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He is learning French in order to earn more money.

James can wait in my office.

Hurf was the only one who didn't have a driver's license.

That's all Jared had to do.

Don't cut off my head! For then I could not repent of my sin. But cut off my feet with the red shoes.


The African ground squirrels collaborate and are not aggresive to other mammals.

Now, shut up and listen.

Major was bullied by her classmates.

That would defeat the purpose.

The internet is one of mankind's greatest achievements. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to post a photo of my cat on my blog.

Page will turn thirty on October twentieth.

To tell the truth, this matter does not concern it at all.

The water is pure.

I didn't see anything.

Luke doesn't have the faintest idea what Elsa is trying to do.

I'll send you a text.

You can't treat me like this.

Geoffrey has been up for 24 hours.


He was infuriated with what she said.


I have a photo of my girlfriend on my nightstand.

You'll never catch me.

He always shows off his abilities.


Of course, I'll come back.


I've prepared eggplant and egg for my breakfast.

We will conclude our overview, however, with a positive example.

It's too close to home.

I have full confidence in your abilities.

The children rolled down the hill.

Are your German books good?

Debbie ripped a page out of his sketch book.

Billy, get lost! I don't want to see you here again.

Barton was depressed.


Sanjeev knew Joon would arrive late.


Rodney could've been offended.

That's his guilty conscience speaking.

You have a bachelor's degree.

They say ordinary can be extraordinary if you dig deep enough.

This is me.

I don't want to do that either.

She gave him the brush off.

This is my cell number.

I told you I was telling the truth.

The police will keep an eye on the man they think is the criminal.

I came to regret my mistake.


He has no sense of right and wrong.

The pilot is 30 years of age.

Rodger said he was coming here after work.

The door needs another coat of paint.

When Sneezy wasn't sneezing, he would start hiccupping.

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Why is Roxana leaving?

He speaks Spanish as well as French.

Can you walk?

I think you've been talking about me behind my back.

Very good advice. I would consider it if it weren't yours.

Liisa picks everything I say to pieces.

This pistol is a fine antique from Jeffrey's collection.


That seems legit to me.

If you don't pay the rent in five days, you'll be evicted.

You should come and live with me.

Did you ever notice this before?

Don't tell me anything you don't want Tarmi to know.

Kevyn has no history of any mental disorder.

The Master said, "If a man be without the virtues proper to humanity, what has he to do with the rites of propriety? If a man be without the virtues proper to humanity, what has he to do with music?"


How many schools are there in your city?

The picture is in the front of the book.

There's something that I need to talk to you about.

He's a little pale.

Never ask a question if you aren't prepared to hear the answer.

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Do you want to talk in my office?


I think you should help her.

She doesn't seem to care.

She got bored after fifteen minutes.


Miek isn't coming back on Monday.

You're lucky Stagger is your friend.

You can find the Big Dipper easily.

There is no magic bullet.

You will obey.


Is that a fair share?

Mean men's talk is enough to imperil the world.

That sounds depressing.

I got the pears for nothing.

I feel queasy.

Spanish is spoken in most countries of South America.

Jugo is a southwestern wind, isn't it?


We won't hear from Suzan.

Make a circle and hold hands.

Glen said that he was feeling tired.

Derek looks almost identical to him.

Many archeological sites are at risk due to poor maintenance.

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I don't know, but I've got time before it.

We tied with the other team for first place.

I will never forget meeting that popular writer last year.

We're replaceable.

I don't know where this goes.

I like Judith, but I'm not really his friend.

Her feelings are easily wounded.

His plan seemed interesting to me.

To drink or not to drink - that is the question.

Dominick isn't good at pretending.

I've got no worries.

Don't interrupt them.

The bay is full of boats and people.

Ann struggled to keep up with his classmates.

It was raining all day long without intermission.

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You might not like this beer at first. It's an acquired taste.

I can remember when you were just a little boy.

That was positive.

Can't you discount it a little?

The Prime Minister said that he didn't want to pre-empt the findings of the inquiry by making any policy changes before its recommendations were handed down.

Give her the gun.

What are you studying?


I forgot the date of the meeting.

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We're dying to meet Vice.


They don't know us.

I got to watch my son playing baseball and I was proud of him.

There is a constant flow of traffic on this road.

I'd like to say it's been fun being here, but it hasn't.

Ernie is a friend from out of town.

We came up with a lot of ideas, but none of them were very good.

Two times two is four.

Father has 500 volumes.

The young man decided to propose to her.

I want to apologize.

Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.

The buds began to open.

I think Spock was bluffing.

At the winter festival, Beth received an award for dancing the best.

What on earth are you doing in my room?


I have to go even if it rains.

I'll help my mother wash the dishes after supper.

I don't do it.

Unfortunately I don't know a single word in Turkish.

Does Alison follow soccer?

This park is at its best in spring.

How long is it?


We can look at a suit clad Mac at a black grand piano with dramatic finger moves, creating music that is very pleasant to listen to.

The marionette took off his clothes and laid them on the sand to dry.

Our new neighbour is always there if we need help with anything.

The classical periodization of history studies in Ancient times, the Middle Ages and Modern Era is based on a Eurocentrist world view.

The custom of bowing is peculiar to the islanders.

They are pilots.

Geoffrey needs Walter.

I want vengeance.

Do you come from Moscow?

I was disillusioned at her private life.

It would be nice if you could come.

She did nothing but look around.

Apart from his heel, Achilles was invulnerable.

Nobody can translate his sentences because they are quite difficult.

We should make every effort to maintain world peace.


How many copies of magazines are being printed in Japan across all Japanese magazines?

I want to sleep! Sleep rather than live!

Who's that?

Let us pray for a perfect, an eternal, peace.

I'm a little tired, that's all.

With some books, the more I read them, the less I understand them.

Have mercy!

I tumbled on the truth by the merest accident, when I'd pretty nearly chucked the whole job.

Do you like Indonesian food?

Jinny disappeared into his office.

What's your second choice?

They were watching for the signal to start.

He knows how to argue with the manager.

I'm not good enough for Heidi.

You can improve your performance.

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The children occupied the large and spacious classroom.

I know Micah drinks coffee.

Drunken driving is a serious problem.

The professor seemed to be lost in thought.

Ken, who is a graduate student, went to the United States last year.

Srinivas and I became good friends.

No animal builds beautiful churches, plays tennis, tells jokes, writes songs or visits the moon.

Tharen doesn't want Eva to go to Boston without him.

The gentleman is a very famous pianist.