NHC Farragut, East Tennessee's premier Assisted Living and Rehabilitation Facility, represents senior living at its finest. Our multi-dimensional facility offers luxury healthcare in a state of the art facility.

The environment is elegant, yet friendly and comfortable. The staff is courteous, professional and attentive. NHC Farragut is committed to providing quality care according to the activity level and health needs of each individual resident.

NHC Farragut is recognized as an innovator in the delivery of quality long-term care. Our approach to healthcare is centered on the individual needs of each patient. We are equipped to serve the needs of patients of all ages, senior citizens and children alike. Compassion is our primary focus so that families feel at ease knowing their loved ones are in the hands of people who care about their well-being. We work hard to ensure the best possible care for every patient.

In our Assisted Living Center, residents can continue to live an enjoyable lifestyle in an elegant, comfortable environment in their own spacious apartments. In the Health Center, patients will receive a range of specialized health care services based on their desires and needs.

We enable our residents to maintain their independence and good health for as long as possible with our focus being on their quality of life.