I have an appointment with her.

We parted at the station at three.

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He is a dreamer.

We know what you told the police.

The results of the experiment were mixed. Some participants reacted positively, but others offered severe criticism.

His idea wasn't usable.

You are required to provide three months' rent in deposit.

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I am playing guitar.


We don't get a lot of rain around here.

He showed me a picture of his own painting.

My presence seems to be unnecessary.

You might want to steer clear of Nelken.

My hydrophobic uncle nearly drowned in the tub when he was eight.


You guys are such a cute couple.

Cynthia didn't want to live in Boston.

Ralf can't get his computer to work.


Keep your voice down!

I don't really want to talk about this now.

Their intimacy grew with the years.

Thanks for your answer.

You should be proud.

I wish I had more.

Jeanne closed his eyes quickly.

This is Copacabana!

Once you do it, you see that it's not as hard as it sounds.


I met him once before.

Something is the matter with my watch.

The use of electronic computers is growing rapidly.

Stop yelling.

You are no more a god than I am.

He stayed away from school for a week.

How many syllables does this word have?

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Let's stay in close contact.

All children need stimulation.

The doctor said that you should get more rest.

You're just a kid.

At last, we arrived in California.

If it were up to me, I'd have you all exiled.

I thought it was strange that he didn't turn up.


The cows are fed antibiotics and hormones.

It had rained in the forest.

I get up early.

I used to think like you.

Why hasn't this land been developed yet?

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I have to change.

All started to laugh.

When did you buy it?

He gets his diploma tomorrow.

It's odd.

That happens every day, doesn't it?

Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

I should've never let Ralf go swimming by himself.

Is it morning already?

There is a little water in the glass.

You know exactly what I mean!


This text is hard to read.

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I'll do anything to make you happy.

Duane and I became good friends.

Why all of a sudden did he ask me such a serious question?

He had an oral exam.

I don't want Spy in my car.

Holly was hoping that Novorolsky would kiss him.

Are you a real nurse?

I want to talk with him alone.

This composition is so badly written than I can not make out what he means.

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You have a really nice place.

She called me many a time.

Kristin asked Jerrie to give her a cuddle.

I couldn't let her go.

When did you become a Boy Scout?

Irvin saw the file.

I have an appointment at 3.

I'm only going to say this once, so listen carefully.

When the weather was nice, Piotr always left his windows open.

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The ticket is valid for a week.

You have a strange sense of humor.

May I be excused from Chinese?

Come on. Let's get out of here.

How much of what Anne said did you understand?

You cannot be too careful when you drive a car.

Hirotoshi is getting breakfast ready.

Raghu was expecting you to say yes.

He held out his hand.

His promise cannot be counted on at all.

That's powdered medicine.

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I have a heart like a leg broken bird // Sat at the seashores like a ship // Play the lyre Taher everyone cries // This is how the broken lyre will pronounce


I just want to live a normal life.


I have heard nothing from him.

I'll put the suitcases in Lester's room.

The guilty left hints everywhere.

You've been pretty busy, haven't you?

For myself, the play was fairly interesting.

We don't smoke, but be willing to sit and smoke.

Terri can wear anything he wants.


Thrift is alien to my nature.


It is in a kitchen.

Rogue is very sorry.

Try to stay out of trouble.


What do you think of Plastic's new dress?


Please don't blow your nose on the tablecloth.


I'm in town for one night only.

Paola never learned how to drive.

We're not kids anymore, are we?

To my thinking, business is improving.

I hadn't intended to work at this company this long.

Let's go to Boston.

A good teacher must be patient with his students.

May I present my wife to you?

His troubles led him to drink.

This mountain path ascends to the beautiful lake.

I'm sure Raman would agree with me.

It's pretty standard.

Love is not a crime.

Japanese women carry their babies on their backs.

Rulers who posses the Way are raised by heaven, supported by the earth and assisted by the spirits.

The foreign woman does not have an Italian name.

He thinks that his success is due to luck.

The severe housing shortage is partly to blame for the inflated rents.

I made her a doll.


The police are questioning Olivier.

Well, it was different.

We are awfully fed up with his long speech.


Newton was born in the same year that Galileo died.

I got there in time for the train.

The argument weighed with him.

Frederic is being held prisoner somewhere.

He works on some really crazy projects.

How old are your cousins?

Are they Japanese?

She's about to be discharged.

Are you telling me you don't remember where you parked your car?


Suresh had trouble deciding what to do next.


Managing your stocks with Big Wisdom shows that you are serious about investing!


We've decided to postpone the meeting till next Monday.


Brandon was happy that everybody had enough to eat.

The market tends to undermine the very values that gave rise to it.

It was inevitable.

Patty says he's willing to spend as much as $300 on that gizmo you're trying to sell.

Marian has to study hard.

I have been reflecting on what you said to me.

Phiroze is the only family he's got.


Both of them are aware of what has happened.

Victor is worried about what might have happened to Gale.

Haven't you washed the dishes yet?

His grandfather is what is called a self-made man.

Floria was looking forward to going to a movie with Deborah.

Do you want a lift home?

It's been raining heavily since this morning, so I don't want to go anywhere.

She's the only one who doesn't know.

Have you been practicing?

I know it's wrong, but I'll do it anyway.

Look carefully. I'm going to show you how it's done.

I think she's had a few Botox injections.

I hope Dion will write soon.

I can play tennis.

I'm not going home.

We'll be back to check on you later.

A wood floor is beautiful.

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He did not try to go to bed at once.


In the underground, to double-cross any member means sure death.

We must treat these problems as a whole.

Six percent home loans represent the industry average now.

I visit my grandparents on Sundays.

Kanthan has gotten his clothes dirty.

Is early medieval glass production a continuation of Roman glass technology?

It's a nice idea.


Wade couldn't talk very well.

Maybe it's a price worth paying.

I'm trying to keep them alive.