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Food really does taste better when eaten with close friends.

The blue sky seemed to stretch forever.

Babies are not capable of looking after themselves.

I'm working on my computer.

The Portuguese man Vasco da Gama discovered the maritime route which leades from Portugal around the continent of Africa to India.


I'm very impatient to see the new version of Tatoeba.

I was really surprised.

Give it some gas.

To make a long story short, he married his first love.

Luke sent me a thank you note.

They deal in shoes and clothes at that store.

It's not as great as it used to be.

We aren't going to let that happen.

He is fuming that they will be sorry for it some day.


How much time do you spend on homework every day?


I have no intention of ever coming back here again.


I think what Kent is doing is amazing.

Some English adverbs function as adjectives.

I'd be up for that.

Would you be kind enough to write?

She's just trying to get attention.


I saw Lorraine going into the bank.

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What kind of monkeys are those?

Are you coming to pick me up tomorrow morning?

His letter doesn't make any sense.

I figured you could use some help.

As the Colorado River spills through seven southwestern states and parts of Northern Mexico, more than 35 million people depend on its water.

Over my dead body.

Wilson told me why he'd decided to study French.

I'm not buying you another drink until you say sorry.

I mainly participated in the working group "environmental protection and sustainable agriculture".

I desperately need a car.

She doesn't know her neighbors.

He complains of the room being so small.

Have a cup of milk. It will do you good.


William spent an hour shoveling the driveway.

I could stay a while longer if you want me to.

Lukas is persistent.


You should consider studying French.


The project was a loser from the start.

I learn English every day.

Matt wants me on his team.

I'm sure we'd be able to do this if we had Julia's help.

It's not going to work, you know.

This is the first time I've ever put my little son into bed. His mother is too busy.

It's not good to read in a dark room.

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Jane affirmed that she was telling the truth.


Will you miss Daniele?


Stop shooting.


Could you hear Presley crying?

I'd better go check on them.

This gate allows access to the garden.

His father is an impostor.

Kristen did nothing.

I'm taking Conrad home with me.

Don't dawdle on the way home.

According to him, she is not coming.

I'm setting off tonight.

That is my father's first letter.

Emily is drinking cola.

You missed Timo, didn't you?

His suit was gray and his tie was yellow.


We're not the only Canadians here.

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Wouldn't that be fun?

The road is more like an ice rink.

All of a sudden, the lights went on.

I have done the best I could to help you. The rest is up to you.

He didn't notice the change, but I did.

Does this dress look OK on me?

You're a great writer.


Shall we play?

Marie helped Bryce take off her jacket.

We could not go there because of the rain.

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I have to go to a special meeting.


Jim humiliated Mahmoud in front of everyone.

I won't bother you anymore tonight.

It was so touching, I almost cried.

She's inquisitive by nature.

Who's the manager?

I lead a busy life.

Actually, we waste water.

I gave some books to Beth.

Don't turn up the volume of TV anymore.


Walking on a train platform while distracted is very dangerous.


Kristi will be down in a minute.

Children can't smoke; it's not legal.

If anything happens here, can I depend on you?

They sat in the kitchen.

We'll stop at the New Osaka Hotel and pick up Mr Takakura.

Murthy is not happy with Boyce at the moment.

I didn't need to add salt to my soup.

To rule a country is no easy task.

Listen to the following exchange between colleagues!


Nobody stood up.

Dying's nothing. Start instead by living - not only is it harder, but it's longer as well.

I am good at speaking English.

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When do they open the dining room?


Jarvis would never do such a thing.


I wanted to warn her.

She belongs to the new generation of rock.

He ordered the dog to sit.

To each his own passion.

In 1642, Abel Tasman became the first European to see Tasmania.

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I realize the effort you have put into this project and I really appreciate it.

The weather was beautiful.

The sleeping man can be awoken, but who can awaken the waking one?


Have you checked this with them?

Her consciousness grew fainter as death approached.

She denied being an alcoholic.


Red and blue - which one do you like?

I'd like you to handle this matter.

I'm not listening to you.


Shall I get you some water?

How long did you speak with Kerri?

Jacobson did a terrible thing.

I knew Sergeant would do something romantic.

Naim is bound to succeed this time.

In the end, he wasn't able to succeed.

Where there is no common power, there is no law, where no law, no injustice. Force, and fraud, are in war the cardinal virtues.

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I can't put up with that noise any longer.

How many houses are there on your street?

I see why Lord doesn't like Jeannie.

I helped Heinrich paint the fence.

I indulged in some duty-free shopping at the airport.


We'll have to take this one step at a time if you want your daughter back.

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That's a cute costume.


We were thoroughly satisfied with his work.

Wendell had to shout to be heard.

Jim kicks a ball very well.

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The sun is beating down and there's no shade in sight.

I called her today.

We shouldn't make jokes at other people's expense.


Don't blame me for that.

I've written a lot of stories.

I have not seen him ever since.

I came to surprise him.

The Nikkei Stock Average lost nearly 200 points to close yesterday at 18,000.

Why are you acting this way?

I was with Travis the night before he died.

When did you write that last part?

"Many" is "viele", while "mehrere" is less than "viele"; therefore, "many" doesn't suit here, but "several".

Excuse me, where's the Bank of China?

I wouldn't leave without you.

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He drowned in the river.


I've been trying to call Harmon, but I keep accidentally calling you instead.

I'm not staying to listen to this! Have a nice day!

I was just talking to your mother.

I've been to Boston.

Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist.

I just want to be ready.

The shop sells a variety of goods.

I will keep my fingers crossed.

You're going to live to regret this decision.

Not always, but more and more frequently.

Twenty-five years from now there will be one retired person for each two working.

Who cut your hair?

I never listen to dirty jokes.

We provided the flood victims with food and clothing.

You're out of time.

I can't go any faster.

The Mandarin passive is used under the following circumstances.

Just try to come back home in one piece.

The medicine didn't stop the pain.