How convenient!

The northern English town of Scunthorpe is difficult to find on the web.

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I am on the side of democracy.

Turkeer will be furious when he finds out.

Jacques will last.

Kieran had heard nothing about the accident.

It's only for a few weeks.

I happen to know Todd rather well.

Odessa and Sebastopol are seaports on the Black Sea.

My girlfriend sometimes flirts with other boys.

Yvonne is three months behind in paying his rent.

That's altogether wrong.

Does it rain much here during the summer?

You're an excellent chef.

You can tell me anything. I'm your friend.


The language they were speaking sounded like French to me.

Hi! Thanks for flying with us. How are you today?

Go for it!


We're back home.

I knew Jwahar a lot better than you did.

Pia said he was happy.


I almost forgot to tell you the big news.

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I'm keeping an eye on you.


Would you mind calling Deirdre for me?

What day of the week is it?

Kamel and Rob both just stare at John.


The witness did not seem nervous when he spoke at the trial.

Do you know Professor Brown by any chance?

Sofoklis was determined to say something.


I just didn't want you to go there by yourself.

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The recrudescence of his old complaint was disheartening.

Rhonda forgot all about Moses.

You're too generous.


Whatever you do, don't tell Ole.

This is really humiliating.

I could kick myself for that.

Bear in mind that we must guard against overeating.

Josip knows the area.

Ok, let's give it a try.

She didn't complain once.

Gordon doesn't have children.

He has lost all hope.

Chen is not Korean.

Let's discuss these problems one at a time.

Francisco sees red.

I have my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Holly put the book in his bag.

Last week I was in Boston with my wife.


Do you want to do that right now?


Day is breaking.

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I was not a bit tired.


Were I you, I wouldn't refuse her offer.

I also teach English to them.

We slept until half past 7.

Ozan felt that he deserved an explanation.

I'm starting to have fun on my new job.

She used all her skills making this dish.

How can you know that?

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It was not until yesterday that I heard about the accident.


Who gave it to them?

In merry England in the time of old, when good King Henry the Second ruled the land, there lived within the green glades of Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham Town, a famous outlaw whose name was Robin Hood.

Nicole can speak Japanese very well.

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I need children's pain medicine.


Lenny is sarcastic, isn't he?

The failure resulted from his idleness.

By doing that, you make me very happy.

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With a little more patience, you could have solved the puzzle.

They don't make movies like they used to.

His ID was fake.

Are you marrying him for his money?

They got nothing.

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What's their plan?

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As soon as he got home, he began to play a computer game.


Your sister's as beautiful as ever.


Did you all know that?

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Stop worrying about me.


Years of heavy drinking has left John with a beer gut.


The driver of an oncoming car flashed his lights at Judge as a warning that there was a mobile speed camera up ahead. Tanya, who had been speeding, immediately slowed down and passed the camera at just under the speed limit.

Could you give me a minute?

I have studied all day.


I can't decide which dress I should buy.

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She got him into trouble.

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Won't you join us?

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Housing could be obtained at a price.

Can you measure the length?

We're neighbours.


Jonathan and I were wondering if you'd like to join us.

Mr. Grey didn't enjoy his work.

Lana didn't need the money.

Ric refused to help.

You guys can't be serious.

Give my best regards to your family.

Boyd isn't as optimistic as Sassan is.

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Is it possible to land a plane on this island?

If she had had any inhibitions, they were gone by the third shot of ouzo.

He is allergic to dust.


I really just want to make friends.

Jagath does not know the difference between a diamond and an emerald.

How come I didn't call Per?

What a pity it is!

People left me alone.

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It felt like a dream.


I think you may as well tell me.

Edmund volunteered to do that.

There is no doubt whatever about that.

Samuel Johnson draws his own portrait as "a hardened and shameless tea drinker, who for twenty years diluted his meals with only the infusion of the fascinating plant; who with tea amused the evening, with tea solaced the midnight, and with tea welcomed the morning."

Possibly because he's got a beard, he looks scary at first glance but he's really a kind man.


Lanny and Hienz both remained fairly calm.


What did Drew sing at your wedding?

Someone spiked her drink.

Dawn examined it carefully.

If something goes wrong, you should attend to it at once.

You'll become a father.

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I have to apologize.

The TV was turned on.

They are examining him from top to bottom.

Eugenia shared with us her favorite oils for cleaning the face and protecting the skin.

I'll visit you tomorrow.

Mechael denied that anything had happened.

I'm trying my best to get it done.

The idea that reading makes you short-sighted has been popular for a couple of hundred years.

We stopped for food.

I never even noticed I'd lost my wallet until I got home.

I saw a stranger standing at the door.

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Anna Freud had a profound influence on Hollywood.

You are a little late!

I never dreamed that I would take first place in the piano contest.

I miss talking with them.

The baseball game was called off because of rain.


Glenn and I want to talk to you about something.


I've got no secrets from you.

Now that you are in Italy, you must see Naples.

That alone made the trip worthwhile.

She is greedy.

What does money mean to you?

It's a beautiful thing.

Transplants save lives.

Axel dreamed of becoming a race car driver.

Do not take any notice of him.


Contraception is cheaper than pregnancy.

I thanked him for what he had done.

May contain nuts.

I didn't recognize your voice.

What did Belinda call me?

It wasn't something I'd planned to do.

Do one.

How much does Barney weigh?

I don't shampoo my hair in the morning.


The language with the largest number of native speakers is Chinese.

I wasn't expecting to win.

I wish I hadn't believed Kyu.


Hurf gave me his phone number.

He was involved in the accident and killed on the spot.

He thinks a lot about his father.

Your new client has just sent you a message.

True bravery is quite another thing from bravado.