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What will be done?

I'm not wasting my time.

He can not distinguish between right and wrong.


He requires that the laboratory exercises be handed in before the final exam.

He had to answer for the consequences of the project.

Please stay away from him.


My aunt's pen is full of ink.

There is a white dove on the roof.

You can't leave until we say you can leave.


The defeated team slowly left the field.


We shouldn't have stayed up till 2:30.


He is such a loser.


Ritalynne and Colin glared at each other.

Hank heard footsteps approaching.

What does Edward have to lose?

I do know this is my own fault.

You're such a freak.

Icelanders can read old sagas, but the writing and context have changed so much that they don't understand what the texts are about.

It's ten o'clock.


I just want to hear you say that again.

Are you talking about them?

No one knows how he has amassed his enormous fortune.

There is a tinge of red in the eastern sky.

It'll be hard to convince him.

It's mustard after the meal.

She talks everything over with her parents.

I heard about the fire.

University is a waste of time.

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Your girlfriend is going to be so mad at you.

Get well soon.

On July 20, 1969 Commander Armstrong and fellow astronaut Edwin Aldrin successfully touched down on the lunar surface.

Her mother died yesterday.

Hey, that's what I'm here for.

Jerome didn't mention seeing Knut.

Rajiv pretended that he didn't know about what had happened.


I cannot help laughing.

Are you working on anything interesting?

He needed more time to complete the task.

Shut up and listen, kid.

They all looked busy.

Someone tried to poison you.

I've missed this.

I'm going to follow them.

We found the murder weapon.

Hey, have you seen a guy's junk before?

I want them behind bars.

When pressure is lower, the boiling point is lower.

She was killed by her own sister.


I'm chatting online.

It's their right.

You should turn off the mobile phone.

Please tell him to leave.

It wasn't me who started.

The boy was accompanied by his parents.

Why is it so difficult to establish that the nervous cell is the basic unit for the nervous tissue?


He came back from China.

He told the children about his adventures in Africa.

It may be too late to make any changes now.


If there are two in a room and three go out, one must go in, so that none is in the room.


I wondered at the sight.

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They wanted to punish me.

Barbara came home drunk from a party.

People sometimes narrate their actions to themselves as a running commentary.

Hanako really likes cake.

They are not happy.


She's very good at tennis, but she's not much of a swimmer.


Dan ordered two books from the publishing house.

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Open your notebooks.

You cannot take back what you have said.

What is Japan noted for?

I can't believe he kissed you.

Turn off the radio, please.

Vern has three dogs.

That's why you're a cop.

Marco made a big donation to the hospital.

Many people are suffering from the lack of food.

Gabriel noticed something strange.

There are various kinds of candy in that bowl.


I have complete faith in my doctor.


Lenny was pulled over.

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I think I remember you.


When Hans was a child, her family was very poor.

Trent asked me to call him John from now on.

He bought it for five dollars.


The boy likes walking around the sofa store.

I thought I'd dropped something.

Gregory slept peacefully as the underground train rattled on its way.

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We tried to make the best of it.

When are you walking home?

They chatted about the weather.


That was my idea, not Polly's.

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Suddenly, he changed the subject.

I received a letter from my mother yesterday.

I have hiccups.

This woman gives the impression of being wealthy.

Those who were there thought it was pure gold.

It looks like you know Lorraine already.

Edinburgh already offers a busy and traditional city experience, with many historic buildings and tourist attractions.

He asked her to marry him, which proposal she refused.

Did you warn Roy?

This is speaking.

May it go well for you.

What do we tell Bobby?

Let's pretend we're happy together.

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Stay far away from that dog.


I'm sending you the payment through PayPal.

If you cut class or something...it wouldn't surprise you if it showed up on your report card, would it?

We're going to help them.


Reinhard said that he wants to learn Hebrew.

So what's the big mystery?

I used to trust Syun.


I thought Hillary would win.


The dictator reorganised the country's leadership line-up in order to solidify his power base.

Daniele loves tulips.

There's room for discussion.

What advice can you give me?

Jonathan is better than anyone else.

He can speak five languages.

I am indifferent to others' opinions.

I was compelled to do all the work alone.

Cathryn has been charged with kidnapping.

I have to be in court at 2:30.

I'm used to living alone.


I want to live in Australia.


It made me nervous when I was asked by the host to offer some words of congratulation.

Erwin is Neville's biological mother.

Novorolsky eats mostly fruits and vegetables, and only eats meat about once a week.

What do you guys think of him?

I don't know what he'll do.


Try to do things for yourself.

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Are you sure Norman didn't do it?

I closed my eyes and turned my head.

How much do you know about artificial intelligence?


Something came up.

The police found Johann fatally wounded in the head.

I frequently talk to Gail.

Dan served thirty five years in that prison.

The police managed to track down the owner of the car.

Things may get even worse.

The candy I had in my bag went mushy in the heat.

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Hi! Where do you want to go?

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I need to know exactly what happened here yesterday.

I ate a greater burdock tempura.

We don't. I mean, we could, but right now we don't feel like it.

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Can I see what's on the other channels?

"I fell in love with you, not Maria." - "Why have you not let me feel that?"

She tells her tale of misery to everyone she meets.

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Actually they're richer than us.

I'm not looking forward to this.

I caught the last train because I walked extremely quickly.


Brender knows that Rafik likes him.

There's a package in the mail for you.

I should've kissed Mike.

I know that you like coffee.

The ship is now in the harbor.

You must avoid walking on this road because there are always dogs.

My parents don't like my girlfriend. They think that she's not good enough for me.

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Do as you would be done by.