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"When in doubt
Bracket it out
But if too many brackets
It cancels out"

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At trondheim international school there is a very weird species of police. It is only found at this school, it is the feared uniform police. The students greatly fear the uniform police. It hunts for it's prey, students without uniforms, and quickly attacks with its dangerous weapon, the behaviour log.

But do they really know what they are? They are sneaky creatures that will give SRBL, commonly know as Sudden Random Behaviour Log. They are highly unpredictable too, some will not even check for uniforms, while others will give you two marks in the behaviour log and confiscate your phone.

There is also an extinct version of the uniform police. These uniform police were highly corrupt students that would go around and check classes in the morning. However, these uniform police have been made extinct by natural selection, trumped by the much more effective teacher uniform police.