You had better not see her now.

Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.

In my family, the one who gets up earliest is my mother.

My question requires a response.

I need to see you.

That's not my opinion.

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Please wake up.

It will begin snowing before long.

The government collapsed after a vote in parliament.

Mayo didn't like to ask for help.

Saiid put his arm around Briggs and kissed her cheek.

Pria couldn't keep up with the rest of the class.

I think you're being a bit overdramatic.

What's the program for tomorrow?

Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ.

At the party the other night, my brother drank a bit too much and passed out.

Is Erik nervous?


I was astonished to hear what had happened.

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My room faces the garden.


We've been friends for thirty years.

I received a letter written in English.

Graeme is the person who gave me this book.

Sergiu is not much older than I am.

I hate spiders.


I called him on the telephone.

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Nikolai didn't think he needed protection.


I might ask them what happened.

We introduced ourselves in turn.

It doesn't matter whether you do this, that, or the other thing. It's all irrelevant anyway.


Week 13: Learn about absolute, and relative, motion.

He gave it a new name.

I can hear her.


I'm sorry I don't know for certain.


The cardinal directions are: north, south, east, and west.

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What do you call this vegetable in English?

You must not base your estimation of a person on rumor alone.

I believe Nelken will do that.

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I'm not that Jewish.

How about going for a walk after lunch?

I figured I could trust them.

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Where will you be on January 1st, 2016?

I hope next year will be better.

Everybody's a suspect.

They did not regard the warning.

I slipped and fell down the stairs.

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I'd never seen Eddie cry before.

April is the national minority health month.

Didn't anyone tell you you shouldn't do this?


I don't exist to you.

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The hero's speech touched the entire audience.

Please put some candles on the birthday cake.

Do you know, girl, that you're the first secretary I've ever had who stood up to me?


You should have killed them when you had the chance.

If she knew I were here, she would come running.

Maureen was spotted running east on Park Street, followed by a dark sedan.

We're going to find out who killed Fletcher.

Correct the mistakes.

He lifted her hand and kissed it.

The rectangle and the rhombus are parallelograms.

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The central nervous system, which includes the brain and the eyes, is particularly sensitive to oxygen deficiency.

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Does he have his own house in Japan?

Can you give me some idea what time you'll get here?

Del is now aboard the ship.

Are you sure you don't want to use the toilet before you go?

I have a history of liver trouble.

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Which party does she belong to?

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Everyone survived.

Their love story is a real battlefield.

They asked me for something to drink.


This is what I was looking for.


I thought you didn't know her.

It won't be much longer.

A reward is being offered.

3 Malay nationals and a Filipino were killed in the Davao bombing on Mindanao.

I'm here to protect her.

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I'm leaving in a week.


It's said that the Vikings discovered America before Columbus did.


"You've got a crush on this girl." "No, I don't!"

As I was ill, I couldn't go to the meeting.

It happened in the dead of night.


I was surprised when I saw Anton kissing Deborah.

I'll see if Michiel is awake.

Our school has twenty-four classes in all.

Money soon goes.

Just shut up and get on with your work!


Who was wrong?


Please just listen to me.

Jill had to give up his dream.

They have a large garden.

He didn't answer the phone, so I left him an email.

Vince didn't belong here anyway.

We can't find her.

I fix broken radios.


Of course I will go.


I haven't slept well recently, so my skin is falling apart.


He got kicked off the team.

I'll do anything for Roberto.

I got lost in the woods.

Who will pay?

Yesterday I stumbled across a copy of my father's family register.

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Can you reach the sugar on the top shelf?

You lost your chance.

My gut feeling is that Sam won't show up tomorrow.


Sharpen these knives.

Teresa's leg is bleeding.

I have labor pains every thirty minutes.

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In case there is an accident, report it to me at once.


Mason shared a room with his brother.

Have you ever seen this movie before?

She can speak both English and German.

Kristian picked up the ball and then threw it up in the air.

We anticipated where the enemy would attack.


I don't have enough space to store these boxes.

I don't think many people will be able to come that night. I, for one, have to be in London.

I hear everything you're saying.


Not only does he speak French, he can also speak English.

It was a week before she got well.

Imagine an entire world consisting only of metaphor. It wouldn't make sense.

Tovah sat in his rocking chair, reading a novel.

How long has Gil been sleeping?

Can we give it ten more minutes?

I'm planning to study tonight.


Dori is a kind and obedient man.


Carol already knows you want to quit your job.


John is more clever than Bill.

What qualities do you most admire in Pilar?

I can't remember the melody of that song.

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What time did your friend go home?

He dressed him.

He was happy to realize his dream.

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Are you the hotel manager?

She told him that she was sad.

She's weak, powerless. A mere human.


This is different from what I thought.

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Don't forget to see me tomorrow morning.

The speeding vehicle skidded and crashed head-on into the rear-end of a truck before the driver could say Jack Robinson.

My mother told me not to be noisy.

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I need evidence.


Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I forgot.


The suspect was innocent of the crime.

It may already be too late.

Please accept my sincere apologies for my impertinence.


I think that's all for today. Thank you for coming.

No, no, it's on me.

I have no choice but to follow those orders.

During the game, it suddenly began to rain and it thundered, too.

Do you do any volunteer work?


The factory will cease operations next month.


Stewart has always performed well in every job he has had.