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This happens more than two times per week.

Novo is an amateur photographer.

Pratap called me a fool.


Naim must've had an alternate plan.

I can't be sure, but I think Ning likes Stagger.

Saiid said he wanted a lawyer.

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I saw him coming out of the hotel.


Juliet is unpleasant.

Where exactly did this happen?

He is heavy by nature.


Who cares what Penny wears?

The time will come when you will regret this.

The room was bare.


All the world wishes to have peace.

Kyung had heard nothing about the accident.

No, I haven't seen her for three weeks.

I don't think that they are valuable just because they have a large crop, but I'm glad when they sprout in great numbers - even when they are poison mushrooms.

I had to pay in cash.

Liza was just teasing.

Tell her that I am not going to school today.

She thinks about his next trip.

He stood up.

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You absolutely must not tell my girlfriend about this!


Saul lied when he told Dimitry that he had won the race.


She grew up in the GDR.


Tell me why you don't like Masanao.

In each of us the genius will sleep.

I don't know why I even thought you might consider helping.

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It's dishonest.

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Where's your girlfriend?


That shirt is inappropriate.

Why do we have to help him?

The player won the championship three times in a row.

How is the word accented?

This piece doesn't match.

Do you have school today?

Emmett is the master.

Will you make every effort to come?

Rusty could barely breathe.


Finally, the bell rang.

What I drink the most is coffee.

She opened a new store.


Axel was trying to kill us.

Do you allow your children play in the street?

Everything was gone.


See you for dinner.


This ability to communicate helps us a lot.


He was born in 1960.

His life came to a close.

Claude still doesn't look so good.

She gave me a snippet of information which is top secret.

This would never have happened if you'd stayed home.

Don't listen to her! I promise you; she's just full of hot air.

Hillel couldn't get a job.

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Tired as he was, he went on working.


Sanford showed me how to use his camera.


Don't forget that smoking is dangerous to your health.


Darren looked appalled.


She looks bored.

You aren't allowed in this room.

Newspapers did not report the news.

Have the prisoners been released?

I'm thirty-four.

You have to go alone.

When the sun of culture sets, the dwarfs too look like giants.

I left my coat here last night.

Where did you find that?

I wish I could take you back to Boston with me tomorrow.

Linley may not be busy.

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My brother is small but strong.


There's no reason to keep it a secret.

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Someone should put that dog out of its misery.

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The holidays are coming.

Everything depends upon the results.

He was granted a pension.

I was away.

Did you really tell him that?

Weather reports rarely come true.

How many books does he have?


We've done a lot of work around here.

Translate the word.

Val became the center of attention.

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He's the very model of an aggressive salesman.

During the Sochi Olympics, the theme song by Kobukuro was a big hit. I'm sure everyone has heard it. However, it has already been three months. We do not hear the song anymore, do we?

I can't pay her.

We are mounting it!

Keith's driving made Moore nervous.


Recently my brother in law, artillery major Y, came back from a three year trip in Paris. Surrounded by a great number of souvenirs he had brought back, we heard tales of his travels.


My hands are pretty cold.

Mr. Yamanaka looks young for his age.

Do you have a letter opener I could borrow?

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I stayed at home and watched TV by myself.

How much of this does Lar know?

He is such a tall man that he can touch the ceiling.

This vending machine takes only hundred-yen coins.

I go near that store myself.


A cat is not a person.

It looks like we're the only ones here today.

Just as I went to go out, it began to rain.


Aimee didn't have anything to say on that subject.


Where does Emily live now?


Don't leave me alone with them.

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How many apples have you eaten today?


It's below her to say such a thing.

There may be a killer who looks harmless in any social network.

Just sit down and eat.

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This happens every time Claire goes away.

We killed time playing cards.

Irfan worked.

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But for my advice you would have failed.


I want to learn Chinese next year.


There is a letter for you.

Something is going on.

Divide and rule!

I've never seen her around here.

The color of it is red.

Olson should have helped Hank move the sofa.

Sid stopped over in Boston for three days on his way to Australia.


It's not easy to part with one's favorite possessions.

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The soldiers were marking time.

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I got that from them.

That's one explanation.

Keep looking for her.


Take the fork out of the electric socket.


The next morning I woke to see the fruit trees in bloom underneath my window.

There are holes in the floor.

This place is really beautiful.


Teruyuki wants to go hunting.

It is silence that is valuable now.

Ron is married to a high school teacher.

We couldn't help but think that he was dead.

Vaughn was sure better times were coming.

I'll never forget your kindness as long as I live.

Ian was interested.

Do you suppose it will rain today?

He is really crazy about surfing.

He gave her a drug to make her relax.

Graham never told me how beautiful you were.

Is there any life on Mars?

Was it you that left the door open last night?

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They didn't make a deal.

There are classes in foreign languages in our adult education project.

Judith's German accent is beautiful.

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You don't have to sit with me.

There is nothing like cold beer on a hot day.

It's a dead give-away.


We would like to visit Nikko during this summer vacation.

You're a wonderful cook.

He's a slob.