Matthieu isn't an easy person to lie to.

She couldn't get the point of his story.

I want to give mum a plant.

You must have been furious when Carter quit without notice.

Why did you tell Valeria where I was?

I'll be meeting Reiner's parents tonight.

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Do you know who killed her?


Elsa and Knut kept their relationship hidden from their parents.


Roy is a professional dancer.


No one lives here.

If anyone can do it, it's her.

"Whose examples are these?" "They are Meryem's."

A new law has come into existence.

Kayvan stayed out late last night.

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You're the very person I've been looking for.

I think that could be a good thing.

Then they played "ring-a-ring-a-rosy" until they were worn out.


You seem to have something else on your mind.

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How's it going over there?


Lord seems to be a little tipsy.


This fact shows that he is honest.


I think this is what you're looking for.

Herb might be allergic to peanuts.

Was Jay emotional?

How's my order coming?

Raul was about to be kissed, but he didn't know it.

Frances doesn't want to go there.

I persuaded him into accepting the offer.


She was a Smith before she got married.

What did Wolfgang say about Olaf?

I wouldn't want to miss your concert.


I have a right to make a living.

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There were armed guards everywhere.

She sympathized with the orphan and gave him some money.

Do you think I'll miss my train?

Felicja's mother is a Polish of Romanian origin.

Let them do that.

"Is everything alright?" "Not really."

I thought it would be boorish to challenge his identity without warning.

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We made the best of our small room.

You've opened a window.

I'm not related to him.

I knew they would suspect him.

There has to be another way to do this.

Cookie was raised by Kate.

When is blueberry season?

She looks at herself all day in the mirror.

Panzer laughed at the misunderstanding.

I copied down several useful references on gardening.

You have to finish your homework right away.

Even if it costs 10,000 yen, I must buy the dictionary.

We've got a little problem.


Susanne didn't much like the way Piet treated him.

Ravi got up and went into the other room.

In Japan you can always catch a cab, day or night.

Are you flirting with him?

"Is this really our hotel?" "No, that's our hotel."

Please send us more information.

I don't want to die here!

Do you really think you can run as fast as me?

It is dependent on you if we will buy it or not.


Good morning, Toufic. I woke up early and I thought I would make you some breakfast.

It's mustard after the meal.

Please call us when you see the cat in this picture.

She put aside the sewing and stood up.

It was just an example.

It's kind of nice here.

Emmett didn't think that anyone would recognize him.

Could I have this blouse taken in, please?

Triantaphyllos won't be getting any money from me.

Dan could not adjust to life outside jail.

He has to burn his fingers.

That bridge isn't strong enough to support so much weight.

I copied down several useful references on gardening.

Do you think you work for me?

I have spent 500 dollars per day.


Sitting on a couch, you won't achieve a lot.


This story is true.


Did something happen to you?

Roland lied to us about how much money he made.

It's time to come home.


Give me your hand.

There's no urgency.

What is she putting into the bag?

Will you send someone to fix it as soon as possible?

Toft doesn't like clubs where there is loud music.


Angus and Alain shared a room.

We have our differences.

Are we gonna talk about this or not?

She doesn't wear thongs.

I can hear the sound in your mind.

They have got to abide by the rules.

They have amassed a fortune.


I will notify you of the arrival of the goods.


The mere sight of a mosquito makes her sick.


Tammy knows Tanaka is lying.

Let's split the bill four ways.

Can you whistle?

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You were the one who said that one was probably better.

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I ordered a chocolate sundae.

They have twin daughters.

Prussian is a Baltic language.


Social relationships are secondary to this business.

Is everyone hungry?

It is not more than ten minutes' walk from here.

It's not that complicated.

Maybe I'll be able to speak fluently in a month's time.

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I wasted too much time looking for you.


In my opinion, this is a freshwater fish.

I think this dictionary is useful for beginners.

The doctor told Elliot that he only had six months to live.

The web goes slow when there are far too many people online.

Please make sure that she wakes up on time.


Are you ready for today's meeting?

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Our shelves were empty.


The player attacked the referee.

What's that stain?

I don't want Margie to be unhappy.

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They were silent.


What made you think that Larry would want to kiss you?

"Where should I sit?" "Anywhere is OK."

I want to come home.

I don't think that they are valuable just because they have a large crop, but I'm glad when they sprout in great numbers - even when they are poison mushrooms.

You are vegetarian.

Far from being a failure, our negotiation was a great success.

The direction of the thrust force depends on how the engines are attached to the aircraft.


You are the backing group.

Have you ever seen this?

What a nice thing to say!

Can you tell her to call back?

I hear you were in Boston recently.

Being a foreigner, I couldn't catch on to the joke.

Gabrielle, a striking 6'1" woman, was tired of enterprising young men asking her how the weather was up there.

Setting a new record added to his fame.

Jagath asked Vincent to speak more slowly.


Start now.

Many people believe acupuncture can cure diseases.

She is as busy as a bee.

You can do better than that.

Wilmer wanted to carry Marshall over the threshold.

Vladimir returned to Boston.

I want you all to myself.

No one understands why she's so aggressive.

The deer was killed by hunters.

I want to learn standard English.

The sun, moon, and stars are all part of the universe.

Will you make coffee for me?

People said that he is insane.

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I don't really care what happens.

I haven't yet been told how much they are willing to pay.

You guys need to go brush your teeth!

We had lots of adventures on our trip.

Climb Mount Fuji, oh snail, but slowly, slowly.

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Aren't you guys done yet?


I'm not so sure I want the job.


Come and visit me when you are feeling better.

She always got out of washing-up.

Conrad tried to push Marshall into the water.

Father, where are you?

Urs Jackson is the man you met the other day.