You all need Francisco.

Nakamatsu smiled bitterly at his own stupid question.

One fire drives out another.

Albert put the gun to his own head and pulled the trigger.

Nora was the one who introduced Nora to me.

Dana collects meteorites.

Dinner smells delicious.

Let's put all the cards on the table.


My parents and teachers all used to tell me when I was younger that "Experience is the best teacher". Of course, during my high school days, my mind was still not that mature, so I took that as is. A little later, a lecturer on some seminar I forgot said that experience isn't necessarily the best teacher, especially if you need to get hurt for it. For him, the experience of others is the best teacher. After all, not only do you get to witness important lessons about the realities of life, you are also spared from getting hurt. That is always nice.

Be careful not to spill gasoline when filling the tank on your lawn mower.

I just can't overlook his rude behavior.


Search every room.

I'm afraid I don't understand.

She always talks with a smile on her lips.

I just want to get it over with.

I don't know if he'll come tonight.

Your initial order is subject to a special discount of 5%.

He failed in the examination for lack of preparation.


Truffles are very expensive.

He redeems himself.

The weather was very good today.


I've come this far, so I'll keep going.


They have gone to Europe.


Can you remember this game?

Alexander and Liyuan are both at work.

We postponed the conference to next Friday.

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You've got a fever.


Why don't you seem as happy as I am?

I won't need you.

When they realized what they had done, they tried to wash their hands of it.

But how much did you win?

What you did was illegal.

He likes to sing popular songs.

Hey, Van, can I talk to you over here for a second?

How is Hazel Jr.?

You are my mother.

I just don't want any of these.

If I had the money, I would often go out and have fun.


We need to speak to them.

We have three documents in the file.

Hey, it's not so bad.

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Translate a sentence several times from one language to another and you'll find yourself with something totally different from the original.

Are you finished for the day?

The manuscript had been written out by hand.

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Who can you trust?

Curtis loves to climb mountains.

Don't worry. I'll talk to him.

We probably won't do that again.

There's a problem with the plane's landing gear.

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Have you learned nothing from your mistakes?

You still aren't sure, are you?

Why isn't there any wine left in the bottle? Did you kids drink it?

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You can't stop people from talking.

That means nothing.

There is no substance in his speech.

I'd like to say a few words.

He lives across the river.

I am not a conservative.

This play was well received by the press.

Ian is studying to be a minister.

Saiid hopes that it'll be fine tomorrow.


A woman's tears will dry quickly.

I don't come here a lot.

Shamim said he knew nothing about what had happened.

He was hard up.

That's where the problem is.


He ate a box of chocolates.

Rogue was rescued by Elric.

Don't touch that doorknob.

Should we go inside?

If I had my time over again, I'd try not to make all the same mistakes.


I couldn't sleep because of the noise.

I need to vent my anger.

He doesn't get jokes.

Can you offer any evidence in support of what you say?

Galen kept staring out the window.

We'll never know the reason.

No one is in the room.


Sandeep didn't have a chance.

Older couples often appreciate cash more than gifts because they neither need nor have room for them.

Rape is a shame for her and her family.


I learned French in Paris.

Maria began fixing dinner.

It goes around the sun in 365 days.

I found out that Horst doesn't like his roommate.

Doubling down is a terrible idea if you already have 20.

Today is Monday.

He steeled himself against possible failure.


Why are you angry with them?

The class divided into two teams.

Ethan hoped that Matt would come to his party.

I'll see you later, OK?

The other day I went fishing for the first time in my life.


Lynne's comfortable.


There is a little time before the train departs.

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What exactly is it you want me to do?

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He was sentenced to death by firing squad.

Our stay has been very pleasant.

We all felt sorry for you.


There wasn't anybody there.

What did Molly say he was doing?

Darin is moving away.

They spoke softly.

We've been searching for them.


Wilmer died in prison in 2013.

We sold the store for want of customers.

Ask Hiroyuki to stop doing that.

It's a complicated story.

In my article, I referred to your book a great deal.

I wanted a hamburger, but I restrained myself.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy yourself at the party.


There is no freedom for the ignorant.

My name is Luis.

If all professors bore all of their students, then all professors are wasting their time.


From the way they look, I would say that they failed.

Keep away from me, devil!

Bradley did acknowledge that he was pretty competitive.

Tell her how you're feeling.

I wouldn't bet against him.

Tell her we're busy.

You have my sympathies.

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The building suffered much from the earthquake.

Did you know you are stronger than you think you are?

Has Izzy already made an offer?

That seems about right.

We should be able to do a lot better than this next time.

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Your name has come up a few times.

That's very hard to do.

Keiko is a singer.

Under the table is a cat.

English isn't difficult to learn.

I didn't hear Dorian leave.

Many accidents arise from carelessness.

We handcuffed them.

The lie sounds good, but I'd like to listen to the sheer truth.

It doesn't work so well because the battery is low.

Michel isn't our largest contributor.


You have to account for the result.

I put the tip under two glasses because I knew they were always in a hurry.

His explanation cleared up the first problem, but I was still confused about the second.

The man I was talking to is my English teacher.

I'm going to check on him.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Tell Amy to let the dog out.

Who are those three men?

He lives in the next town.

We have three meals a day.

Romain grows his own vegetables.

I won't be staying with you.

I should go to Boston.

Merton said he would do it again.

I just want you to be OK.

The curriculum of this school is wide and shallow.

Francois's phone was confiscated because she was caught texting in class.

I write in my diary every day.

I don't have a house anymore.

I was in Boston in October.

Nothing else is important right now.


I'd like to see that happen.

I'll go to Paris when I have enough money.

Himawan doesn't know how to treat his employees properly.

Please open your suitcase.

I think I have the key to that drawer.

Barrio asked Mehrdad where she wanted to go.

You needn't have gone to the trouble.


There were a lot of girls at the party.

You have such beautiful eyes.

I will shoot anyone who doubts my mercy.