Reality and fantasy are hard to distinguish.

Are you sure you can't stay?


I warned him of the danger.

I'm not proud.

Was Alain here when you got here?

It's hard to blame No.

I am too tired to run.

This custom is dying out nowadays.

I don't even care if they hate me.

You don't have to answer those questions.

It'd be good if it wouldn't rain tomorrow.

I like China.

When I go shopping, I try to buy local products rather than imported ones because it is good for the environment.


What's that have to do with me?

I wonder whether you could do it alone as well.

Tourists often bought souvenirs in this shop.

June acted like he didn't know me.

You were Sundaresan's only friend.

I gave her what little money I had with me.

Let us come aboard.


How long have you been out of prison?


Don't believe everything you hear on the news.


His condition was, if anything, worse than in the morning.

She works as an assistant to the manager.

They will lay another scheme.

I'm using a machine translation.

Nicholas took another shot at the crow, but missed again.


The statistics are in our favor.


We thought he was an American.


How long do you want it for?


Can we get some coffee?

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Passengers shall not converse with the driver while the bus is in motion.

She may spill the beans.

I'm studying at the University of Hyogo.

Other times, other manners.

The manager messed up all the company's business.

I don't think Lyndon likes you very much.

When they spoke English to me, it was because they wanted to sell me something. When they spoke Esperanto to me, it was because they wanted to be my friends. Heard from American Esperanto speakers returning from trips abroad.

Maybe they are happy.

The crops are up to the average.

The whole town has cable TV.

Isn't it past your bedtime?

Why didn't someone help her?

Did you find them?

This film is based on a novel.

Above and beyond this, he can read Hebrew.

The other girls teased her about her clothes.

She's a feminist.

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What were you two up to?

Nichael deserves to know.

No part of the pig is wasted.


I think I know a way out of here.

I'm sure that's not true.

He likes this guitar.

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Do you think television does children harm?

There is a park in the middle of the city.

I visited Kikki in Boston three years ago.

Lonhyn and Tandy are still bored.

Suresh wasn't kidding.


He is involved in the case a little.

Go get some help.

Thereafter, he was gradually promoted until he became company president.


As I am not good at math, I hope my parents will allow me to have a private tutor.

He described the robbery in detail.

Jane kicked at our decision.

Your club needs to elect officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

I want to increase my vocabulary.

At last, they purchased freedom with blood.

Marguerite finished college last year.

Mehrdad is belligerent.

It's really not that expensive.

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I just lay there.

I want to be a swimmer.

Many happy returns to all who bear the name of a flower!

You can't go home yet.

How much does the cake cost?

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Eddy certainly wasn't making much noise last night when we passed his house.

I'm almost certain that Guy will do what we asked.

I got rid of one.

He thinks he knows everything.

We were surprised how fast the police were there.

It seems that Milner is upset about something.

There are a few drops of rain now.

I would enjoy that.

It looks like you came prepared.


Nevertheless, devout conversation on spiritual things helps no little with spiritual progress.


Rusty has to go home.

Jane seems to agree with us.

That may be an important clue.

He went on reading the book as if nothing had happened.

Kayvan was arrested Monday.

Try to avoid bad company.

You can trust Rahul.

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What is it you'd like me to say exactly?

I'll take care of the horses.

I hadn't recognized the importance of this document until you told me about it.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Don't you like that?

How about inviting Ramadoss and Oskar over for dinner this evening?

Your sentences are too difficult to translate.

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The vicar often refers to the Bible in his sermon.

It is no wonder that he has failed.

It's likely that Rudolph did it on purpose.

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We make a really good team.


Indra noticed that Diana was limping.

Have you ever been bitten by your dog?

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.

The sum of the ignorance of the Republican candidates in the primaries for the U.S. presidential election is simply mind-boggling: one is afraid that China will obtain nuclear weapons, which they have had for 44 years, and the other proposes to close the U.S. embassy in Iran, which has been closed for 32 years... Such stupidity at the head of the world's most powerful country gives one the shivers!

Sharks are friends.


Spring comes between winter and summer.

Do you think he still thinks about me?

A coherent text "makes sense".

I am in a trance-like state.

His handwriting is poor.

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I'll make myself scarce.

The gate is open.

I'm trying to reach him.


The initiative is punishable.


We can't finish this project without you.

How do squirrels remember where they buried their food?

We are here because we want to speak a new language and so, we must speak it!


She plays tennis in the morning.

The Supreme Court attacks school segregation.

I thought for a minute we had a problem.

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Carisa was normally very reliable and his absence from the meeting was inexplicable.


I have to do my laundry today.

Harv has received several prizes for her poetry.

The chairman of the meeting became ill.

Lorraine bought Shutoku a few drinks.

My father lectured me for smoking.

Please don't take pictures here.

I can help my brother.


Jill of the Jungle could transform into a phoenix, a frog, or a fish. The fish and the phoenix could both fire unlimited projectiles.


I know Rakhal is likely to be late.

I haven't been this optimistic ever before.

My family is very important to me.

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They exchanged ideas before reaching a decision.

I'm probably not what people expect.

Mrs Tanaka's characteristic curly hair was sticking up behind her ear.


He is sick.


Eliot lied to us.

How shall I put it?

The crime rate is rising steadily.

I feel dead tired.

I assume I'll have access to a car.

Do you want to be a flower girl?

The English lesson started at 8:30.

I heard about what happened.

Narendra is planning on entering the competition, right?

Let's just get back to work.

She looked him right in the eyes.


Give Dustin a call.


I thought this building had a sprinkler system.

I thought you'd speak French better than Ted.

Sometimes she goes by bus, and sometimes by car.

Presley is calm and patient.

Siegurd turned on his computer.

Conrad has been in love with Varda since the first grade.

I can't think about this right now.

I'm not going to be pushed around by you or anyone else.

Even though I've studied French for a long time, I'm still not very good at speaking it.

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I was on my way to school.