Diana and Marion played chess.

He couldn't come because he was ill.

I predicted this.


Martyn died with over ten million dollars in the bank.


You said give it to her.


Crap! We're out of vermicelli!


I'll meet you there as soon as possible.


It's their business.

The children were playing at keeping house.

I will sue you.

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His chocolate is okay.

The passive man seldom, if ever, expresses himself.

I haven't seen you here before.

Kris can't sleep without a pillow.

Is it complicated?

It's contagious.

He is the leading hitter at present.

Where does this desk go?

She was named Kate after her mother.


All of the boys were wearing gloves.

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There's no way Socorrito will win the race.

I'm getting tired of your complaints.

Why are you doing that?

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It took Marsha ages to untangle his fishing line.

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What's the name of the person you want paged?


Just remember to have fun.

All the lights went out.

Will that make any difference?

He devoted himself to music in those days.

Were you concerned?

There are no books under the desk.

Nothing can spoil the fun.


He walked about the streets.


Kyoko went away, humming a song.

I'm looking for a certain old woman.

Dwayne never thinks about others.

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That's what I wish.

Marci picked up his keys.

She died a little after six.

I tried to align the pieces of metal perfectly together before soldering them.

Doraemon often smiles.

She wrote down something in her notebook.

Everyone is going to call me a liar.

Jordan is always so busy.

Allen finished packing his suitcase.

Romain said he was sick.

Ning will be coming home soon.

She is looking forward to seeing him again.

I had a girlfriend when I was in the fifth grade.

He is close with his money.

She was walking to and fro, lost in thought.

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Cyrano had a very large nose.


Are you sure that's what Kazuhiro wants?

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Nice to meet all of you!

I think that wouldn't cost much.

She hit me, not him.

The earrings are very pretty.

In a struggle of power, if you aren't with us, you're against us.

Lila immediately answered.

Remind me to never ever do that again.


Cristina is going to drive you to the airport.

Let's draw lots to decide who goes first.

Mysore isn't feeling well.

Boston was where it all began.

A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.

I checked everywhere.

After careful thought, I elected to stay at home.

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I heard that Suwandi is living in Boston.

Don't you think that's funny?

The road continues for many miles.


Hitoshi is quite gullible.

John wanted to be completely independent of his parents.

Who's number one?


I always order the daily special when I eat lunch at this restaurant.

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It was mesmerising.

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People were eager for peace.

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He blotted the good reputation of our school.


Kolkka and Elizabeth clinked their glasses together.

It was a mistake to come here.

You will have to face it.

Would you tell Lawrence I dropped by?

You should think about it first.


A terrible, almost illegible scrawl.

Spanish is spoken in many countries.

Lea seems like a good friend.


I can't be calm while talking about this.

I don't know exactly how many visitors there were. I think three hundred something.

The baby cannot walk yet.

You can come pick up the goods, or we can bring them to you.

It's me they're waiting for.


I didn't believe him.

Asked to do her a favor, he completely ignored it.

Bribes are something that arises in conjunction with power organizations.


There's work to do here.

Love is hard to define.

Please pack these clothes in a suitcase.

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Don't act like you don't know what's happening.


I want to make him happy.


It flew out of my head.


When it comes to making things, I'm all thumbs.


I didn't write this.


Through him all things were made.

That galloping inflation has been lasting for three years now. People are frustrated and angry.

These books can be had at that store.

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I never should've let Steve go.

Rain or shine, I will go.

Did you know the four-in-hand knot is also known as the schoolboy knot?

The scene of the murder was too terrible to describe.

That's better.


He was distracted by the beautiful girl.


Appointing Cuddles the Bear to the position of Secretary of Defense was one of the defining mistakes of Dolly's brief career as president of the People's Democratic Republic of Tea Time.


Did you propose to Darin?


I spoke in a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone.


My kid was in the car.

It leaves a bad aftertaste.

He studied hard so that he might enter the university.

Only one student stayed after class to talk to the teacher.

Mikael needs to improve his employability.

They're multiplying like rabbits.

Tell Pam not to tell Hillary.


"If I were you, I'd buy it." "But you aren't me!"

The court decreed that she should pay the fine.

The rumor is believed to be true.


Gordon often plays piano in the evening.


You made the front page.

Ask Syd if he speaks French.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

I want to see it done right.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces in Pakistan.


I haven't given you permission to leave.

Ants work away during summer.

He is still alive.

She's not going.

That toy is made of wood.

The museum is open from 9 a.m.

The government was obliged to make changes in its foreign policy.

They're rolling in dough.

Maybe we should go home now.

He's a scriptwriter.

I have nightmares.

He is far from happy.

I'm supposed to get to school early tomorrow morning.

Elderly men are dangerous, they do not care about the future.

Eric should've eaten more.

This is fantastic weather!

We must hide!


This video gave me a great laugh.

She committed a crime.

You can't live your life under these conditions.


Are you ready to begin?


All of this stationery is his.