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James G. Groves has joined Mobility SVM as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.   404-604-9842 converts full-size Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks for wheelchair access.  Groves, a career industrial sales and marketing executive, spent the past five years as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Planning at Vantage Mobility International, a minivan converter.

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When most people think of wheelchair accessible vehicles, they think minivan. And while minivans are very popular and convenient for some wheelchair users, Mobility SVM wants you to know there are other handicap vehicles to help you regain your independence. (703) 628-5036

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(778) 323-5113

How it all began:

Goshichi, LLC was formed in May of 2009.  It was started by two friends, a mechanical engineer (Go) and a businessman (Shichi) who happened to be quadriplegic.  Shichi was tired of being limited to only driving a minivan.  He talked to Go about a truck conversion and over several months they measured, studied, and constructed a design.  Once completed they tested, patented and prepared for production so that other people with disabilities could enjoy the conversion as much as Shichi.

In April of 2012 GoShichi was recapitalized; new owners & new management acquired the business.  The new leadership brought with them several years of engineering & manufacturing expertise. These new owners knew that this product was something special, something that the adaptive driving community would have to have available to them; so they set about perfecting on the brilliant idea born from GoShichi.

What Makes Us Different?

What sets our 8135123013 apart from the rest; is the fact that it gives people in wheelchairs a true sense of independence and freedom.  Until recently, wheelchair users only had one option….the minivan.  While vans are very spacious & can offer a lot of options; once converted, they have a whole new set of frustrations.  The most economical conversion vans are the vans with a ramp.  Typically the vans with a ramp are made for the wheelchair user to be the passenger, which of course does nothing for independence & freedom.  When a ramp is installed in a van, the van almost ALWAYS has to be lowered or dropped to give the wheelchair user some headroom.  When a van is lowered, there’s typically only 3 1/2 inches between the underbody of the van and the ground.  This of course causes many huge problems; speed bumps, pot holes, railroad tracks, snow and host of other things wreak havoc on the underbody as I’m sure you can imagine.  If you do get a converted van for the wheelchair driver; you will usually have a side entry ramp.  The side entry ramps have at least one major problem; when someone parks too close to you in a parking lot (which is common for everyone) there’s no room to extend the ramp & you’re stuck waiting for the “close parker” to finish whatever it is they’re doing, so much for freedom & independence once again. wandering dune

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