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You may take my word for it.

Everyday physical exercise is indispensable to your health.

What is she putting into the bag?

It took Robert almost three hours to finish his homework.

I'm going to teach you some manners.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I love bearded men.

Milner just wants to be happy.

It's been a pleasure meeting you.


Rik is competent.

Can I open this box?

I asked the boys if I could play, and they said no.

Of all pleasures, the sweetest is to see oneself praised by those that everybody is praising.

I've woken up and I intend to prepare my breakfast.

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You need to learn to listen.

Elijah and Cliff want to help.

Nguyen said he was ready to face a tough challenge.

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If she had married you, she would be happy now.

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We're not going to give up.

We saw a bird in the distance.

Everything's really cheap.

One of the things Patricio enjoys doing is swimming.

The hat stood out because of its strange shape.

I just want to sit here and think.

How did she come here?

They are engaged in cancer research.

Shall I have him call you?

Manufactured imports into Japan have increased considerably.

Noemi wants both a career and a family.


Johann is studying at his desk.


I am a teacher, too.

The students are lazy.

Say it in French.

It was a good answer.

I'm looking for my key.


Girls don't ordinarily like that.

The young woman's face became even redder.

I'm on my way now.

We can't find them anywhere.

We had a disagreement.

I know that you and Knudsen snuck away from school yesterday.

One of my favorite tunes was playing on the radio.

This is expired.

Don't get rough with them.

My roommate from the barracks, who can't hold his liquor, came home after the party and puked all over my new shoes.

I've forgotten Uri's last name.


I would like to have lunch.

What was Adrian's reason for doing that?

They're not hungry.

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Work hard so that you can succeed.

Tell me what I should do.

I doubt this is anything you'd be interested in.

He studied English and afterwards math.

The relief pitcher was no substitute for the ace.


They advanced to the river.

He is known for his decency. He has never been involved in a corrupt act.

A friend of mine showed me all the dolls he had bought abroad.

I needed just that.

I really had to run for it to catch the train.

She, with such a sweet and pure figure, killed herself while cursing both of our names.

Have you eaten lunch?

I'm sorry I made you cry yesterday.

What are you writing about?

This database contains many errors.

Jeany is convinced that he's a relative if mine.

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I watch television all day long.

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I can't speak French or German.

I'm not late, am I?

She is in the kitchen because she's making dinner.

I will always detest Joon.


Where do you train?

This song is a love song.

How far is it to the airport?

Margie and Doug adopted two children whose parents had been killed by a suicide bomber.

My father suggested that we go to the movies this afternoon.

I love playing on words.

Thank you for your letter of July 25 and the fabric sample.

Yuji told his friend a story about his adventure during the summer vacation.

I am reading the book mainly for the language. I'm only taking in the contents along the way.

I hated history class.

I'm not a racist. You're the racist.

This is the worst in the world.


I stayed home all day.

The cost apart, the building will take a lot of time.

Are you still alone?

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She has a shower every night.

Don't despise a man because he is poorly dressed.

Lenny is running out of time.


Don't pretend you don't know what I mean.

Everything's returning to normal.

I still expect Piotr to help me solve the problems he created.

Penny is taking figure skating lessons.

They both seemed to be crying out inside: "how beautiful is he".


It's so nice to see you.

That's why I lied.

You shouldn't mess with us.

Be nice to us.

I couldn't keep myself from yawning.


Who's more likely to remember the circumstances of when this photo was taken?

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We'll save this piece of cake for Pim.

I don't know how I managed to do that. The main thing is that I was able to do it at all.

Jeffery lived from 1963 to 2013.

Alan is the name of my son.

Have you chosen?


Let's do a urine analysis.

The teacher doesn't know anything. Every time I ask him he's not able to answer.

Finland needs you.

Who can help you learn German?

Would one of you please tell me why I can't join your club?

Appealing to the lowest common denominator is a sure-fire way to get sales or votes.

When was the last time you circumcised a little boy?

She put posters all over the city.

Would you like to say anything?

I was not drinking.

The town was infected by the virus and is now quarantined.

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I assume you know what this is.


If God is with us, then who is against us?

That's the price you pay.

Shame on you for lying.

Kelvin wants information on how his stocks are doing.

Are you alright with this?

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We have some decisions to make.

Lorien's email was very terse and it was clear that she was upset about something.

The teacher checks the class roster.

Try to keep from crying.

Why do you want this job?

There are statues in the park.

I just got kicked out of school.

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Where was the body found?

Do you want to get together later?

Alan owns a lot of land.

Krzysztof will probably say no.

She was clinging to her father.

You're such a clothes horse.

Why are you taking this so personally?


Would you lend me your pencil?

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Surya would often make mistakes purposely just so the teacher would notice him.

It only takes about fifteen minutes to walk to the station from here.

Did you put my name on the list?

Freedom of speech is now taken as a matter of course.

You should already know that.

They're now in Celia's office.

Don't ask me that now.

I won first place.

In order to get the coconut milk, you must first crack the coconut open.

His remark hit home.

Anne was born in October.


You're influential.

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January 15 is Interlingua Day, with activities and publicity to spread Interlingua across the whole world.

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One of the disadvantages of living alone is that you have no one to talk to.


Win jumped out of the car.

"Your full name, please." "Rhonda Miller."

Nothing to add!


We know everything you know.


If you don't want to attend classes in the seminar on the topic "Fighting Corruption Inside the Enterprise", you can just pay 200 hryven' and receive the certificate.

He was involved in the accident and killed on the spot.

We know it was you that killed Ravindran.

She has her arm in a cast.

I remarked on his hair style.

He studies in a night school for adults.

Bring it home.

He hopes he will visit Paris.

His parents said that he should go to the university.

There is little doubt that tightening of an already stripped system will have dramatic consequences for industry and municipalities in rural areas.

None of us are giving up on you.

He was stoned.

Chris can't come to work tomorrow.