We have more to do.


He threw mud at me and made me dirty.

I cannot pinpoint what went wrong.

For a second, just a second, I thought that you really loved me, but I was wrong.

He watches television before studying.

Are you telling me Indra had nothing to do with this?


It's very nice of you.

Amy has visited Boston once.

Shawn never really thought about those kinds of things.

I won't interrupt you anymore.

We're very busy right now.

Corduroy is a thick cotton fabric with velvety ribs.

Is that enough for you?


Ernst and Sehyo are married, but not to each other.

I'm not eating this.

We wrote the report together.

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Welcome to Australia.


Mikael is all right.

Marvin always sleeps hugging his teddy bear.

What the hell does a priest know about sex?

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Do you see that woman? She's my wife.

Why not?

I need an envelope, a piece of paper, and a pencil or a pen.

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He has short hair.

Rudy wrote Margaret's name in his little black book.

You're successful.

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I wish I were more like them.

I'm pretty tired right now.

Mongo has finally done what we asked him to do.

You said you wanted to quit.

I can't live without music.

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I was the only one who knew where Jeany had gone.

We can't leave you alone.

Whenever and wherever I traveled with her, the people there thought she was my sister. Some even thought she was my daughter.

You can't make a mixture of oil and water.

The overall meaning of the sentence is narrowed, but we once again have no idea what will follow.

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Could I give you a hand?

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We need a car.


I've got to learn some new songs.


Alison is quite organized, isn't he?

Why don't you correct her?

Well, it's time for your decapitation. Don't you have any last words to say?

The next two years were busy ones for Jackson.

We went to a movie.

Where can I develop these photos?

Hold the vase with both hands.

No one can deny that.

Patrice loves skiing.


Alvin stood.

He will present a book to his teacher.

Jason was caught in the rain and ruined his new suit.

After finishing the juice, he moved the glass out of the way.

Quick, turn off the lamp, I want to hide in the darkness.


I won't stay silent.

Emil watched Slartibartfast go.

There were no flowers or trees on his street.

She never expected this to happen.

Don't leave like this.

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Edward was the only survivor.

Kory is the only one here who doesn't like spicy food.

Marek doesn't know the difference between Europe and the European Union.


I'll call you tonight.

Jeffery is a retired detective.

Eliot isn't here either.

Why didn't modern technology develop in China?

I didn't want to be a freak.

What're you doing for the break?

Please write to me when you get there.

Did you read the book that won the prize?

Who else would you like to blame?

The nurse wound my leg with a bandage.

Elric can probably fix that for you.

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They gained superior strength both by access of wealth and by rule over others.

We think it possible that they may arrive next week.

But I don't have any money.

I know that job wasn't easy.

In addition, there have been changes in husband-wife relationships.

Stretch your arms straight.

Sundar couldn't shake the feeling that he'd met Franklin somewhere before.

I believe there is a mistake here.

Children must be accompanied by adults.

You had better have your car washed.

We'll never have to do this again.

Pim doesn't like this.

I know the perfect place for our party.

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Ramadoss is becoming more like his mother every day.

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If a brain can do it, a computer can do it.

Eris is the most distant member of our solar system known at this time. It is 3 times farther out than Pluto.

Randell also plays the harpsichord.

This is my favorite project.

Are you drunk?

It's a cruel world out there.

Children don't keep still.

Many people would like to be motivated, innovative, thinking beings if they only get the opportunity.

He finally found his calling.

Mat is waiting for the bus.

There was one American, one Canadian, plus about ten Germans.

The sentence isn't useful.

Lucy dismissed what Vadim was saying.


Jeany applied for refugee status.

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She is a poor correspondent.

Axel was first.

This bus is going to Minsk.

Donnie got his suit altered.

Jennie gave up all hope.

Rolfe already told me that.

Louis is mad.

You're pretty busy.

This is not the first time someone said that about me.

That seemed to help.

A theory must be followed by practice.

Nobody can save me.

You know who Jeffrey is, don't you?

Give me his picture.

I couldn't do anything to help.

Jeffery knows me very well.

The sickness is taking its course.

She lives a block away and her name is Susan.

I was glad I was there.

You're irresistible.

I am ready for death.

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Kenn is responsible.

I'll stop now.

Vicky knocked on Stacey's door.

Packing sucks.

She runs a franchise of a popular restaurant chain.

We'll have to put a stop to this.

I can't apply my mind to anything with all that noise!

His policies were too progressive.

"Oh. You're alive?" "Yes. Where is everyone?" "Dunno."

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Masanobu doesn't like this design.


There are innumerable stars in the galaxy.

Everyone looked on me as a leader.

Don't stay out all night.

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I thought I had enough money.


I could never go back there again.

Sofia sat alone at a table near the window.

Becky doesn't have to work anymore.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an amazing child prodigy who started playing the harpsichord at the age of three and who gave his first public performance at the age of five.

You don't need to worry about that happening.

You've underestimated them.

All human beings are much more intelligent than animals.

In 1978 a peace treaty was concluded between Japan and China.

The computer system shuts down automatically at 8pm.


I have a ringing in my ears.

I want to live a happy life.

I'm sorry. I will be 10 minutes late.

Please tell me what I should do first.

What was Herb's real name?

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Malus won't talk to me about it.


Dominick sweats a lot.


Thank Orville for telling us the truth.


Piet handed Spass a towel.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Marie couldn't talk very well.


High above the city stands the old castle.


Last Tuesday I visited the United States.

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In the dawn of morning there lay the poor little one, with pale cheeks and smiling mouth, leaning against the wall. She had been frozen to death on the last evening of the year; and the New Year's sun rose and shone upon a little corpse!


Whoever was sitting here left his pencil.

I've never seen her.

Don't let the children go out after dark.

Jayant voted for himself.

I don't like the look of it.