Please don't take my life.

Not even Johan could've done this by himself.

I'm sorry I mentioned it.

No, don't say anything!

I hope this plan works.

Mother applied the medicine to the sore on my knee.

These towels are the same color but different sizes.

He is unsatisfied with the result.

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What are you yelling about?

Self confidence is the key to success.

What are your top choices?


No one can replace you.

He tells jokes.

I spent hours looking for the key that I had dropped.

I don't understand German.

Clifford's parents were missionaries in Africa.

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I just bought a boat.

She went to Paris for the first time.

Let me ask you something.

Konstantinos is lonely because he has no one to play with.

Walk with me, Sjouke.

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That's much worse.

It won't take very long.

I'll give you as many as you like.

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I'm so happy to be home.

You were ready.

I'm too tired to think.

Japanese management must learn how to deal with American workers, he said.

Stay away from him.

The question is how we can raise as much money as we need.

I want to learn all the one thousand English words that are in this wordlist by July.

Japan is hot and humid in the summer.

The sheet of paper was torn.

He came back at five.

Why are you cursing?


He pretends not to care about money.

Through him I got acquainted with the big names of the town.

Have you ever taken a picture with Mike Tyson?

I am studying English in my room.

I'll never forget seeing her on the stage.

Call me when you see fit, thank you.

Was there something you wanted to tell me?

He is at work now, but will be coming home at seven.

So don't hesitate.


I know you'll do a fantastic job.

The storm has died down.

Just give us a little more time.

I won't go, unless the rain stops.

He's artsy.

Where can dollars be exchanged for pounds?

There was no warning.

Why can't people hibernate?

Speak to me.

I live my life for the sake of myself.

We need to find a solution soon.

I'll keep you informed.

We haven't begun yet.

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When was the last time you made up?


They always did what Hamilton told them to do.

Pass me the salt cellar!

Fried food does not agree with me.

Dan welcomed Matt into the family.

Don't hang out with Dimetry.


Luis is such a nice boy!

It's blowing very hard.

Send for the baggage immediately.

Do you know a good dentist?

The smoke ascended into the air.


I wish I could stay longer, but I have to leave.

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Chuck's prints were on the gun.

Pim didn't feel very well, but he went to work anyway.

I think this is what you're looking for.

Jun should have left earlier.

I know that isn't Emmett's umbrella.

They can understand everything she is saying.

Brian would get angry if I did that.

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We were all hungry.


I have a horrible cough and I end up waking up often during the night.

Take your headphones off.

I don't want a big wedding.

You were very kind to us.

The international space station is an amazing feat of engineering.

You can't run away.

I want a glass.

I can't tell whether it landed upside down, inside out, or backwards.

This is the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen.

A few minutes is all I ask.

The government will have to deal with the financial problem.


The privacy of people is a joke.

I could tell you things about Amy that you probably don't know.

I thought I could handle this, but I can't.

Something is going on today.

From the look on his face, he is in a bad mood now.


A fire broke out in the neighborhood yesterday.

This storm will also pass.

He looks just like an angel.

Enjoy the experience of a relaxing day at Karuizawa.

Nothing would tempt me to deceive him.

This is the first time I've ever run in order to catch the train.

Ravindran is depending on you.

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You've got to get rid of this.

Let's not fight.

When will his new novel be published?

I ought to have made a hotel reservation earlier.

Tell us about what you're doing.

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I don't suppose you're going to let me go there by myself.

He paid a visit to his friend.

I'll go crazy if this keeps up.

Don't forget to tell Ruth this.

I can't possibly manage it.

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What are we all doing in here?


The Hungarian language is better than Esperanto.

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City dwellers have a higher death rate than country people do.

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It's like a drug.

About three fourths of the earth's surface consists of water.

I wish I knew where I stood.

I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for four years.

Not a word he says is worthy to be heard.

May I take a look at it?

Krzysztof always speaks French.

That is no longer possible.

All the rest is propaganda.

It's transparent.

I have an uncle who lives in Kyoto.

Let's split the bill four ways.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd cleaned the garage.

We were disappointed to hear that Andre couldn't get a visa.

I'm really looking forward to spending time with Dylan.


This is the book I told you about.


No, I'm not frightened of ghosts.


Let's see it.

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Caleb is like my own daughter.

What'll we do?

Herman asked me about my new job.

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She put up the new curtains today.

Once, if I remember well, my life was a feast where all hearts opened and all wines flowed.

According to statistics, men's wages are higher than women's.

Do you remember what you said?

You'll miss them.


I was given to understand that she was ill.

I changed clothes.

When will you depart for Paris?

Is the picture straight?

What is that? It sounds like someone crying.

Griff is on his own now.

Let me see that file again.

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Not only you but I also was to blame.

That's very true.

It'll add to the same thing.

They can't get in.

Keep in mind that youth is not eternal.

Simmer the butter and garlic in a small saucepan.

There was a long winter before them.

You don't have enough faith in yourselves.

He accepted his appointment as chairman.

I have some gifts for you.

The amoeba is a protozoan.

Where's my breakfast?

I don't play games.

Did you bring the book?

Sjaak wasn't sure how to respond.

Piercarlo is muttering something.

Is Harvey also studying French?


Do you like it when I do this?

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Do you like Asians?

It is time to get serious with child prostitution.

She's your wife? There's more to you than meets the eye.

That's what you all say.

You know I don't have a car.