Yvonne wants to spend time with me.

We used to be friends with Elisabeth.

I did what Sue ordered me to do.

I asked many people about the store, but no one had heard of it.

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If you don't want to read, then don't read.

The gang agreed to release Tharen for a ransom of $100,000.

Does Ernest have a bicycle?

Synchronised swimming is a beautiful sport for girls and women.

Tuna's head is spinning.


I met with my teacher in the theater.

We couldn't cross the river.

We all have choices.

Angela climbed the ladder.

He is stubborn, though honest.

Please don't tell Linder what happened.

Adlai was in Boston at that time.

I know some of the kids in the class.

Have you found something out?

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The young writer won unparalleled success.

Be careful, there are cougars in this area.

Can you see anyone?

Sorry, I can't tell you my name. It's too indecent.

One learns by teaching.

Leonard wants us to wait.

Tears won't do you any good.


She's a ski instructor.

Do you want to tell me something?

Saad got in the car and started the engine.

Tell your mother about the trip.

I cannot tell which is the right side of this paper.

I was coming home from some place at the end of the world, about three o'clock of a black winter morning, and my way lay through a part of town where there was literally nothing to be seen but lamps.

It wasn't me. It was Manjeri.

I'm meeting Roxane for dinner.

I started a new diet. In two weeks I lost fourteen days!

My grandmother is already more than ninety years old.

"Mmmmn ... maybe I'll have a hair of the dog." "Whoa, hold up a mo! Here, I cooked roast fish for this morning. You ought to be able to eat this OK."

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Vistlik and Maarten are like-minded.

You don't look so busy.

Vince is the only one who laughs at Sanche's jokes.


For me, alcohol is the worst enemy of women and children.

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She was relaxed.

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It's the least expensive of all.

Harv is reluctant to leave.

Believe me, the purpose of that is not understandable.


I do not want any sandwiches.


Jeanette was laughed at.

Krzysztof doesn't know what Shuvra wants to do.

They started hours ago, so they ought to have arrived here by now.

It's weird isn't it?

I think Rajendra is brave.


The cave did for our hiding place.

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Have another cookie.

I think Sho may be telling the truth.

I'd like you to look at something.

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This is the last train for the end of the world.

The cat crouched down ready to jump.

Vladislav doesn't want to swim.


I think you should see this.

Have a happy marriage.

It's a system that works.

I'd rather it didn't come to that.

My goal is to be happy.

Why is Joachim acting this way?

You and I don't think alike.

It was his best time.

I know this hasn't been easy for Krzysztof.


Do you want to sleep?

Just seeing his house lets you know that he is poor.

I was lonely without her.


The doors were locked and we couldn't get in anyhow.

I need my car for my job.

The parents named their baby Akira.

Don't interfere with my work.

Is the museum of art around here?

Kirk doesn't have flood insurance.

May this day be the happiest day in your life.


How much insurance do you carry on your house?

She is looking forward to her birthday party.

What could Sarah have been thinking?

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It was my brother that made the mistake.


Do you know the rules of football?

They were given a hearty welcome.

I intend to devote a few hours a day to the study of English.

Could you sharpen my knife for me?

I'm too happy!

What has happened to the book I put here a few moments ago?

The pond was alive with various tiny fishes.

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Cut the cake with that knife.


Brian has no sisters.

His car is a Ford.

An alligator snapped his arm off.

I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me.

That is where you are wrong.

Hundreds of soldiers ate in silence around their campfires.

She has an extremely expressive singing voice.


Let's build a dike.


They looked satisfied with the result.

The company said that it will fully participate in any and all investigations regarding the matter.

They need to build a new and bigger bridge.

Accountants are sometimes called "bean counters".

If you're not prepared to take the trouble to learn how to train a dog, don't get one.

He is in need of money.

Do you love each other that much?

In my opinion, the fact that we can't easily send the zeroth one should be a reason for us not to try to send and sell the second one.

Today, I watched a play written by a friend of mine.

I just heard from them.

I was waiting for you to get here.

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She is a scholar and poet.


Evil is easy, and has infinite forms.

I think you ought to stand back.

Don't make me beg for it.

What just happened down there?

I think I might be able to do that.

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Will I make it through?

Doing that would be bad idea.

I've given Hector permission to use my bicycle.

Man is business difficult!

The company exploited its workers with low pay.

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She's never satisfied.

An asteroid is a bit of rock.

Do you think you can live on a dollar a day in America?

A devastating potato blight and famine struck in Ireland in the 1840's.

But there was one curious circumstance.


You have a nice line in doing your work.

He didn't pay her any visit.

This box is too heavy for me to carry.

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You should stay away from that guy.

Isabelle knows his way around a movie set.

Kevan was depressed when she saw photos of her friends on Facebook at a party she hadn't been invited to.

Micheal has a lot on his plate.

I'm able to lie to you.

Would you please tell Novo?

If you give me Laurel's phone number, I'll call him.


I feel like vomiting.


Barton enjoys fishing.

Many a man believes the story.

I was surprised when I saw Kenneth hit Ann.

Everything's returning to normal.

Why are you spitting?

Lyndon Johnson took over presidency when John Kennedy was assassinated.

You shouldn't sleep with him on the first date.

Water was coming out of the damaged pipe.

We'll take care of her.

We love coming here.

Spiders wait for insects to become entangled in their nets. That's how they get their food.

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What do you think has happened?


Hsi's a likable guy.

Why did he run away?

We have to hire more people.

Kees will be asleep by the time we get there.

All of Beverly's gang members were eventually arrested.

She shot me.

I have just washed the car.

Pradeep said he needed three hundred thousand dollars.

I'm very much in favor of this.

Let's wait and see if Oliver really needs our help.

We have to leave.

One should respect others.

Mr. Smith sued them for damages.

He's a strange guy.

She asked the office, in order to obtain more detailed information.

My dream has come true at last by working hard.

I never get to go anywhere.

Let us take care of you.

Oh, please don't say that.

He knows how to curse in Chinese.

Lowell asked me to pick him up at the station.