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Sheila was very contrite.

Try to find it.

Act your place.


If you knew, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?

He says he's busy one minute, and then says that he has nothing to do the next.

She pruned a tree.

I don't understand your words.

I'm stunned.

What language do you usually use when talking with Blaine?

Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

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People are still starving.

Why don't you ask Mongo directly?

Where's Anita working now?

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Andy didn't miss his umbrella till he got home.

He's very good at playing baseball.

Drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated.

You are singing songs for me.

They accomplished their goals.

Why didn't you mention this before?

I can easily get lost in a new environment.

The old doctor takes pride in his work.

Give Gene another chance.


They called him a coward.


Her feelings were not reciprocated.


This problem is too difficult for me to explain.

Her eyes brimmed with tears.

He smiles ruefully.

I'll take care of your kitten while you're away.

Why was it so hard to establish that the neuron is the most basic unit of nervous tissue?

An hydrogen atom only has one proton and one electron.

I'll get the fire started.

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He adheres to the Democratic party.

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Kari is a cripple.

Will it be hot again tomorrow?

That is my ten-thousandth sentence in Esperanto at Tatoeba.

I think he has two children.

They got off at the next bus stop.

Dorothy had open-heart surgery in 2013.

How's it going down there?


Children need limits in order to feel secure.

She faints all the time.

I feel like eating something sweet.


Sure, but let's eat dinner first.


The 1990's saw various incidents.

There's nothing left to worry about.

If we'd been on that plane, we'd be dead now.

I can't let Kyu know.

He's had some very good results lately.

That might not be as hard as you think it's going to be.

She turned around suddenly.

Bush's English is perfect.

Including responses up to 'It bothers me a bit', over 70% of respondents said that they were concerned about their pores and skin texture.

Los Angeles is one of the places I want to visit.

Blaine returned the book to the library.

Don't touch me again.

They do not waste anything nor throw anything away.


I can rest.

Are you students?

He hopes to gain an always greater knowledge of the whole world during this life.


Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

I don't feel that good.

Get away from this city.

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Three options were proposed.

Many a student studies at the library.

What have you been doing this week?

Intensive courses are always the most exhausting.

You can see many animals in this forest.

Please put in this way.

I heard footsteps, but I didn't see anyone.

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England resembles Japan in many respects.


The administration of a new drug curbed the epidemic.

That is all I know about him.

It couldn't have been worse.

This dictionary is completely useless.

Alexis said, "move over"; forced his way through and sat down.


Skiing on fresh snow is very fun.

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You are the light of my eyes.

I want Darin left alone.

Annard was gone when I got home.

The place is surrounded by cops.

This package must be brought to the post office.


We are hoping to visit Spain this summer.

Jorge certainly wouldn't be pleased if Laurianne decided to go back to work.

Don't be nervous.

Jim will accept your proposal.

He denies himself nothing.

I tried to tell him.

Near the street Anthony drank water-chestnut juice from a bottle.

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What is the use of mathematics?

He's definitely somebody clever.

Did you come here yesterday?

The horse is very docile and is ideal for beginner riders.

There is honor among thieves.


The men are hungry.

She was ecstatic.

I think you shouldn't tell Panzer the truth.

I think this is a bad idea.

He was a regular member of the soccer club.


I didn't mean for you to get hurt.

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What if something happens to David?

What did I tell you to do?

There is no one who is born under a bad star, there are only people who don't know how to read the sky.

I am not writing in English. This language is Russian.

Earle likes soft drinks.


Sigurd won't be able defeat me.


The air conditioner is out of order.

Pria goes to work by train.

You should be careful in your choice of friends.

I am an American citizen.

Amy is having her hair done.

The Germans were very friendly.

Kory doesn't have enough money to buy a new car.


Hey, I know what I want.

Chet said he needed one of us there.

Your stuff is all outside.

Jess needs a change of pace.

Can you give me a euro?

I've seen you playing music at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

Hein has been stabbed.

I have no idea what I'm going to do now.

He is digging his own grave.

I drink coconut water in the morning.

We need to take you home.

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How did you draw this picture?


I'm not Canadian.

An elephant has a long nose.

This seems unlikely.

Israel knows better than to play with matches.

Do you think this can work?

Ethan ran inside the bunker.

Why don't you drop her a line?


Friendship is more precious than anything else.

Kelvin helped himself to a cookie.

Radek asked Milner to lower her voice.

God be with us.

She has lived in this city for five years already.

That was only a year ago.

He was to all intents and purposes deceived.

Jelske is much shorter than me.

He was affected by the heat.

I asked him a few questions.

Ralf looks like he's sleepy.

Julia is a gruff man.

It would be good to repair the roof before winter.

Well, I have to do something.

There was a moon that night.

A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up and down.

This is the first time I've ever poured a glass of this drink.

We struck the wall with our fists.

I couldn't say.

One should do one's homework by oneself.

Do you think their wages ought to be raised?

She dominates her husband.

Raman winked at Alexander.

Why are you speaking French to Ken?

You can sleep in my bed if you want.


Jessie praised Charles for his foresight.

I won't have time for that tomorrow.

I asked them to help out today.


Look, I can't explain it.

Why didn't somebody help her?

Nobody can convince me otherwise.

Did Srikanth leave a suicide note?

They're too dangerous.

Sal is a good partner.

There's no right or wrong way to grieve.

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Do you think that any really smart person is inherently interested in languages?