Al saw you.

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Somebody came to see me while I was out.


He closeted himself in his study.

The flu is going around now.

I'll do what I want.


Eliot hated every day of summer camp.


Just don't tell her.

Po couldn't have helped Lucifer.

I was looking for a hotel, when I saw you.


We took cover from the thunder shower.

How did such a thing come about?

This is the tallest tower in Japan.

What's up there?

Spinoza was a pantheist.

There's a bird singing in the cage, isn't there?

Dan apologized to his daughter, Linda, for not letting her go to the party.

The rumors spread soon abroad.

Irwin was probably the shiest and least confident girl in her class.

I have a friend living in Nara.

He wants to squish the bug.

You shouldn't tell children things like that.

We learn a lot while traveling.

The course of the river has been diverted by the flood.

I didn't feel safe.

There is a kitchen garden behind my house.

Did you take Valeria's temperature?

Do you know how to get a hold of Tobias?

I won't take this lying down.

Why don't you go and have a look?

Who could do that?


Tim gives Stanly everything she asks for.

I don't like what you're doing.

There are some obvious concerns.

They didn't even know what they had found.

That's very amusing, Elijah.


Now is really not a good time.

What keeps you up at night?

He had the honor of being presented to a great writer.

You are not consistent.

Don't cut in while others are talking.


Their marriage ceremony was performed according to the custom of the district.

I need to borrow some money to buy some medicine for my mother.

I've been here since Saturday.

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My uncle lives near the school.


We need to have a little talk.

My family begins where yours ends.

I cannot think any other way.

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We're not lost. I know where we are.

After a while, Stanly started to believe his own lies.

The fireworks show was suspended after 30 minutes due to the thunderstorm.

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He spoke to whoever came into the room.


Watch out for them.


I think Stan is the one most likely to win the race.


Casper doesn't plan to do that.

Abraham Lincoln was buried in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois.

Her free time goes in playing golf.

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How did you happen to see them doing it?

That runs against my principles.

She was in bed during the morning reading a book.

The cat caught a mouse.

One must not confuse "must not" with "need not".

They're orphans.

May I ask you a personal question?

Linda and Tanya are both at work.

If a brain can do it, a computer can do it.

Louie lived on the west coast.

"Come, let us go to my mother", and taking Elsa's hand she led her deeper into the wood, the little black dog jumping up beside them and barking with pleasure.

This dog is white.

She is a physicist.

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Thank you for talking to me.

Evidently he does not want to speak to me.

Elliot asked Sugih to help him, but she didn't want to.

Tell me who did this.

You will be able to read this book next year.

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Is this a compilation?

Do you think Glynn will swim tomorrow?

I wish to buy an antipyretic.

I don't think you ought to.

Jim had hardly got home when he crept into bed.

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How many accounts do you have?

We need to start from scratch.

New questions will be asked and new debates will unfold.

Arnold is Laurent's older brother.

Do you and Caroline often hang out with each other?

Mexican desperadoes during the early twenties were usually armed to the teeth with stolen firearms and ammunition.

If that accident had happened in a city, it would have caused a disaster.

Brendan pulled a knife out of his pocket.

Victoria zipped up his leather jacket.

It is nice and cool here.

Essentially it's a one-to-one match, but the content of that match is a level so high as to be unthinkable to an ordinary person.


Christie is eating a banana.

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I can make any woman fall in love with me.


Suddenly, the prince noticed that his bodyguard wasn't at his side anymore.

What are you going to do after graduating from college?

I wouldn't want to bother Heinrich.

Lila rescued the cat from the flames.

We're going to need help.

If you wash it, your car will shine in the sun.

We're making plans for the holidays.


We can fix the heater.

The hall needs a new curtain.

Luke works here almost every day.

Elijah claimed that he was innocent.

The children ate chocolate pudding for dessert.

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The fact that she is ill worries me a lot.

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Do it quick!

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Did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?

Spudboy prefers staying home on Mondays.

As a singer, she's well known.

You owe us a big apology.

I wanted Wade to take me with him.

Ethan told Dimitry that the story wasn't true.

I'll always remember your advice.

Residential rooms are not to be used for commercial purposes.

It's none of your concern.

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Owen didn't want Nadeem to speak to John.

Just say it once.

Bobbie signaled Isaac with his eyes.


I'm sorry I haven't been able to give you my cousin's contact info.

It was a bomb.

Nobody's taking a bath right now.

I picked out the gray hat.

You should tell Liber that you don't plan to be in Boston next week.

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I'm not sure I want to see it.

I was trying to impress her.

I was not interested in his life.

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I want her to apologize.

Maybe we shouldn't eat any more.

Bill was crazy for a motorbike.

We have one of your friends here with us.

Chicken pox outbreaks have inspired many children's parties.

I will miss Moldova.

I'm calling them.

Roy had three sons.

Do you know how many eggs Russ bought?

Please take the pillow and blanket and give them to me.

If only it would stop raining!

The principal feature of the conference is the buffet.

Wilmer didn't hear Mayo.

She sat next to him wishing she were somewhere else.

I knew what they did to him.


Have I ever let you down before?


It's necessary to avoid stress.

The doctor may allow her to return to work next week.

Al and Orville paddled their canoe along the shoreline, looking of a place to camp.

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When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up.

I asked Tharen to come see me.

We must add yeast to this dough.

Police has at last had a break in the investigation.

During the water shortage, the value of water really came home to me.

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Should we run for it?

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I'd better be on my bicycle.


I'll see you then.

Peter is stressed out.

We have issues we have to deal with.

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I can deliver that to her.

I've never seen such a giant watermelon!

My wife doesn't cook.

Cops came with guns drawn, as I was talking to the owner on the phone.

Could you give me a minute?

I need you to tell me the truth.

Moe believes that Mayo is his best friend.