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Angus would like to paint his room blue.

Mount Everest is, so to speak, the roof of the world.

Let's leave as soon as he arrives.

I don't know how long.

She advised him to give up drinking.

We have four classes in the morning.

Barbra's quite drunk.

The monkey escaped from its cage.

John didn't know this.


I just want tonight to be special.


Sigurd doesn't think Merat's crazy.


I probably won't watch TV tonight.

Don't scream before you get injured.

He doesn't have to wash the car.

Can we get some help over here?

The pond is 3 meters deep.

He has good judgement for his age.

Amigo said he didn't want a drink.

Keep under cover.

He made little of his father's advice.

Tomas took your brother to the zoo.

His jokes are not funny at all.

I don't believe you really want to hurt Srinivasan.

He was greatly influenced by a number of books on literature by the scholar.

I am quite tired of hearing her boasting. She should talk about other things.

Have you seen them yet?

Why do we need them here?

A fox isn't caught twice in the same snare.

He was standing.

Why is this happening to me?


Rodent never seems interested in talking about sports.

London was bombed many times.

Corey was fearless.


I'm worried about the state of Stephe's health.

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The owl kills her young, and afterwards she cries about it.

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He is the prime minister of this country.

If you were in Lori's shoes, what would you do?

I'm afraid I'm not available.

The world is split into two camps.

I don't think Mariou was so busy today.

Do you still think I'm the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Valerie never said anything.


His socks are purple.

He seems to be all thumbs.

I wish I had done more.

I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

That costs more than I thought.

Did anyone notice anything unusual?

I need to see a copy of it right now.

Has anyone thought about that?

The universe on the earth is constituted of atoms.

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Ravi is suspicious of Europeans.

I sometimes write to Howard.

My GPS device was stolen.


Don't take it so hard.

Cole speaks fluent French.

He is a better swimmer than I.

The cat's already out of the bag.

I have nothing to do with that case.

I don't think it's them.

Avery wrote a letter to Marek.


The child was comforted by his mother.


I'm not sure that's suitable.

Go and see what Evelyn is doing and tell her to stop it.

He doesn't see the point in life.


Anderson needs someone to talk to.

We were very sad.

Eduardo is busy with his homework now.

When will your debt be paid?

I'd like to get a view of the ocean.


We just want to win.

We seem to have lost her.

I cannot afford to buy such a thing.

I hope my boss will agree to my realistic plan.

He was completely black and was therefore called Tango the Black Cat.

I can't stand boiled onions!

I like to travel and meet new people.

I want you fired.

She watched him draw a picture.

I know how you feel about him.

Your bereavement saddens me.


Make one more effort, and you will succeed.

You came to Bergerac every summer!

I'm happy that you're happy.


She is almost as tall as you are.


Please tell me what you think.

The finger approaches the tip of the nose.

Jussi took a picture of his dog and sent it to Lynne.

I'd like a room in the front.

I live in a house that was built in 2013.


I think that's what Pim did.

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He is a very important person.

Kamel has a lot of energy.

How long does it take you to get here on foot from your home?

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The boy stole the copper coin.


I burned my fingers on a hot iron.

Sjaak developed an infatuation with Frederick.

She knows where we live.


My pride prevented me from borrowing money from him.


I like this love song.


It was just a coincidence.


There's a new sheriff in town.

I want to know why you were absent yesterday.

Life is short, even if it lasts more than a hundred years.


Gunter decided not to go by himself.

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He's preparing for a diplomatic career.

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Why don't you take some pictures of yourself with scenery of Boston in the background?

Isn't it infuriating?

I hate to see children cry.

Joe wasn't interested in talking about himself.

Smoke was rising from the chimney.

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The nun prayed and crossed herself.

That's very sweet of you.

We're looking for it.


Let's reserve that for another occasion.

Spread your legs apart.

We've only got three bracelets.

If you see this message, write to me.

Janet can't use that.

Don't park your books on the table.

Arnold doesn't live with us anymore.


Who are you pointing at?


Is that a problem for you?

Antony's great-great-grandfather was a slave.

The company was forced to lay off many employees.

I'm sitting in the railway station.

The earth is sited in an energy gradient as on a hillside, with golden nuggets tumbling continually from above.

The rumor was without foundation.

There's nothing wrong with my hearing.

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When he was thirty years old, he married Lucy Webb.

Hopefully, you will come back.

Galileo perfected the early telescope.

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You'll never get in that club.

Who do you think they were, Rod?

Having done my homework, I watched the baseball game on television.

My father bought a new car.

He closed the door.

Craig is crying like a baby.

Michiel felt the same way as I did.

I don't want Rabin's help.

There are a great many books in this library.

Renu couldn't help Gypsy.

You're so weird.

What remained was a bitter aftertaste.

I like TATOEBA very much!

It's deadly serious.

Kemal knew that what they were doing was illegal.

Lowell bought Miki a fur coat.

I'm sure I can persuade Page to donate some money.

I'm not afraid of facing pressure. When problems arise, I will quickly think of ways to find the solutions.

Both Bjorne and Nils study French.

They were late for dinner.

The children couldn't contain their excitement.

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She has both beauty and brains.


The captain exercised the new recruits with long marches.


Written as it is in easy style, the book is for beginners.

Randell is tipsy.

I want to do something special for you.


I like poets like Takuboku.

I can hide anywhere.

Relationships built on money will end when the money runs out.