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The cup broke.

What was there?

He's more than likely to come.


We'll take that under consideration.

I want you to spend time with Coleen.

Micah asked everyone questions.


There is more water than is needed.

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There is a church at the back of my house.

I want to buy bananas.

Johnathan isn't a good swimmer.

Don't try to pretend you're innocent.

I will like it.

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Tanya said you were hungry.


What do you want to say to me?

Bud wanted Rodger to clean the bathtub.

The play's over.

He is fighting with his back to the wall in the election.

Collin neglected his work.


You haven't answered my question.

I get her point.

Now, my boy, times have changed.

Do you know where that took place?

He has the strength to survive the illness.

What did you expect Donn to say?

Even if it takes me the whole day, I will do the typing.


Coleen will be safe with me.

Maria tried to defend himself.

This is going to be fun.

Next to him, I'm the fastest runner in our class.

Dori told me I had done pretty good.

The party was put off for a week.

It amazed us to hear that things were so cheap.

What do you want to be?

I don't like Bill, who gets angry easily.

Could you tell Naren that Marie called him?

I wouldn't make any sudden moves.

It's doubtful if we'll finish in time for Christmas.

What's your favorite car?

May I tell Kristian what you just told me?

If you won't tell him, I will.

Rodent wondered if Juha would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

I've been pretty busy.


His ability came from a wonderful natural talent, not from years of experience.

Do you have a headache?

He does nothing but watch TV all day long.

Tusnelda was the wife of Arminio.

This amulet brings me good luck.


It's great to see you're having so much fun.

Ramneek joined his friends at the table.

I understand you need to speak with Kikki.


The streets of Hokkaido are very wide.

I have truly loved fake people.

There is a small pond here.

She will probably refuse to follow his advice, because she doesn't like him.

I visited Paris a long time ago.


You should listen to what he says. It makes sense and it's for your sake.

I'm getting there.

He was quite weak in his childhood.

Sundaresan is scraping her heels.

We are sorry for his wife!

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We are to meet him at seven this evening.

Some people like anger, because they think it suppresses their sexual impulse. Often, it's just the opposite.

I cannot stand you anymore.

The teacher said that we are the future of the fatherland.

Many attended his funeral.

I am a teacher.

The mood is sober.

I'll kiss you if that's what you want.

I wish I understood you more than I do now.

Don't leave me, Ronald.

They compared the new car with the old one.


Well, what more do you want?

I would rather stay home than go out.

Children all leave the nest one day.

You need to look more carefully.

That wasn't what I'd planned to do.


Put everything in a taxi.

He is very talented musically, able to play at least 5 instruments.

Snacks will be served.

I never liked Sofia.

I want to get this done today.

I like to clean my room.

I don't have a badge.

You think you're funny?

Don't sit on the floor.


I currently live in Boston.

Some of the bluest water in the world is found in Crater Lake.

I want you to step back inside that room.

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The doctor advised my father to stop smoking.

Are you staying, Ro?

I put in an appearance.

I want to help people.

He gave extravagant tips.

I don't think that'll work.

You know I won't say anything.

I will have been to New York twice this time.

Pilot lost the bet.

Rees is grinning.

Lou pointed his gun at Swamy.

I'm making about four times as much myself as when I first hired Tony.

I'd like nothing more.

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I wanted to make him happy.

She took her own life.

Thus spoke the Lord: "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth". That's a holy commandment that I cannot reject, since God works in mysterious ways. That's why I must try to procreate kids with any woman as often as possible. I wouldn't dare to disobey the Lord's will.

Varda got talked into helping Lar move.

Why should I worry about her?

Each person's share of the expenses for the party is 4000 yen.

I'm a compulsive scribbler.


Let's look at the map.

I'm not incompetent.

I don't know whether you're happy or not.

The results of the study are indeterminate.

Did you leave the door open?

How quickly can you finish these pictures?

Sangho is a very good artist.


Robin felt like giving up.

I don't see anything wrong with this.

Les will graduate from high school this spring.

That group was created by Dick.

I can't be friends with you.

I was married to a man who looked exactly like your father.

You've always had problems with Lea.


There are speaking animals in all people's folklore.


Alastair faces life in prison.

They got off the bus and walked two kilometers in the hot sun.

We should do away with these old rules.

Did Kris speak French to you?

Without his help, you'd have failed.

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I really want to understand.

Hey, what a great idea!

Varda might not realize what time the meeting is supposed to begin.

Generally I don't like listening to country music.

The woman awakens.

The sweet lulling beauty of the birch.

That's basic economics.

It's high time you were in bed.

Lars isn't very enthusiastic, is he?

I'm not quite done here.

I was hoping you'd tell me what you wanted me to do.

Our company has a long, long history.

That's not what you told me yesterday.


He did not agree.

Hamisi doesn't use sugar.

I'm allergic to seafood.

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The life of a person is a transient thing.

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It can't be that big a deal.

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Small children are very curious.

I think she's had a few Botox injections.

We all know her.

There was nothing but a desk in his room.

It's time to decide.

You should always spend time doing things that help your children get ahead in life.

We're all basketball players.

I will write a book about that.

Are you a parent?

If you are at ease, you are feeling confident and comfortable.

I made efforts to improve my grades.

I thought Eugene might be sleeping.

What does a green candle symbolize?

I kept the door locked.

I want to be able to read French.


We can vouch for them.

The consultant, who is under the authority of the Chancellor, gives the committee advice on important questions.

Either come in or go out.


I don't have a pencil.

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Sam and Belinda combined their money to buy a present for John.

It was a very slow train. It stopped at every little station.

Meehan is feeling sorry for Steven.


I bought a few stamps.