Magnets attract iron.

That's so perfect.

I traded old newspapers for toilet paper.

This hotel has free Wi-Fi.

Edgar was out when I called.

I would like to travel in foreign countries while the yen is strong.

She bought her son a camera.

Do you think you can take me?

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That's one of mine.

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She knows exactly what she wants.

Examinations pose a big problem.

The foreigners are having a tennis tournament. Would you like to come and watch it?

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Claudius is making a white box for his friend.

I'll keep your advice in mind.

We'll all be here for you.

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I read the entire works of Milton over the holiday.

I'm just lost for words.

I like to observe people.

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This is in itself not new for me, but the couple wanted to live in a comfortable home, which called for an extensive renovation.


The dog ran away from us.

Hui bought Keith some candy.

I wish I could do that.


Suyog frightened me.


She liked to boast about the magnificent chandeliers in her house.

Nick was sent on a mission.

All we want to do is sit down and rest.


Krzysztof came to school very late today.


Ernie claimed to be a murderer.

You have to be there by 2:30.

I didn't know where to begin.


Vision is indispensable to a statesman.


I really don't have time for this right now.

It wasn't a big store, right?

Norma, look! The squirrel is back!

Erick disappeared in the crowd.

The real estate industry is in a serious slump, and industry people say the worst is yet to come.

What does this have to do with Fay?

I suppose it's going to rain this evening.

The work was well done in a way.

The climate's very mild.

Root was alone most of the time.

This evil custom must be abolished.


I thought Ravi would have forgotten me by now.

We need someone who has some experience in administration.

Robin isn't coming back.


Price thinks I'm crazy.

Denis used to be beautiful.

I often remember the place where we met each other.

This is obviously impossible.

Leila is having a party this Friday.


Wilson put his gun in its holster.

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This mug is made of iron.

His thoughts are empty of idea.

Edith's face was wet with tears.


Linder works as a waitress at a local cafe.


Do you understand English?

I'm not so sure of that.

Kayvan would've left a note.


I guess it sounds a bit silly.

I had to start from the beginning, and I didn't like that at all.

I admire your brave deed.

Sometimes I feel dizzy.

Greece has made it illegal to take money out of the country.


I couldn't eat fish when I was a child.

Is that website good?

The story about Shatter eating my cat isn't true.

I'll show Pandora the way.

Have you been to London before?


They love each other deeply.

I've got no complaints.

Commodity tax is not included in the price.

As I was at a loss what to do, I asked my teacher for advice.

Whatever floats your boat.

Chip has a baby face.

I'm jumping to the worst-case scenario.

I wonder why Isidore won't talk to me anymore.

It's very boring.

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Wipe that smirk off your face.

They are faster than us.

Better a little than nothing.

The station is near the hotel.

Under the circumstances, bankruptcy is inevitable.

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Clay took a sip of lemonade.


I'm no longer married.

You haven't told Molly you're married, have you?

Ragnar squeezed Jerry's hand.

You want another slice of cake?

She hid her face behind a veil.

His jokes are not funny at all.

List drove really fast.

He thanked me for the gift.

It's much safer here than where Nathan is.

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I need to see her right now.

I hope you won't tell anyone you saw me leave this house.

You know very well how it happened.

The first thing you'll usually want to do is check the oil level.

What a cheapskate!

Stop complaining, and come have a drink with us instead. That will change your mind.

Monica is expecting this.


I love Monday!

Heavy work in youth is quiet rest in old age.

What are you gonna do, Nikolai?

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The tickets are free of charge.

You're going to be a good father.

I'll take this umbrella.

Am I too early?

I thought I could go.

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"Kill him! Kill the umpire!" shouted someone on the stand.

This website seems quite good.

Don't ever laugh at your wife's choices, because after all you're one of them.

Blaine's cooking was actually not so bad.

Come immediately.


Neville doesn't like Spudboy either.

He worked hard in order to get the prize.

She has a boyfriend she's been going out with since high school, but she feels their relationship has stagnated, so she's become dissatisfied.

Oh, you have evidence disproving evolution? Gather your data, have it peer-reviewed, and receive your Nobel prize.

Cynthia doesn't need to tell me how to do that.

Our team lost the first game.

Shane was terribly disappointed.

You're tidy.

Dan began a new life in London.

Klava decided to re-floor the flat.

The woman reached for the knife on the table.

The event starts at 7pm.

It's something very special.


I should've gone after him.

He was born in Switzerland.

I think Frank is a nice name.

I have to stay at a hotel near the airport tonight.

I'd like to send a congratulations card to Madonna for the birth of her baby girl.

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I've had it with this stupid job.

It happened three hours ago.

Plastic wasn't wearing a shirt.

What's the matter, Jane? You look like you aren't feeling well.

As far as I am concerned, I don't think that's true.


We will evaluate them and send you the results of our findings as soon as we can.

When you know, let me know.

I want this fruit.

Why don't you play something for me?

What would you do, if you lost your job?


Let's see if I can pass the test.


We need to clarify a few details.


I do not go to school.

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You've told Evan, haven't you?

I have no one to play with.

Is Mexico a signatory to the Geneva Convention?


I can't believe I believed him.

I'm not sure I want to do anything.

I don't intentionally lie to people.

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I feel that I am a burden to everyone, that no one will ever love me.


I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

Sandy Jones isn't Sandy Lee, as why people have surnames.

Global warming will change the patterns of the weather world-wide.

What does it really matter?

Learning English is hard work.


The circulation, as is known, is the main indicator of the periodical's authoritativeness.

How do you go to school every day?

Anyway, it's not your problem.

I'm sure Seymour wouldn't do that.

When you speak of the Devil, you can hear the rattling of his bones.