Semarchy xDM
Semarchy xDM is the first Master Data Management solution
to bring material design and a truly agile business-driven solution to the enterprise.

1 - Get a license

It's free for 30 days. Request a license then proceed with the next steps.

2 - Configure the database

Semarchy xDM stores its information in a relational database. The RDS Guide explains all you need to know about using Relational Database Service with Semarchy xDM.

3 - Configure Semarchy

This Quick Configuration Utility helps you set your Semarchy xDM administrator password and configure the database schemas.

Log in to Semarchy xDM

Log in to your Semarchy xDM instance:
  • Username: semadmin
  • Password: defined using the Quick Configuration Utility
You will be prompted for your license key to complete the setup.

Learn with the tutorials

Follow the tutorials to discover the key features of Semarchy xDM.
You have already installed the server following the steps above, so you can skip the install steps and go straight to the Workbench Set Up.

Getting help

Need Help? Please send us an email or give us a call.