His confusion betrayed his lie.

I don't believe we need that.

I go to see my friend in hospital every other day.

The Papal Nuncio is visiting our bishop.

You're the one who gave us all this.

Unless a beautiful woman is an angel, her husband is the most wretched of men.


Ross opened the door for the dog.

I saw Jim and Lynn making out in the movie theater last night.

Why are you so quiet?

Mariou is very good at problem solving.

Don't look back.

They're my favorite.

He usually goes to McDonald's.

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About half of everything he says is sheer fiction.


She forgot her first wedding anniversary!


They don't have anything in common at all.

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I feel like having an ice cream.


Please don't insult the boy!

We should obey the law no matter what happens.

Plants take in water from the soil.

Try to learn a little French.

Could you come to my office when you have a moment?

I can't lie to you.

I speak Danish, Swedish and English.

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I can't put up with his rudeness any more.


We could see him.

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We've had some really good times together.

You're dependable.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you come from Austria or Australia?

Aaron walked right into Kenn's trap.

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He needs to come.

Why didn't you tell me about that earlier?

I have a dog. She is black and her name is Tiki.


Don't give it to anyone.


This box contains apples.

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Let me speak to Miles first.

They laid off many workers at that point.

Isn't that what I just said?

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It was the midnight of Friday, 13th; nothing of ill omen was apparent.

I found Sir there.

He breathed deeply before entering his boss's office.

It's not necessary to write a long letter.

What's wrong with wearing pink?

Doing that would be a bad idea.

Rees wants to bring mammoths back to life.


I have to delete many files from my computer.

Let's hope it's better than the first one.

What do you say to that, Leo?

What do you do after school?

Good evening, Madam.

The policeman blamed the taxi driver for the accident.

I'm someone ambitious - someone who knows very well what she is after.

Lee kissed Kayvan passionately on the lips.

His weakness cancels out his virtues.

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A cow chases away flies with its tail.

Ellen is hiding something from us.

Wrap the dough in clear film and chill for 15 to 30 minutes.

I've said such horrible things to you.

Nils should've come sooner.

I'm not afraid of cops.

He had no friends, no money, no home...but he played happily all the same.

I spend a lot of my free time with Hon.

If your mother only knew, her heart would surely break in two.


Is it still light out?

Darren waited there.

I don't know how to interpret his words.

Desert sand cools off rapidly at night.

I was so hungry.

Please show some respect.

Having failed many times, he never gave up the plan.


The rhythm is light, and the tempo fast - that song is liked by young people.

Roy is very creative.

He regularly trains with bodybuilding equipment.

Do you have adequate money for the trip?

Sentient beings throughout the Galactic Empire could send telepathic messages across vast distances.

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The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice.


Get away from there.

The defiant manner is characteristic of teenagers.

Betty had no money to pay for a cab.

Try to stop me.

The true secret of writing a good letter is to write as if you were talking.

He is senior to me by two years.

I'll come with you if you want me to.

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Need one make so much noise?


I was born in the year that Grandfather died.


The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is.

He is very influential in the world of medicine.

Can you tell me what that man's name is?

Hillel's repulsive.

Louie told me where Peggy lives.

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I was worn out because I had to take care of so many children.


That's all I do.


Why would Randal want to do a stupid thing like that?

I didn't want to add this hoodlum as a friend on Twitter.

Clarence looks real worried.

I don't like this neighborhood much.

Carolyn has never cooked a turkey.


Do you know somebody who passed this exam?

Speak your mind.

I'm afraid I don't know.

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Are you fond of Maltese dogs?


Don't offend me.

Philip had a puzzled look on his face.

I'm getting a spare tire around my waist. I guess it's middle age creeping up on me.

He works on some really crazy projects.

This rare brain-eating amoeba travels up the nose to the brain and starts eating it.


Anthony is radical.

Let's hit the road.

Let's take the bus.


I can not afford to buy it.

You should allow an hour to go to the airport.

Without water, the flowers die.

He's a dumb-ass.

I assume that it's okay with you if I take one of them.

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With whom do I have the honor?


I think you ought to postpone the meeting.


That song is my favorite.

Did Maarten faint?

I have to tell her that the phone rang while she was gone.

This is the first time I've ever had a nosebleed in winter.

I'm afraid it's a bit more complicated than that.


If I knew it was going to upset you so much, I wouldn't have mentioned it.

She needs assistants.

We've got to start somewhere.

Marsh is bleeding again.

I share an apartment with my brother.

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Is it true that Caroline has a twin?

I visited Tony yesterday.

I share their political position.

We like games.

I should say he won't come.

You can only see what you like the most.

They sell furniture.

When I entered the coffee shop, two young men were watching a wrestling match on television.

You look quite run down.


Maria just got a new job.


Would Tandy really do that for us?


I always need an extra blanket in the wintertime.

I think something happened to Prakash.

If the student had known his lesson better, the teacher would not have punished him.

Take your passport with you, just in case.

I didn't kiss him.

Sheila never expected that Andrea would fall in love with John.

In case of fire, break the glass and push the red button.

That's just not possible.

Budget cuts are needed.


He struck a match.


She glows with happiness.

My wife and I hope to get away for a week during the Christmas break.

Ron doesn't need to help us today.


Newspapers and television stations around the world told the story of Koko and her kitten.


Trusting yourself is the key to success.


You know Lea is lying.

I like to go and watch baseball games.

So you know only English and Lojban.