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Leith looked everywhere for Daryl, but couldn't find her.

I think you know what we have to do.

You're not sick.

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My crush said "good night" to me last night.

He was otherwise than I thought.

Joshua retired on October 20, 2013.

I don't think Herman has ever seen this before.

Give me half.

We're not at war with the Japanese.

Take a nap if you're tired.

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Doing that will only make things worse.


Jean has hurt his leg.


Mayo advised Lanny to go to see a doctor.

It's kind of fun.

Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time.


In came Dean.

The country has resources, but can't exploit them.

Do you want me to take you to the doctor?

This is one of the things he always says.

He has red flowers.

I told you it was funny.

I feel like having an ice cream.


Suddenly, there was a commotion.


I am not feeling quite up to par.

I got married 8 years ago.

I traded in my old car for a new one.

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May I eat that cake?

Did you expect something different?

I really want to impress Cory.


Dynamite fishing is extremely destructive to reef ecosystems.

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Leila settled Graeme into bed and read him a bedtime story.

How are you going to stop them?

In summer, the temperatures are liable to jump up to about 45 degrees!


At first I was not sure which one I wanted, but afterwards I decided on this red one.

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Brender didn't find it.

What do you call llamas in flames? Llamas in flames call llamas in flames "llamas in flames."

It was a mistake to come here.

I wish you were wrong, but I know you're right.

I don't have an office in this building.

I'm too short to reach the top shelf.

Spudboy knows all about me.


This lasagna is quite hot!

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A friend of mine recently slipped on a toy car that his son had left lying on the stairs, and has broken his big toe.

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This answer almost amounts to a threat.


We never said that we were Canadians.

You look like a tourist.

The bandits stole the Holy Grail.


Hilda gave Romain a peck on the cheek.

The circus and the show are brimful of fun and laughter.

I go home at 6 p.m..

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Martha is delirious.

I think Sue is perfect for Price.

She had her hat blown off by the strong wind.

My father took us to the zoo.

There's no good reason not to do that.

He fell to the floor.

Stay down or you might get hit by a stray bullet.

I think Anita did a really nice job.

I think you're a little confused.


Daniel is making mango juice.

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I wish Guido wouldn't keep bothering me with questions.

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He has much money but few friends.

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I have high hopes for her.


I enjoyed driving on the new highway.


She went to Paris for the first time.

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He can't do without comics.

Did anything unusual happen today at school?

The trial lasted five days.

Each child was given a present.

Why is Meeks lying down on the table?


The upcoming fifth edition of the DSM proposes a new spectrum-based classification of autistic disorders.

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Gold is a very expensive metal.


I'm dying of exhaustion.


And just when you think that you've seen it all...


The more the plot thickens, the more the mystery unfolds.


Good-bye, take it easy.


I have very deep convictions.

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Guy seemed to be trying to convince Coleen to do something.

I'll text you the address.

There was a sudden flow of tears from her eyes.

Randy is acting nuts.

My e-mail address has been changed as follows.

Shutoku wrote poems when he was in high school.

I know you're not an idiot.

I'm not so sure I want the job.

What are the four major golf tournaments comparable to the ones in tennis?


You deserve a salary hike.

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Slartibartfast walked through the revolving door into the hotel lobby.

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Are you guys ready?

These suitcases are heavy.

The murderer is now on trial.

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That would be a good start.

They need a towel.

Ping ended up becoming the owner of the company.

Drop your guns!

Are you spending enough time with your kids?

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I nailed one.


It began to sprinkle.


No can't seem to access his data.

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Marek thinks Christophe looks great in blue.


His dog was named Popeye by him.

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I was just saying how happy you two must be.


There's half a sandwich in the bag if you're hungry.

You're not a city girl, are you?

Why would that bother us?


I ate curry rice last night.

Before, he would go to the firm on foot.

That's pretty strange.

I tried to take care with the shadows, but it just doesn't go very well.

I also wanted to know.

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We don't want you to do that.

How could you let Farouk do this?

Melinda has decided not to wait.

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I have people I need to talk to.


A stranger was seen to steal into his house.

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Kemal is quite careful, isn't he?


The fire was extinguished at once.

I love that suit.

According to a study conducted by the Parenthood Foundation, the percentage of young people having unprotected sexual intercourse is on the rise.

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The drunk driver took the turn too fast, lost control of his car, and sideswiped six parked cars.

Are you sure nothing happened while I was gone?

They came to the hospital to inquire after me.


Vladimir doesn't think that would be the right thing to do.

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I took no count of what he said.

Is there anything else you want to ask?

How long should I take this medicine?

Jayant smelled the flower.

Alain focused all his attention on his cat.

You should consider the problem.

I've got to go out for a while.


That went very well.

I want to be poor in order to not be unhappy.

I hope you have sweet dreams.


Where's the nearest library?

Grammar-Nazi-sympathizers must die too!

I didn't know about you.

I was relieved to know that the operation was a success.

I needed to talk to him.


He'll never notice the difference.


She always seemed rather serious so it was nice to see her laugh for a change.

You have to do it again.

Pradeep kissed Andrea on the neck.