Clem surprised me.

I don't have a thing to wear.


Brendan might prefer to stay at home.

I really admire you.

Dumb as a block of wood.

I decided against doing that.

You look just like Sean looked thirty years ago.


Of those on the loud side, some people say they look like they're briskly working, while others say that they're just noisy.

Your ideas are rather old-fashioned.

It is no use giving her advice.

She was disgusted at his persistence.

This place is sort of romantic.


I substituted flour for oatmeal.


A ruffian's pistol went off.

I've been thinking about something.

Sometimes I see blades of grass in my cat's vomit.

Agatha's mother thought he needed to make some new friends.

You shouldn't swim in that pool.

Maybe you've forgotten why I came here.

I saw him after ten years.

Moderation is a virtue.

We'll be fast.

We shall all miss you when you go away.

The test samples were due to arrive three days ago.


Keep your eyes on Collin. Make sure he doesn't do anything to bother other people.

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Lana is very difficult to get along with.

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I never considered doing that.

The owner of Playfish is Electronic Arts.

Are we prepared?

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Won't you eat lunch with us?

Anton hardly ever talks to anyone.

She decided to have the operation.

No one was awake yet.

I don't have the remotest idea what he will do next.

Kyung didn't remember where he'd left his umbrella.

It is necessary for you to start at once.

I hope you don't get hurt.

The policeman wouldn't let go of the suspect.


Fate has turned in my favour.

He wondered why they looked excited and tried to get their attention.

She went on a picnic.


Anderson did that on his own.

Uri is lost.

You are requested not to smoke.

Bert never once hit me.

Leonard complained about the food.

I don't think he was being straight with me.

He regarded the story as a joke.

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Much work still remains to be done.


He is on board ship.

I told Sassan that I didn't want to go to Boston with him.

You are very intelligent.

When a sentence is not owned by anyone, like this one, you can correct it yourself.

She was sleepy.

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I'll settle with you later.


I'm a cave diver.


It's been a pleasure working with you.

The Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute the coin to financial institutions around the country, but it will remain legal tender.

They look so similar that I don't know who is who.

It is inevitable even if he is criticized.

I cannot tolerate noisy children.

Dick played piano and Lucy sang.

This sweater is warm.

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Do the police have any suspects?

I feel relieved.

The brave knight steps forward and kisses the lady on the hand.

Are you sure nothing happened while I was gone?

I haven't read all of these books.

Did you see the show?

I am eating with my bro.


What kind of job did Mosur get?

One event followed another.

I said stay here.


What a happy surprise!

The message was fake.

By the year 2020, the population of this city will have doubled.


Are the profits exclusive of taxes?


Do you have a brother, Ana?


Mass is a Catholic ceremony of remembering Jesus Christ by eating and drinking.

It was unbelievably quiet there; perhaps that's why he liked the place so much.

I know this much about him.


Bobbie told me that he spoke French.

We often play hookey from school.

I love to watch movies of apocalypses as they happen!

I am as interested in writing poems as you are.

She will be back at five.

I've met him a few times.

Esperanto sounds a little bit like Italian.

There was no need to do that.

It rains a lot during February here in Brazil.


If he had come five minutes later, he would have missed the train.

After all, Stella was the only person who had the ham.

It won't last more than three minutes.

Can you get this arrow out of my leg?

Jong and Terrence go hiking together every summer.

Appearances can be deceptive.

Travis sailed across the ocean in five days.

This is a fun homework assignment.

Don't you recognize Reid?

I'm leaving the city.

We're not listening.

What made you sick?

Sunil talked to me today.

Are you feeling OK today?

Dan said he thought the pilot was drunk.

We're short-handed.

Ahmed told Bucky to stay at home until she got well.


I answered with joy.


Dan and Linda eventually moved to London.

I said that I was confused.

Treat them with respect.

I said something.

We would like to leave.

That's what happened to her.

I don't see anything wrong.

I'm going to take her home.

The eraser on the pencil you just gave me is worn down.

The letter was written in the Queen's own hand.

We'll get you back home immediately.

You're doing it right.

To me, it's important.

I'll come over to your place at the start of the holidays.

Let's go to the party.

I like your book.

He worked hard; otherwise he would have failed in the examination.

I didn't get an email from you today.

He urged her to drive carefully.

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I little dreamed of seeing you here.

Why did you just do that?

Hohn looks a lot like you.

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He is good at biology.

It wasn't a total loss.

Venkata's leg had gone to sleep so he was unable to stand up.


Stanislaw said he wasn't in a hurry.


I know in my gut that something's not right with The.

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Lloyd must have heard our voices and escaped.


What exactly went on here last night?

Corey closed his eyes and concentrated.

The door closed slowly.

They are willing to help us out.

He took off his glasses after that.

I have something to tell her.

We are definitely leaving this country.

Fruitarians eat only fruit.

Juha asked me why I worked so hard.


Melinda is currently serving a three-year sentence.


I don't want to learn your language.


We were totally wasted.

I think you're probably right.

Jon looks indecisive.

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I ended up winning.


I don't have cancer.


He is left out of everything.

Ilya was surprised the police knew his name.

Clyde can take care of that.

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I have no idea how it works.


We all missed Teri.

I am hoarse from yelling so much.

Mother had prepared supper when I got home.


Can you tell me how you get to the American Embassy?