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Explore and share your knowledge with 2 minute audio recordings.

Welcome to a world of recorded thought and knowledge where you can...


Learn something new wherever you are with 2 minute audios created by passionate individuals and institutions. See what’s trending or search by topic.

  • Listen to short, high-quality, peer-to-peer recordings wherever you are

  • Easily search by topic or author

  • Show your love for favourite audios

  • Bookmark audios for later

  • Comment on audios to leave your thoughts and foster discussion

  • Follow your favourite creators so you never miss a new recording

  • Share your favourite audios with friends


Share your knowledge and passion with others by creating your own quality audio recordings. Build audio threads and publish your thoughts.

  • Record your knowledge and understanding in short bursts of 2 minutes

  • Need more time? Collect your thoughts in audio threads

  • Add location to your recording if it’s specific to a place” e.g. Big Ben

  • Publish your audios to build a following among the Loq. community

  • Share your audios across social to let the world hear your voice

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Rosa, 28

Art Historian

Loq. serves as a universal audio guide that allows museum visitors a voice through which to share their own knowledge about works on display. Art is even more powerful when allied to a compelling, convincing and personal story.

Dhruti, 21


I learn so much from listening to the people around me, and Loq. lets you broaden your conversational horizons across a huge range of topics. It’s also a great way for students to teach each other.

Alex, 30


Loq. audios are a useful way of explaining the salient ideas of a class. They’re also helpful as a revision tool when students are seeking clarity from endless reams of notes.

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