Welcome to JG Access LLC. We aim to give web hosting the local feel. We value community, accessibility, and transparency in our hosting programs. When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited, leaving you free to realize your web dreams.

Hosting Plans

With hosting plans starting at just $5 a month for 1GB of data storage to use how you see fit, and unlimited bandwidth. Add on our own email servers and that is already a $15 value at the cheapest places on the internet today.

We have worked very hard to ensure a high level of security, and accessibility to our services. All of our services have been tested by every service found, and more capabilities are being added daily.

We are expanding quickly. Join us on the ground floor as we continue to grow!


The purpose of JG Access LLC is to provide fast and reliable web hosting to our clients at very affordable rates. Our mission is to help people create, maintain, and manage their online presence with very little investment and without compromising quality or accessibility.



JG Access LLC is located in Billings, MT

Our location does not allow visitors as it poses a web security risk to our clients.

For more information, please email info@jgaccess.com