Where there is grass, there is no water. Where there is water, there is no grass.

I'm not going to say no.


They wanted to oust the communist government of Fidel Castro.

I just took it for granted that you would always be there for me no matter what.

Kent's new puppy is so small he can fit into the palm of your hand.

List came back last October.

John has promised never to be late again.


I can still see a very little bit. I can see where it's bright and where it's dark.

What did Vivek call his daughter?

Lewis just left a few minutes ago.

Do you think I should go alone?

After a while, she began to believe her own lies.

He left the window as it was, open.

Vance seems all right. His pulse and breathing are normal.

I want to be safe.

The hunters aimed at the elephant.

Gregg usually gets up early in the morning.

Julianto has been studying French.

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I will be here two hours later than previously said.

I didn't answer your letter because I was too busy.

Fortunately, the organizational changes did not involve any layoffs.

They imprisoned and subsequently force-fed the protesters in an attempt to belittle their hunger strike.

It is well known that the men of Esfahan are the best craftsmen of Iran.

Her house is across the river.

I agree with you on this.

It's okay, you can tell me.

We knew all about it.

Jennie doesn't need to cancel his vacation.

I agreed to help Matthew.

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He is proud of his collection.

Come over to our table.

Nobody hated my country.

Seth just told me that he wouldn't be here tomorrow.

The elder gods are waking up.

Debi doesn't like talking about himself.

What's your favorite French wine?


They allotted to each player the benefits due him.

The children are playing in the garden.

What would you like me to do now?


Billie wasn't the only one who got up early this morning.


You didn't understand.

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There is a limit to how much one can tolerate.


She's not young, is she?

It's Oskar's idea of a joke.

The mayor of this city was blamed for turning a deaf ear to the people's requests.

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I will never understand.


The President died unexpectedly.

She's correct for sure.

He was listening to the music in his room.

Amigo didn't have the courage to refuse to do what Sandip asked him to do.

What made her do that?

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Something has caught Craig's attention.

That word is of Greek origin.

You need to be patient.

I don't know very well German syntax.

You said I could see Murph.

I don't approve of it.

It's going to be OK now.

Francois finds it hard to live on his income.

I'd love to get something to eat with Andrea.


No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.


Can I at least give you a hug?

There was blood on Jos's pillow.

He drank a cup of coffee.


I'm supposed to be helping Cynthia right now.

If I were a rich man, I would buy you a diamond ring.

I'm so tired that I can't walk any longer.


Marshall isn't in yet.

What's your favorite poem?

Mr. Fujimori is famous all over the world.

Have you seen this before?

You have to look good today.

I'll let you know when it's done.

Blayne can count on Colin.

I knew Niall was keeping something from me.

"Will the project be completed on time?" "I can guarantee it."


Roxie guarantees it.

No Malaclypse, I will not marry you!

Do you really have a good team?


I asked you last night.

I've been unearthing all kinds of interesting things.

Did he say anything about it to you?

I'm hurt.

They are lazy. I can't understand such people.

Put the car into the garage.

It's hard for me to be always in sight.

Do you have the vaccine?

I could really use a hug.

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This car brakes automatically to avoid collisions.


On the days he doesn't take a nap, he's bad tempered.

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This is a really bad time.


Daniel poured the remaining beer into the sink.

We weren't very good.

Please hold this ladder steady.

He seems to have known the truth.

By the way, I saw Toby last night.

Are you still not convinced?

He didn't only teach at school, he also wrote novels.


Who are you calling stupid?!

We kept track of all our expenses while we were in Australia.

I can't get her out of my mind.


The room originally had no furniture.

Skeeter has lost his motivation to work.

At first, I couldn't play the guitar.

She's Japanese.

The stock prices are on the low side today.


Has it occurred to you that Glen might be able to help us solve the problem?


Lucius certainly talks as if he knows what he's talking about.

I think they're wrong.

I told him not to use those.

We saw a dim light in the distance.

Follow your dreams to the ends of the earth.

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I could tell Eliot the truth, I suppose.

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This food is enough for three people.

I promise I won't do this again.

We haven't had any complaints.


It only took us fifteen minutes to complete the job.

Cary will take care of everything for us.

My physician advised me to refrain from alcohol for the time being.


Steve uses two computers at the same time.

Andy has abandoned me.

We have to stop him from drinking more alcohol.

We have something we want to tell you.

He was impatient to see his son.


What a strange woman!


The popular singer committed suicide.


Claudio helped his mother decorate the Christmas tree.

This isn't your assigned seat, is it, Dirk?

I don't think Masanobu liked your song very much.

I wish I could speak French a little better.

Ravindranath stood quickly.

Why did you open your mailbox?

He does not expect attack that way. His eye is all around, but it attends more to some places than to others. He can't see everything at once, not yet.

Bruno should've stayed and helped us clean up.

Do you think I did this?

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You shouldn't have done that without my permission.

This poem was written by him last night.

What's the matter with him?

My father is old and boring.

Loukas has no one to play with.

The higher he rose in social rank, the more modest he became.

I want to achieve something before I die. Something I'll be remembered for.

Did the police find any trace of the murderer?

It's quite plain that you haven't been paying attention.

Kriton wouldn't let me date his daughter.

How can you read thoughts?

You don't know his city.

Bathe the baby, won't you?

The coach urged his team not to be complacent following their four consecutive wins.

Rob jumped into the pool.

I completed the university course comfortably.

It's not like I have anything else to do.


Malcolm did badly at school.


How much is rye flour?

I saw you dance once.

I was sitting next to a man who clearly had a lot on his mind.

As far as she goes, yea, she does have those few faults, but it's just those faults of hers that make me like her even more.

I don't know the whole truth.


I will follow her.


He must love you.

The locomotive is at the end of the train.

Nothing would please him but I must do it myself.