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Texana Pony Farm is a combined effort of Billy and Evelyn Kohl and their three daughters, Debbie Randall, Dale Simons and Tonya Berger.� Our family has grown to include some sons-in law, five grand-children, ages four thru eleven, and lots of ponies.� Our breeding program consists of many sons and daughters of the top bloodlines of Arenosa Ponies including Kewpie Doll's Diablo, Kewpie's Topper of Arenosa and Kewpie's El Monterey of Arenosa.� We have been raising and showing many pure blooded Arenosa Ponies for twenty years.
It all began in 1980, when Audrey Barrett, founder of Arenosa Pony Farm in Victoria, Texas, took thirteen year-old Dale Kohl as "one of her kids" and decided to help her show her pony in her very first Shetland Pony Show.� Pretty soon, the whole family became involved, participating in more shows and in many parades in the surrounding counties - even in some parades as far away as Austin (The Sesquecentinniel Parade) and Dallas (The Cottonbowl Parade).
We were very fortunate to live so close to The Barrett's and were able to spend many happy days
:-)at Arenosa Pony Farm helping Audrey and learning about these truly wonderful ponies.� She had a wealth of information, whether it was in the many experiences she related to us or in the vast library of books and magazines she collected.� She was our greatest influence with the Shetland Pony and we have endeavored to raise the kind of ponies that she would have been proud of, penis pump.

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Almost all of our ponies are registered Foundation Classic and some are double registered in AMHR,  hcg drops.  Some are eligible for AMHR
(meaning they will stay small enough to be hardshipped into AMHR). Best upcoming ICO