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What's the problem this time?


Vince seems to have lost his key.

Edmund lives with Juliane in a small apartment near my house.

Rebecca is with us.

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I probably would've done the same thing that Debi did.

Adlai has a degree in electrical engineering.

You could talk to me.

She caught me off-guard.

Kerry helped here as well.


He pried open the locked door with a crowbar.


She was blinded by the glare of headlights and could not avoid the accident.

Roy isn't afraid of snakes at all.

Give my regards to your folks.

The ground is parched and cracked, the tinder-dry grass crackles underfoot, and rain is desperately needed in our region.

I'll have to fire you if you come late so often.

You only live twice.

This morning I ate french fries with sour cream.


I can deal with him.

Thanks for the help.

I've returned.

Miek, do you want to go with me?

I told you to wait for me.

Who swam?

I told my secretary to cancel all my appointments.

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As a child, Einstein was late in learning to talk.


When can we eat?

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If you ever do anything to hurt Michelle, I'll kill you.

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It wasn't any trouble.

Get in here!

You'll tell me later, right?


I don't have to think about it.

I can pay you back.

We would do anything for them.

All my dreams will come true.

She wants me to help her.

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Harris asked about the meeting.

What do you two do for fun?

I'm sorry I'm calling you at work.

You said you want to make a change.

She has more books than she can read.

I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

The contract, if you were forced to sign it, is invalid.


You don't know what you want, do you?


Then I walked upstairs to the dressing rooms.

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This hotel can accommodate 100 guests.

Kitty knows all about it already.

Saqib is trying really hard.

I'm new here.

Bold as brass.


I've never lied to you before.

It was less than fifteen dollars.

I bet he was surprised.

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Pouring bubbly-water into the glass with ice in it made a cold fizzing sound.


There were a lot of empty seats the day I went.

Amarth often skipped class.

Gregory is one of the best poker players I know.

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She always carries a charm against evil.

I had a valid visa, so I was allowed to enter the country.

Was it cold yesterday?


I got a new tattoo last week.

You should pay attention to his story.

Stagger agreed immediately.

You may have a concussion.

I think you've been trying to contact us.


Would you mind not smoking?

Can you blame her?

They had no other resource but to apologize.

What was the real reason for Dorian's refusal?

They mean well.

I gave him some advice.

Why do you hide your breasts?

Did someone contact them?

Can I dial direct?


Aaron drove fast.

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In all probability, we shall arrive before them.


We went for a walk in the park.

After his accident, he is happy to be alive.

Do not fool him.


Jacobson was pacing in his room, unable to calm himself down.

Before going to Mexico, I studied Spanish.

See you again tomorrow.


Go get a beer.

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I've seen the way Svante looks at you.

I wish I could figure out how to convince Panzer to help us.

Our teacher is fresh out of college.

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The TV didn't announce anything.


Only death cures all pain.


We don't want to take any chances.


Julianto is being pretty direct, isn't he?

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Sofoklis's dog swims quite well.

Where is the hospital shop?

Tharen flicked the switch and the lights came on.

I doubt if Starbuck would do that.

I like school.

John and Beth are of an age.

The child tumbled down the stairs.

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Jane is the president's secretary.

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Anderson is the last person I want to talk to now.


Not all aliens are bad.

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You owe him an apology.

The light travels at about 186,000 miles a second.

Three bodies were found in the cave.

They're in separate rooms.

He's the scum of the earth. A waste of time.

Nick spent three weeks in Boston.

Hearing the monster's footsteps, they began running in all directions.


Has anyone talked to you?

We recognized you.

Tell me if you find a boyfriend.

Who came?

The "One Piece" manga is very popular in Malaysia

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It was careless of you to lose the key.

Bonnie doesn't like living in the country.

What a cool picture!

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Could you please tell me again when the meeting is supposed to start?


Gunnar kissed me on the lips.

I told you I don't know what to do.

Don't make such a sour face!

Loyd was sitting in the front of the bus.

I sent some money to her.

Whatever she may say, I will not attend the meeting.

He shot an arrow at the soldier.

These shoes will last you two years.

He can understand everything you're saying.


Where in Mexico are you guys going?

The provisions ran out after a short time.

His parents are tolerant of his self-indulgence.

We all agreed it was a good idea.

This suitcase is too heavy for you.

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The train is supposed to leave in five minutes.

Your eyes are as beautiful as the arms of the Venus de Milo.

I failed to recall the song's title.

That's how you do it.

I've got to see you.

Who are they?

Can we take a break?

Don't forget to put a stamp on the letter.

Jacques didn't really feel that he had a chance to win.

The police chief was arrested at a motel in a prostitution sting.

Joni kept walking back and forth.

Let's ask ourselves why.

We were seated in a circle.

They make frequent trips to Europe.

The train wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.

Do you want to keep it?

Of course I accepted his offer of support.


If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary.

When did Takao break out of prison?

Rest assured that I'll take care of it.

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This theater will hold three thousand people.


The heating is costing me more and more.


Tokyo is bigger than Rome.

The show is on Saturday.

It might not happen now.