The coldest place in Canada is the research base Eureka, in Nunavut.

His meaning is quite plain.

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He has been in deep water since he got fired from his job.

If you say that you love me, you must also love my dog.

Soon, I could only see her neck floating above the waves.

I didn't talk to Louis about this.

They wanted to know where Jisheng was.

Did I mention I have dinner plans with Ravindran?

Maybe that's part of the problem.

He's really honest. It's all right if I trust him.

It happens to everyone.


Harris did it for me.


I work for McDonald's.

He failed to come up to our expectations.

Irene is from the Gulf of Mexico. She is a hurricane.

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You have lovely eyes.

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I think that someone went there.

I didn't see Dominick do that.

What country is Michelle in right now?

One is red and the other is white.

You've been lonely a long time, haven't you, Ellen?

Due to the typhoon, the train schedule was disturbed and all the trains were jam-packed.

Mahesh isn't Nathaniel's father, but her uncle.


What's your favorite winter sport?

I want you to know something.

Laurianne is committed.

I asked Anna the same thing.

Are you underage?

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Society will be better if we work together.

Lindsey told me his car was in the shop.

I can't concentrate if you keep tapping me on the shoulder.

From the 5th to the 15th of January, please.

It's all just a big misunderstanding.

Nobody had seen such a beautiful painting.

Which is longer, the Shinano River or the Agano River?

Stand up!

Fight and over-struggle!


He described to his neighbour, who has never gone abroad, the tourist attractions.

I'm not going to miss Sridhar.

The desk drawer is open.

Doug is extremely outgoing.

I trust Ken.

Rain not only acts as food but also produces food

I've got to go back and check.

She is next to them.

An atom's dimensions are extremely small.

I cannot wear these pants. They are too tight.

We, as a society, have many problems.


We'll camp here.


I figured everyone was busy.

I'm doing what I have to do.

Jordan had a life insurance policy worth three hundred thousand dollars.

I hope everyone knows what this means.

Did they enjoy their holiday in Scotland?

I refuse to put up with his carelessness any longer.

We need stricter gun laws.

The doctor told me I just had to learn to live with the pain.

He impressed me with his magic tricks.

To put it briefly, I do not agree.

She and I are brother and sister.


The doctor had me lying in bed.

Write your answers with a pencil.

This stopper does not fit the bottle.


I knew you were behind it.

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

I've been injured.

What you say does not make any sense to me.

I cooked dinner for them.

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Misuse of prepositions can make a situation hilarious.

Please don't make me go back there.

Will you go out tomorrow?

I'm not having a good day.

The dog guarded the house against strangers.

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He denied that fact.


Celia never would agree.


There's a small price to pay.

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A white dove is on the roof.


My neighbor called the fire department.

Vince and Dennis plan to get married soon.

That's a nice car you got there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.


What's happening to me?


I felt all the more sad to hear that.

We'll work this out amicably.

We're sick.

He has a scraggly beard and a bum leg.

I wish we could ask Russell to help us.

I ran in order to make it on time.

Who's in charge of the school kitchen?

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It looks like Alison will succeed.

He acted strange.

In Spanish six has no accent, but sixteen has one.

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And so the two little rabbits lived together happily in the big forest; eating dandelions, playing Jump The Daisies, Run Through The Clover and Find The Acorn all day long.


Randal became a whistleblower.


They would have to move fast.

You have to believe me.

Eddie is lying through his teeth.

There are lots of trees in the countryside.

I'm sure the two of you will agree.

I do not like to perform in front of others.

Can you give me Taurus's address?

How was your evening?

No one was game to say anything after the boss's tirade at the staff meeting.


I don't know why I bother coming here.

I advised him to give up smoking, but he would not listen to me.

I found it later.


Molly got what he came for.

Restaurants are expensive.

The skies promise better weather in the morning.

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"Achoo." "Bless you." "Thanks."

Do you think you can make out the list in an hour?

I saw Keiko playing tennis after school.


Since I had a cold, I was absent from school.

Keep Reinhard guessing.

Sachiko is more popular than Judy.

I would prefer an honorable death.

My French isn't perfect, but I can communicate well enough.

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Summer has ended.


We ate at many good restaurants, but your food was the best of all!

Hohn is lazy, isn't he?

Brodie is a really in-your-face kind of guy.

I really don't feel like talking to Sriram right now.

She took me half way there, and then played innocent.

I should be back home the next day.

I have come so that you can inform me.


The date on the calendar was September 23, 1964.

Spock doesn't think this is such a good idea.

I just don't want to go with Thuan.

Sorry, that's a typo.

When was the last time you played a board game?

That'll no longer be necessary.

This is the only kimono that my mother bought me.

Please repeat after me.

Kyu seems to be unwilling to accept advice from native speakers who try to help him with his translations.

He told me that he was busy.

Don't mention it to him.

Find Charles and kill him.

She has ten children.


Keith died about a year ago.

He stood in front of me.

I had no idea you knew him.

What's the goal?

It was a big one.

Basket weaving is a dying art.

Miss Smith teaches English at this school.

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Hartmann didn't waste his time talking to Randell.

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Eddy freaks me out.

I think of watching TV as a waste of time.

There were some unsavory rumors about him.

All the old men in our village have long beards.

I saw fear in her eyes.

I hope to get away from Tokyo for a few days.

An example should make this clear.


Angus found out where Nichael lives.

I heard him gasp.

His ideas were too far advanced to be accepted by ordinary people.

Someone seems to be calling me.

I felt lost without Conrad.

Our transactions with that firm have continued unbroken since my father's generation.

I've seen this kind of thing before.

He died by the roadside.

Kathy is wearing a wolf t-shirt.

Samir was hoping that Dewey would kiss him.

He went to America for the purpose of learning a new method of producing crops.

They are examining him from top to bottom.

Ahmet thought I was stupid.