line with lip pencil, and naturally relax the lips, so that the shape of the lip line can be observed better.

  • Eye shadow
    High light rod

    Eye shadow

    Quickly build a fascinating electric eye

    Choose the light color eye shadow that can blend with your skin color, color in the eye fold, brush the eye from the middle of the eyelid to the tail, then brush the eye to the end of the eye, brush well back and forth. If it is too heavy, the finger can be gently pushed away, so it will be more natural.

  • Air cushion BB
    Loose powder

    Loose powder

    Light and breathable durable fixed makeup

    The use of powder to absorb excess oil on the face, reduce the effect of facial gloss, can fully adjust the skin color, make the makeup more durable, smooth and meticulous, and can prevent remove makeup. For the last step of makeup, brush powder to represent makeup.

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Lip Liner

Moist and gentle, with a graceful lip line and no dizzy dyeing for a long time.

Delicacy of lips




It is smooth, easy to color, waterproof and sweat resistant, without fear of taking off makeup.

Double use of the pen

ï¿¥ 39


Lipstick Lip Gloss

Glittering, satin like texture, lightly gliding over your lips, creating a satin.

The colourful palpitate



Silk Lip Glaze

When Jazz starts to chase cars, the whole world stands still.

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Good color

ï¿¥ 39



Bright saturation, uniform coloring, gently wipe, have gorgeous lip color.

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Water slippery

ï¿¥ 59

Dumb light

Foggy lipstick / Lip Gloss series


ï¿¥ 158

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