Speak slowly!

Spend what remains of the money.

I put in an appearance.

The repair bill includes parts and labor.

You look pretty upset.

Amigo and Gerald have an open relationship and have agreed that they can each see other people while in the relationship.

You need to have strong thigh muscles to skate.

Affirmative, sir.


Where is the boarding lounge?

What's happening here is absurd.

I assume you know who Teri is.

She told me about a place where I could stay for cheap.

Do you have any idea what Kerry was doing in Boston?

I was saving this piece of cake for you.

Ken and his brother are very alike.

Let's have a tea break somewhere around there.

Let's take a closer look.

Ow, ow! I bit my tongue!

I didn't know you did that.


This is John and that is his brother.

He looked just like his picture on the wall of the theater.

Rhonda is the only Canadian here.

People are speaking at the same time.

I will what I want.

I know that you and Dani snuck away from school yesterday.

You're incredibly beautiful.

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I see no conspiracy there.

How did you know all that?

We need to talk about how to do it.

Don't drop the soap.

Records show that Halley's Comet has been observed for over 2000 years. Confirmed sightings of the comet go back to 240 B.C.

Who will pick the apples in the fall?

I never expected this fine hotel to be found in such a place.

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I don't belong to any club.

During my entire life, I've fought against superstition.

She would not disclose the secret.

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I'd appreciate it if you sent me your latest catalog.


Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the console.


Even though Winnie is fat, she's quite pretty.

The baby is on the way and my husband hasn't put the crib together yet.

Meg is curious to know everything about Japan.


I want a waterbed.


Machinery robs work of creative interest.


What's the story with Kriton?


The cinema is bursting at the seams.

There's nothing better than a good onion soup to drive away the hangover after a night of drinking.

The street lamps don't give enough light.

Some learned writers have compared a Scorpion to an Epigram, because as the sting of the Scorpion lies in the tail, so the force and virtue of an epigram is in the conclusion.

You said that half an hour ago.

I heard her come in.

Shuvra died young.

I speak and understand a little English.

What's the best fertilizer for tomato plants?

He can't swim at all, but when it comes to skiing, he is the best.

I didn't ask Roman to do that.


Hienz goes to church every Sunday morning.

All the apples that fall are eaten by the pigs.

If he had been careful then, the terrible accident would not have happened.

The thief was handed over to the police.

Don't talk to others during the class.

We predict that Christmas sales will be better than expected.

I don't want Linda to lose his job.

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What's that supposed to mean?


What an incredible surprise!

She was attacked by a big snake.

Edward took the habit of running every morning.


I speak French every day.

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Syun took a picture of his own camera.


Iran's and North Korea nuclear capabilities worry the rest of the world.

I was always honest with you, but you never tried to be honest with me.

He lives in a large house by himself.

I have less money than you.

The winter was cold and snowy.

Body sushi is where food, like sashimi, is laid out on a naked woman.

He works on some really crazy projects.

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Generally speaking, a waiter in Japan gives good service.

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You must do as you are told to do.

Shatter picked the lock.

We are doing something.


I'm scheduled to see Mr. Jones next week.

I'm sorry, we're all out.

That's my final offer.


It'll take as long as it takes.

The plane took off at seven.

Lucifer became a policeman.


Peggy is pretty happy about that.

In 1953, both Chandra and his wife Lalitha became American citizens.

You have only to close your eyes.

I'm so humiliated.

He has a large farm in Colorado.

I got no response from anyone.

For a long time I have wanted a mother, just like other boys.


Did Kristen see you with Sofoklis?

I'm really sick of life.

Can you please shut up?

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Don't fall off!


Add a few words before I seal the letter.

Trey didn't want to sing, but Marla made him sing.

He's either crazy or on drugs.

Izchak knows that her main weapon, a beautiful face and a young body, is of transient value.

Piotr is in the copilot seat.


Queen Vashti was the first wife of King Ahasuerus.

We'd like to know about it.

Where did you get the idea that I don't like Francois?


She works in world shop.

This is just a precaution.

He must work hard.

She's not a hero.

I'm afraid that's no longer possible.

I wonder what Mickey thought of it.

You've stayed away a long time.

Samir's dad is very strict.

Mickey didn't even say thanks.

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Give him a second chance.

I walk.

Thanks for helping him.

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It's obvious he's wrong.


Look, I've had a long day and I want to go to bed right now.

The eyes are windows to the soul.

Find out what kind of a person he is.


My education has made me what I am.

Marla just wasn't making any sense.

This is the very book for you to read.


We're here to help Carole.

Dan took a look at the victim's vehicle.

Send them away.

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In response to Angela Merkel's concern regarding the developments in Crimea and Ukraine as a whole, Vladimir Putin drew the attention to the unrelenting threat of violence by ultra-nationalist forces, endangering the lives and legitimate interests of Russian citizens and the entire Russian-speaking population.


You haven't changed much.

Bill can't remember exactly when he first met Kyu's parents.

As for me, there is nothing more I want to say.


Why did you run away?

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Please send me another copy.


Ernie wants updates.

What's the name of your ship?

Take care of your nervous system.

Jeannie has dabbled in the dark arts.

I'll tell you everything.

Even the fastest horse only has four legs.

We all have to eat.

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It's time to quit.

I was reading.

I've just spent the last three hours talking with Carlos.

They're involved.

I'd be careful with that if I were you.


They're both laughing.

Jem died on the operating table.

Sue is an American student.


My aim is always to find the best solutions.


If I had money, I could buy it.


It's my job to help people like you.

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This one belongs to you.

This is one of the most popular restaurants in town.

You are the tallest of us all.

Is it true that Tatoeba was bought by Google for 1 billion dollars?

With improper use, he damaged the machine.

I lost a lot of money.

Well, here we go.